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Motor Home Camping In The Canadian Rockies

Motor Home Camping In The Canadian Rockies

Ever thought of heading north? Ever walked on a glacier, or taken snapshots of a grizzly bear? The Canadian Rockies are truly unique. You can see some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in North America. With its pristine beauty and amazing views, the Canadian Rockies are not to be missed.

Warning: Yeah, it’s cold. I mean, really cold. Of course, the best time to go is in the summer time, but you still need to take coats, gloves, and big warm sleeping bags.

Banff – Skiers’ Paradise

Banff is probably the most popular spot in the Canadian Rockies, and this is because of the variety. There’s not only camping and hiking, but great fishing and skiing. It’s a destination for lots of motor home travelers.

But, let me give you a better description. Imagine camping by a rushing river lined with pine trees. In the background is a giant mountain. Add to that the cleanest air you’ve ever breathed and a quiet stillness you never experience back home, and you’ve pretty much got Banff.

Unlike some places in the Canadian Rockies, Banff is fairly easy to get to, and pretty convenient. You can stock up on supplies, shop or eat out in town, and you’re not far from the pristine camping areas.

Lake Louise – Home Of The Grizzly

Lake Louise is just spitting distance from Banff, located actually in Banff National Park. This is another area full of wonderful views and pristine nature. Lake Louise boasts great skiing, and it’s the “hiking capital” of Canada, but the lake itself is the biggest draw. Because of the silt in the water, the lake changes colors slightly throughout the year and time of day.

Lake Louise has glaciers and waterfalls, and it’s far away enough from everything that you might run into some critters. I’m not talking about tiny critters like rabbits or squirrels, I’m talking about elk, deer… and grizzlies! Just keep in mind, they’re as afraid of people as we are of them. Just don’t get too close to try to take a picture or anything.

The area around Lake Louise is spectacular, because it is truly one of the last frontiers. When you head north from Louise, you are really going into no-man’s land. There’s not much up there until you get to Alaska!

North To Jasper

Well, there is something between Lake Louise and Alaska, and it’s Jasper National Park. Like Lake Louise, Jasper has stunning views, abundant wildlife, glaciers, and not many people or conveniences.

If you want to really do the Canadian Rockies, I suggest taking driving your RV from Lake Louise to Jasper. But, I recommend going slow. This is because there is scenery on that drive that you will never see again.

Just off the road you’ll see mountain vistas you’ve never dreamed could exist. Most people stop off at the Columbia Icefield, located about halfway to Jasper. This is a gigantic glacier, a leftover from the last ice age. It’s melting slowly but surely, but there’s still a lot of it to go.

Jasper is even more remote than Lake Louise, so if you want to head there I suggest stocking up before you leave; fill that motor home with supplies! Jasper is truly an adventure, and most people who go up there get a peek of a grizzly, wolf or mountain goat.

As long as you’re in the Canadian Rockies, you might as well check out Kootenay and Yoho, two other great National Parks. There’s also a variety of lodging options for those who don’t want to rough it.

Why not go north this summer and check out the Canadian Rockies? It will be a traveling experience you’ll never forget!

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