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Your Class A Unit And Traveling Tips

Your Class A Unit And Traveling Tips

A famous quote that you may have hears is “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”. While going the extra mile to plan for your Class A RV trip may not prevent all things unexpected, it will definitely help prevent some. Planning ahead will help give your Class A RV trip structure.

Begin planning your Class A RV trip with a brainstorming session of those who will be joining you. Take notes on ideas of where to go to and attractions to visit. Look at an Atlas and assess your realistic budget, then put those ideas aside that don’t fit this particular trip’s regulations.

Don’t rely completely on your Class A RV’s GPS system

There are online resources, such as Triple A and Rand McNally, that offer tools for you to use when planning your Class A RV trip. These sites calculate miles and distance that will be helpful when on the road. By printing out hard copies of maps, you will have security in case the service for your Class A RV’s GPS isn’t functioning properly.

Craft lists : for meals and for clothing

By planning meals ahead and packing sparingly, you will be ultimately saving yourself and your family money and clutter. Take a look online or at the bookstore to get recipes for RV specific meals. Plan your menus and enjoy the cooking experience.

When thinking of what clothing to pack, check the weather at the locations you will be traveling to and through. Don’t pack excess anything, but be smart in what you take. Class A RV living can be comfy and close quarters, so you won’t want to have it cluttered up with items that are not truly necessary.

Maintain checklists and keep them handy for future road trips. Adjust the lists as you see what meals and items of clothing work and what doesn’t work.

Don’t forget to plan for medication needs

This step is most important if you are planning on being away from home for a lengthy amount of time. Stock up on prescriptions, or take note of where your pharmacies are located while on the road. Keep a handy medical to do list.

By planning your RV trip ahead of time and with detail, you will allow yourself to enjoy the actual experience on the road. Your lists and checked off boxes will give you ultimate satisfaction!

Julie Jacobs travels the U.S. writing about motorhomes, travel trailers, and other RVs. For more information visit
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