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RV And Motorhome Shipments Continue To Rise In July.

RV And Motorhome Shipments Continue To Rise In July.

July shipments of RVs and Motorhomes followed the trend of increased sales throughout 2010, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Their report showed that manufacturers moved 19,800 RVs and related vehicles over the course of the month. This amount was close to twice as many as were sold last year during the same month. So far in 2010 over 256,000 units have been shipped.

June is always a strong sales month for RVs. For many, June signals the beginning of summer and vacation time. It’s no wonder that people are looking to RVs and Motorhomes as these types of vacations save money over traditional vacations. July drops off a little as new models are about to hit the market. Dealers want to ensure space to show off the latest RVs, Motorhomes and Towables. By far the most popular model selling this year are towables. The interest has been strong since January as new models appeared that were compatible with SUVs and mid-size vehicles. There are also models that are more aerodynamic and employ energy saving features.

RVIA’s report that was published by RV Business, broke down sales for July in the RV Industry:

* Travel Trailers – 12,600 (+48%); 2010 total: 94,100 (+79% YTD)

* Fifth-Wheels – 4,000 (+48%); 2010 total: 34,100 (+89%)

* Folding Camping Trailers – 1,100 (-15%); 2010 total: 10,500 (+31%)

* Truck Campers – 200 (+100%); 2010 total: 1,700 (+54%)

* Class A – 1,000 (+150%); 2010 total: 7,500 (+188%)

* Class B – 100 (0%); 2010 total: 1,000 (+67%)

* Class C – 800 (+100%); 2010 total: 6,900 (+109%)

It’s been a very positive year for the RV Industry. January saw a slight turning around in consumer interest. Whereas last year, consumers were keeping their money tucked away, this year is showing that spending is beginning again. Sales are not back up to pre-recession numbers, but they are continuing to increase over last year.

Sales have remained strong for 2010, and are expected to continue their increase through 2011. Forecasts for next year show a less significant increase, however they do show an increase nonetheless.

To its credit, when times were tough, the RV industry didn’t let it get them down. Instead they were proactive and spent money on advertisements and promotions. For example, launched their ‘Ambassadors of Affordability,’ a collection of furry critters intended to educate consumers of the savings that can be had by traveling by RV. RVIA has spent time and money promoting the centennial year of RVing.

For over 100 years, RV enthusiasts have been hitting the road and exploring in comfort. From Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama, presidents and average citizens alike have realized the benefits of RV travel. New models will continue to draw interest from consumers.

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