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Class C Motorhomes Are Small Class A RVs

Class C Motorhomes Are Small Class A RVs

Otherwise known as mini-recreational vehicles, Class C motorhomes are easily compared to their larger Class A RV counterparts. Smaller than a Class A RV, Class C motorhomes are not as expensive, but they can be just as luxurious.

Class C motorhomes are built with side doors and a passenger door, and they are built on a cutaway chassis. The driving space of Class C motorhomes resembles a van or a truck. This gives the driver a different feel than driving its larger counterpart.

There is a cab over area above the driving space in Class C motorhomes. This helps to distinguish it from other types of RVs. Often, the cab over is a sleeping space in Class C motorhomes. This could vary from RV to RV, but that is rare.

Class C motorhomes range in length with the most common length around 30 feet. The price of this unit also varies, depending on the make/model, how many upgrades you add, whether or not you purchase the unit new or used, etc. They have been known to go anywhere from $ 45,000 to more than $ 100,000. When looking at the Class C unit, you will find that there are many floor plans to select from.

A lot of people like this size RV unit because it has the capacity to be as luxurious as a Class A motor coach. The owner of the unit can enhance it as much as necessary to complement his/her traveling lifestyle and budget.

As far as upgrades, you could expand the size of the bathroom space, and/or kitchen space. The kitchen space could acquire more appliances or nicer countertops. The unit could be upholstered with nicer fabrics or draperies. Some Class C RV owners have added more sleeping space or larger beds, sleeping up to six people.

This size unit was built with all the comforts of ones own home. This was done by the manufacturers so that people could live in the unit for a weekend or several months and feel comfortable.

The interior space of this unit is not as large as its Class A counterpart, but the upside to this is that it is more fuel efficient. It saves you money on the initial purchase cost, as well as over the long haul with gas costs. It is also important to note that this size RV unit can be parked in smaller spaces, and they offer more maneuverability.

When shopping for a new or used RV, make sure to know what you can afford and what the different types of RVs are available. Make a smart decision and buy an RV that is sized to complement your lifestyle on the road.

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