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Get Your Home On Wheels; Used Motor Home For Sale

Get Your Home On Wheels; Used Motor Home For Sale

We settle for a normal lifestyle, a steady job, family and regular friends. Because of such busy schedules, we don’t really find time for ourselves and those lost dreams of travel or adventure. For those who still feel adventurous and want to live life on the edge, one could buy motor homes.

Motor homes are full fledged vans which are modelled and fitted with all the accessories and utilities one needs in a home. The only difference is that this homeis built in a van and can be taken around to as far as one would like. They are completely portable and have all the amenities one would need in a home. With a separate bath, kitchen and a bedroom, the motor homes are simply perfect for the true wanderers.

If you plan to head for a month or two month long road trip, you will need everything with you. This motor home will be a perfect fit then. These days, it is expensive to buy a completely new Motor Home. One could also look for used motor homes for sale so that it’s affordable and serves your purpose too. One could also rent a Motor home for some time and go on the long-planned trip alone of with the family.

Other purposes of a motor-home could be:

1. Mobile Cafe: If you want to run a cafe on wheels, a motor home is the perfect deal. It can be customized according to your need and can be parked wherever you like, and your cafe can start. It can be taken to a college campus, carnivals and everywhere else you can think of.

2. Tourist Van: It could be used like a tourist van that could be modified to add more amenities.

3. Ambulance Van: One could modify the motor home into an ambulance van and fit it with all the necessary equipments.

4. Vanity Vans: For all the celebrities, this is the first demand. A vanity van can have all the facilities the star wants and give him the security he needs.

Used motor-homes are a great deal for those who are in a similar business or are travel freaks. There is a new Coachman Olympia 2015 Special Edition up for grabs. A true companion for the travelers, one should buy it and make it a home. Try it if you still haven’t and you won’t feel let down. A lot of companies deal in motor homes. Make sure you choose the right one.

The author is a motor home dealer and specializes in used motor home sale. His new favourite is Coachman Olympia 2015 Special Edition
Recreational Vehicle Living – Where To Take Your Home On Wheels

Recreational Vehicle Living – Where To Take Your Home On Wheels

There’s nothing greater than cruising down the road on your own home on wheels. People love RVing because it gives them freedom. A recreational vehicle allows you to travel and live in style.

Our beautiful country has so many great places to take your RV. Every little nook and cranny of the country, from all the way up at the tip of Alaska to way down by the heat of Miami, has something to offer the recreational enthusiast. It all depends on how you want to live.

Explore The National Parks

Few countries in the world have a huge national park system like the United States. From the Mojave Desert to Niagara, the Everglades in Florida to the Cascades in Washington.

The national park system has both federal and state parks. Federal parks are usually more convenient and closer to civilization. The only problem is that sometimes they can get crowded. They’re popular spots. You also might find that you don’t have enough space to park a full-sized RV at some federal parks.

State parks are usually more rugged. Often they don’t have the little creature comforts like electrical hook-ups and showers. Depending on the style of your RV, that might be just fine! State parks are often in more remote locations where you can get further away from everything.

All the national parks are beautiful and are well worth the drive.

Hit A Private Campground

Probably the most popular private campground is KOA. These places are not as scenic as the national parks, but they are sometimes located nearby. Private campgrounds are great for convenience. When we’re on the road for several weeks, we often stop off at a KOA or other private campground to do laundry, make phone calls and other things like that.

At a private campground you’ll find lots of conveniences. They’re also good places to stop if you have kids. They often have pools, video game arcades, and other things to keep the kids occupied.

Why Not Stay At A Resort?

Ask a bunch of seasoned RVers, and I promise you that 9 out of 10 will tell you that RV resorts are the places to go. These are special campgrounds set up exclusively for RVs. They require a membership, but with that you can enjoy any one of their many campgrounds across the country.

RV resorts are comfortable and usually quite cheap. You can stay at one for as little as $ 4 a night. Most have rules about how long you can stay at their parks, because they know that you’d end up moving in permanently if you could!

Probably the most popular RV club out there is Coast To Coast. Their campgrounds are always in pretty locations, and they are run by RVers. Coast To Coast has 150,000 members and around 400 campsites all over North America. One great thing about these resorts is that you have a chance to meet other RV owners and compare notes. They also have RV clubs that sponsor events.

Recently, Coast To Coast created a system where you can reserve your site ahead of time online. They are always improving their services, and they have a reputation for having the friendliest staff around.

Another similar RV club you can check out is Escapee. There are more out there, but Escapee and Coast To Coast are the biggest and best known.

Really Get Away From It All

Ever heard the term “boondocking?” This is what you do if you really want to get away from it all. Boondocking means to just head out into the wilderness, park your RV, and really get away from it all.

Some RV clubs hold boondocking events where a group of RVers all head out to the Arizona Desert or some distant landscape and hang out. Of course, hiking and other outdoor activities in remote locations have their dangers, but it can be a great experience. You’ll see more stars than you ever thought existed!

Buying that RV is just the first step. After that the adventure begins! With a recreational vehicle, you can head out on the highway and really see America.

Nothing is greater than cruising down the highway in your own home on wheels, and a recreational vehicle allows you to travel in style. Visit Bankston Motor Homes,, to search for your next motor home or come by and visit with us at any of our five locations.