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Tips for getting the most out of PEI's yard sale season

Tips for getting the most out of PEI's yard sale season

Tips for getting the most out of PEI's yard sale season
It's that time of year again, and the faithful are chomping at the bit for a fresh crop of yard sales. Whether you're a seller liquidating because you're moving or de-cluttering, or a buyer who loves to collect (fill in blank!), here are some tips and …

In Conversation with Nolan North and Troy Baker, the De Niro and Pacino of
Oh, North has also played Nathan Drake, the Indiana Jones-like treasure hunting protagonist of Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, since game one, Drake's Fortune, back in 2007. But you probably knew that already. For Uncharted 4, Nathan's long-lost, …
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RVs For Sale Must Have A Good Battery Bank

RVs For Sale Must Have A Good Battery Bank

Both new and used RVs for sale have a battery bank that should be checked before purchased. You want your battery bank to work properly and be charged well. So, before buying any RVs for sale, discuss this important item with your RV dealer.

Battery bank in used and new RVs for sale

A battery bank in RVs for sale is different than the battery in your car. The car battery will only be a concern with RVs for sale if you are interested in buying a fifth wheel. The RVs for sale will have a battery bank that provides power for the motorhome. It runs the appliances, water pump, furnace, lights, and all other 12-volt items you may find attractive in the RVs for sale.

Extra electricity is stored in battery banks of RVs for sale, too. They will also often have a deep cycle batter to provide a current of electricity to the RV. It is important to take care of the batteries and recharge them well so you don’t damage them. Too high of an amp can cause damage.

Facts on recharging RV batteries

House batteries typically last between 2 and 3 years (average), dying before they are supposed to because of owner neglect. Batteries should be recharged promptly upon dying. This will extend the life of the battery. Be aware, though, that overcharging a battery, as well as undercharging it, is harmful to the life of the battery. Bring your battery to a full charge at least once a day.

Overcharging a battery could cause a process that is known as sulfation, where particles of sulfuric acid form on its surface. This can also occur when batteries are not charged enough. The sulfation process will decrease the battery’s life span.

Storing your RV could mean that your battery is at risk, so pay attention and charge it properly. Don’t leave the Class A RV plugged in, since this could risk unnecessary current to the battery.

Battery issues and what you can do about them

Try adding solar panels to your recreational vehicle. Solar panels are a great way to prevent too much current being passed directly to your RV. You can install them yourself or hire someone to install them for you. Solar energy is a great trend to save electricity.

You can also purchase a battery charge to prolong battery life. When hunting the wide array of battery charger choices, make sure you get one that does not encourage the sulfation process.

Take care of your recreational vehicle’s batterys. You want to maximize their lifespan so that you have a great life on the road with little hassle as necessary.

Julie Jacobs is an avid RVer. She travels the country writing about RVs For Sale . Please enjoy more RV articles at
Motorhomes For Sale Can Lead To A Healthy Lifestyle

Motorhomes For Sale Can Lead To A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you one of the many people who feel trapped at work and stuck at home? By looking at the new and used motorhomes for sale, you may be able to choose the RV of your dreams that will, in turn, help you live a healthier lifestyle. Buying one of the motorhomes for sale means that you are allowing your self to ease your mind and boost your creative self. Owning an RV via motorhomes for sale means that you can take a mini vacation whenever you so choose. You can escape and relax whenever you would like. It can become a part of your daily experience.

The Mayo Clinic did research that showed people who take mini-vacations from their daily routine have a reduction in irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It has also been shown that those who have purchase an RV from motorhome for sale take more than three short trips between the spring and summer, totaling up to four days.

Recreational vehicle owners who have purchased a used RV or new motor home via motorhomes for sale can enjoy a mini vacation whenever they so choose because there is an RV in their driveway. This means that RV owners can satisfy their urge to leave reality when timing is convenient.

It has been noted that people who take mini vacations or longer vacations have a lesser chance of having a heart attack (50%). So, people who have purchased motorhomes for sale could have deeper sleep and less stress from returning from their RVing vacation. These results could also lead to more productivity in the work place.

It has been shown by organizations such as the U.S Travel Association that taking breaks and vacations help the overarching spirit and wellness of a person. This is why buying one of the thousands of motorhomes for sale could be a positive thing for you and your family. Escape and enjoy the countryside as you build relationships at home and, maybe, even at work.

The Go RVing website is a great tool and resource. It highlights why buying one of the motorhomes for sale, no matter used/new/Class A/travel trailer, could help you in the long haul. You can save money, cook and bond with the family. You can hike, and play, too.

It is easy to travel via motor home or travel trailer, so the stress falls off. Another benefit is that you can take you pets with you on the road. It is key, though, that you do your research ahead of time for what RV camp grounds you will stay at. You want to make sure that your pets are welcome prior to pulling up.

Think about living a healthy lifestyle and look for RVs for sale. Mini vacations, living life on the road fulltime, and more all stimulate a healthier lifestyle. Live stress free today!

Julie Jacobs writes and is an and expert on Class A motorhome information. Read more at
Get Your Home On Wheels; Used Motor Home For Sale

Get Your Home On Wheels; Used Motor Home For Sale

We settle for a normal lifestyle, a steady job, family and regular friends. Because of such busy schedules, we don’t really find time for ourselves and those lost dreams of travel or adventure. For those who still feel adventurous and want to live life on the edge, one could buy motor homes.

Motor homes are full fledged vans which are modelled and fitted with all the accessories and utilities one needs in a home. The only difference is that this homeis built in a van and can be taken around to as far as one would like. They are completely portable and have all the amenities one would need in a home. With a separate bath, kitchen and a bedroom, the motor homes are simply perfect for the true wanderers.

If you plan to head for a month or two month long road trip, you will need everything with you. This motor home will be a perfect fit then. These days, it is expensive to buy a completely new Motor Home. One could also look for used motor homes for sale so that it’s affordable and serves your purpose too. One could also rent a Motor home for some time and go on the long-planned trip alone of with the family.

Other purposes of a motor-home could be:

1. Mobile Cafe: If you want to run a cafe on wheels, a motor home is the perfect deal. It can be customized according to your need and can be parked wherever you like, and your cafe can start. It can be taken to a college campus, carnivals and everywhere else you can think of.

2. Tourist Van: It could be used like a tourist van that could be modified to add more amenities.

3. Ambulance Van: One could modify the motor home into an ambulance van and fit it with all the necessary equipments.

4. Vanity Vans: For all the celebrities, this is the first demand. A vanity van can have all the facilities the star wants and give him the security he needs.

Used motor-homes are a great deal for those who are in a similar business or are travel freaks. There is a new Coachman Olympia 2015 Special Edition up for grabs. A true companion for the travelers, one should buy it and make it a home. Try it if you still haven’t and you won’t feel let down. A lot of companies deal in motor homes. Make sure you choose the right one.

The author is a motor home dealer and specializes in used motor home sale. His new favourite is Coachman Olympia 2015 Special Edition
Motor Homes For Sale? Class A Pros And Cons

Motor Homes For Sale? Class A Pros And Cons

All motor homes for sale represent a large amount of money out of your pocket, meaning it is a long term financial investment. You want to know if the purchase you are making in searching motor homes for sale is a wise one. There are pros and cons to buying motor homes for sale. Look at the tips below on motor homes for sale to help guide you in your decision making process.

Pros for motor homes for sale

1. Most people believe that Class A motor homes for sale are sufficient as far as size, especially for fulltimers.

2. Also, in Class A motor homes for sale, the travelers are all in one unit. This means you may tow the car, but you won?t have to if you don?t need one.

3. In your recreational vehicle, you will have everything that you need. You can stay indoors during rainy weather! Motor homes for sale provide all the shelter you need.

4. All of your traveling companions can eat, play, and live in the RVs for sale. The home keeps going the distance while you enjoy living.

5. Some larger sized motor homes for sale come with several slide-outs, which give extra living space. If this interests you, make sure you ask before committing.

6. Most motor homes for sale have a driving area that is located high above the ground with a large window. This gives a great view to the driver and passenger.

7. Larger sized RVs, such as Class A motor homes, are not challenging to drive. The key is to stay away from twisting roads.

8. A ?toad? can also be towed on the RV so that you can park the large motor home and head off exploring or shopping.

9. RVs that are on the market to be purchased come in a diesel engine option, as well as gas. Diesel engines are other wise known as diesel pushers in the RVing community. You may find the diesel pusher is pricier, but it is sturdier when driving.

10. Class A motorhomes that are for sale come with many amenity options.

11. Most larger Class A RVs offer sleeping for up to eight people.

Negative characteristics of Class A RVs:

1. Most larger RVs are expensive. This is why some people chose to purchase used. Buying used gives the owner an up on depreciation rate loss.

2. It is common to find that only RV mechanics can fix RVs if there is a break down on the road. This may prove to be challenging.

3. When on the road and camping in RV parks, you will want to call ahead to make sure your larger sized motor home fits into the appropriate camping spaces.

4. Towing vehicles may be a challenge, so be careful if you choose to do so.

5. It has also been noted that larger RVs have larger engines that may be more difficult in managing.

6. Living on the road can be scary in and of itself, but if you are prepared, you should be fine.

Choose the RV of your dreams because you want to, not because of the cons or pros listed. Be patient, and choose wisely. Your RV should fit and match your RVing and budgetary needs.

Julie Jacobs travels the nation writing about Motor Homes For Sale . Visit to read more articles on RVs.