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The Single Best Case for Buying a Motor Home or RV

The Single Best Case for Buying a Motor Home or RV

RVs and motor homes are suitable for people from very diverse backgrounds. The variety of sizes, features, and functionality is great with Class A, B, C, conversion vans, travel trailers and camper vans being available. Eighty manufacturers supply the RV dealers in the North America, making more than ten distinct classes of motor homes for consumers to consider for their open-road travels and secondary housing.

Following the devastation of areas of Mississippi, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane season, thousands of domestic refugees found themselves living in RVs and motor homes as emergency accommodation. Motor homes and RVs fulfill this role perfectly, being suitable for mobile, temporary, emergency, and medium-term accommodation. For this application, any RV works well, although park models, Class B, and 5th wheel trailers are probably best suited to this task.

If your work takes you on the road a lot, an RV may be a superior alternative to paying expensive motel fees, or maintaining multiple apartments. You have the convenience of all the on-site facilities you may need, you can cook your meals at only slightly greater cost than in a house, and you have the comfort of sleeping in your own bed.

Motor homes and trailers can be suitable for living in while undergoing renovations or building a house, and save you the considerable cost of maintaining two houses while this continues. You need not move off site to do this, although you can choose to at any time should the realities of construction work prove too trying on your patience and nerves.

Depending on your requirements, either option of towing a hitched trailer or driving a fully integrated motor home can save you money. In the case of motor homes, it is generally more cost-effective to buy the vehicle with the home built around it than it is to buy a trailer with all of the same features, as well as a vehicle suitable to tow such a load. Regulations vary between states and classes, but the rule of thumb is that your load should never exceed the weight of the vehicle pulling the load. To do otherwise is generally quite unsafe. On the other hand, a trailer-style RV has the advantage of letting you unhook the towing vehicle when you don’t wish to move your home about. This lowers driving costs, increasing your fuel efficiency significantly.

Always feel free to consult your RV dealer on what class vehicle best suits your needs, especially if cost is one of the major issues. The best dealerships are familiar with their products and client needs, becoming certified as reliable by manufacturers and consumer protection programs like the Better Business Bureau; they are awarded these qualifications for good reason.

For campers, college students on road trips, and retirees, staying in the camper van, conversion van, or motor home allows you to pack less and do more while staying safer, warmer, and dryer, taking all the creature comforts with you. Freedom of the road is more relaxing and secure than ever.

From luxurious motor homes to 5th Wheels, Bankston Motor Homes has an RV to fit everyone’s needs! We will work with you to get you the best deal possible. For more motor homes information see us online at or visit with us at any of our five locations.