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Summer Prep For Your Motor Home

Summer Prep For Your Motor Home

You’ve been thinking about it for months; the first trip of the RV season but before you hit he road you may find that an inspection may be very beneficial and even save you money in the long run. So whether you are hitting a National Park, the beach, or even heading across the boarder to Mexico or Canada, following these suggestions is sure to make your trip a smoother one!

Take a walk around your motor home and do a thorough visual inspection. While doing this, check for rust on the exterior of the RV. Also check the roof for leaks. After you’ve performed a visual inspection on the interior of your motorhome take a look inside for water stains. Water stains could be a sign of a leaky roof.

It may prove to be beneficial to have a mechanic checkout your motorhome. An RV mechanic can easily check the brake system, change the oil, check and top off the fluids and even check the motor and tires. Having the tire levels even will do more to prevent uneven wear on your tires, and additionally, it will increase the fuel efficiency of your motor home.

Hop inside your RV and check for mold. Be sure to check everywhere as it is mold can easily hide, but frequently mold can be found on furniture and awnings. Because mold can be potentially dangerous to humans, do some research to determine the best way to clean the mold. Usually a bleach and water solution is sufficient, but make sure. Also wear gloves and a mask for greater safety.

Often during the off-season animals and insects will make your motorhome their home. Birds, mice, raccoons, ants, wasps and more have all been found in RVs. Do an inspection of your motor home to ensure this is not the case. Make sure you are careful as it is you do not want to harm these critters and you do not want them to harm you either.

Check all of your batteries to ensure they are all working properly. It is also always wise to keep extra batteries on board. It is also essential to check all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are all working properly. Even with the advancements in motor homes, they still require proper maintenance to ensure they are in full working order.

Check the headlights, both regular and bights. Replace bulbs if needed. Then check taillights, brake lights internal lights and display lights. Again, replace any bulbs that may require it. Also, many motor homes have a propane tank. If your RV has one, check it to make sure it is full and working properly.

You’re just about ready to hit the road but before you do, stock up. Check the refrigerator to make sure it is working properly. If it is, load it up! Also fill the cupboards with food. Grab the DVDs and games. Get some toilet paper, some soap and other bathroom essentials. Do you have it all? Have you checked everything? Well, get a move on!

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