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Motorhome Party!

Motorhome Party!

Here’s how five insurance-type guys managed to have a great and (arguably more importantly) cheap getaway in a motorhome/motor caravan. It had been tough in the world of insurance around this time and so we decided that a cheap getaway would be great, but it had to be cheap. So we decided to all cram into our friend’s parent’s motor caravan/motorhome and went on a trip around Devon and Cornwall.

I already had an image in my head as to what this holiday was going to be like and what these caravans were going to be like. I’d seen enough horror films to have a reasonably good idea what caravans looked like inside and I always thought that the guys in those films (apart from the bits with a serial killer) seemed to be having a right laugh. I guessed we’d be in a reasonably sized caravan big enough for 5 big men to be comfortable in. There were plenty to choose from, (I know because I looked them up)there was the Kentucky Camps Estros which was a huge Italian motorhome boasting up to 7 births, then there was the Elddis Autoquest 180 which could hold 6, this was going to be a great holiday!

When my friend turned up to pick me up in motorhome/motor caravan we’d be staying in, I was a little disappointed. I knew his parents enjoyed their motorhome holidays and were serious about them. They’d spent a lot of money on a Hymer but instead of a big 5-6 birth b-class this was a b-class 504 – which had 5 seats, but only 3 beds. I was asked to bring a tent.

I didn’t despair though. I strolled off to get my camping stuff still 100% convinced that we were all going to have a good time. It was a lovely sunny day and we were all five of us going down to Devon and Cornwall for a cheap getaway and a cracking laugh, what could go wrong?

Now I know that you, the reader, will be poised for a sudden twist involving a tragedy that occurs and ruins the holiday, and in order to make this story a bit more interesting, I should perhaps make one up? But the truth is we all had a brilliant time. Devon and Cornwall were both packed full of people like us, looking for a cheap holiday. We spent the days participating in water-sports or generally mooching around, and spent the nights drinking, clubbing and pulling (rarely successfully).

For a whole week, I never thought about insurance once. I had an image of what a cheap motorhome holiday would be like, and what it would be like living in a motor caravan. Yes it was a bit cramped, and sure the queue for the shower was a pain, but I had the best time ever. This insurance guy would highly recommend using a mortorhome or motor caravan if you are looking for a cheap holiday.

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