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How To Make A Motorhome More Spacious

How To Make A Motorhome More Spacious

Motorhomes aren’t for everyone but for those stuck with the wanderlust bug, no other living quarters can provide as much freedom as a recreational vehicle. The trouble is, it’s quite small.

Downsizing has become the latest fad to hit homeowners. Consumerism looks to be going out the window for some and is being replaced by chucking excess and living with only the basics. For many, this seems extreme and it is to an extent. For others, however, it’s the only way to live life while having a fat bank account. Frugality too takes on attractive connotations especially when you’re swamped under excess.

We’ve agreed that motorhomes are small. There’s only so much space for belongings. But there are several ideas that can be applied to make interiors look and feel more spacious. Even if you only manage to get another square foot of space the feeling that accompanies it immediately makes the cabin feel far less cramped.

Fortunately, most motorhomes today have slide-out rooms to increase space. Built-in and foldable components also add to it so all you really need space for is to store your belongings, to relax and to make way for pets, if any. As it is, motorhome dwellers don’t spend a lot of time inside their mobile homes; rather, they come to appreciate the outdoors and usually use their motorhomes for sleeping, cooking and storage.

* One way to create the illusion of space is to ditch tinted windows. Clear glass lets in more natural light and an unobstructed view of the outdoors means you feel the cabin is airier and larger. Install curtains instead or use blinds for privacy.

* Artificial illumination can take on the form of recessed lights which take up zero space and are bright enough for a motorhome’s smaller interior. You can also hang pendant lights so wall scones and table lamps – which are space-hungry – can be done away with.

Motorhome layouts are varied and while remodeling can change yours, it’s best to make a careful selection when purchasing the vehicle itself. You save money and don’t have to go without your beloved home-on-wheels even if only for a week.

One you’ve settled on a layout and purchased the vehicle, add more space by thinking vertically. Even conventional homeowners have realized the benefits of vertical storage which is so efficient but takes up very little space. The use of magnetic paint too is a great idea for hanging metal food and spice containers within easy reach.

Have small to medium storage units installed in the unlikeliest of places such as below the sofa but covered by draping upholstery, file folders wedged into corners for housing phone and laptop cables, hair straighteners etc. For the kitchen, a plate dispenser attached to a beam and slide-out drawers provide space for much-needed components.

The larger the motorhome, the more space is typically has. However, there are large vehicles packed a little too full with components that aren’t really needed. Remember, the idea is to downsize and live life simply not only to save money but to make a conscious effort to appreciate the little things. If you have to keep making space every few months, maybe it’s time for another session of downsizing.

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