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Motor Home Vacations: Oregon’s Untouched Nature

Motor Home Vacations: Oregon’s Untouched Nature

Oregon is a wonderful motor home destination. It has everything you could want – great hiking, fishing and boating surrounded by mountains, forests and coastline. It’s also a favorite destination for RVers, so there are lots of great places to stay.

The Oregon coast is known for its beauty. Here, the lush forest comes right up to the sandy beaches. In other parts, there are rocky cliffs and overlooks where you can watch the waves crashing below.

From the northernmost town of Astoria down to Brookings in the south, runs 400 miles of coastline. All along the way there are quaint little towns and things to see and do.

There are motor home parks all up and down the coast at every town along the way. Although it’s not on the coast, Loon Lake RV Park is close. It sits on Loon Lake, and there are lots of sights available with hook-ups and services. It is close to the town of Reedsport and a short drive from the coast, as well as other sights like Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

If you want to be right on the ocean, you can stay at Turtle Rock Oregon Coast RV Park, and the sandy beach will be one step off your campsite. This is a very popular spot because it’s pushed right up against the lush forest, with the ocean on the other side.

Right in the middle of the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia River cuts through at sea level. Thousands of years of rushing water chiseled this mighty gorge out of the mountains, and it is a wonder to behold.

At the Columbia Gorge in northern Oregon, you can stand on cliffs of 4,000 feet and look down at the river below. Down in the canyon, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the walls carved out of rock, or enjoy activities like wind surfing, sailing or river rafting.

Bride RV Park and Campground is right in the middle of the Columbia Gorge area, on the banks of the river itself. Not only do you have the majestic Cascades towering on all sides, you are just minutes away from some of the best salmon and trout fishing in the entire world! You’ll also be close to one of the best wind surfing spots.

Portland is only an hour away from the Columbia Gorge, and it is full of great places to park your motor home, if you want comforts of the city.

Hells Canyon is not a pretty name, but it’s a beautiful place. The 650,000 acres of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area are part of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and are more gorgeous than the name implies. Here you can see North America’s deepest gorge, vistas where you can see green mountain peaks in every direction, and rustic historic sights to enjoy, like the Oregon Trail that winds through the canyon.

The best thing to do in Hells Canyon is explore. There are lots of things to see and do, including some of the best whitewater boating in the world, wilderness hiking and horseback rides. At Hells Canyon, you can see the real beauty of the old American West.

Hells Canyon is in the northeastern part of Oregon, up against the Idaho border. Probably the most popular motor home park in the area is the Hells Canyon Resort. It is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and convenient stay, including big sites, full hook-ups, and even a hot tub. Located right off Highway 12, it is not far from the entrance to the canyon. For those who enjoy boating, there is a full marina.

For a slightly more rustic stay right on the banks of the Snake River, the Woodhead Park right above Hells Canyon Dam is a good choice. The sites sit at the edge of the arid mountain foothills, covered by trees for shade. It’s not as fully equipped as the Hells Canyon Resort, but it is much quieter and closer to nature.

Oregon is one of the best places for motor home travel. There is an abundance of pristine nature, as well as a quaint rustic charm, that will make your trip enjoyable.

An RV trip to Oregon is an experience with nature at its most beautiful. At Oregon’s various parks, there are many sites friendly to motor homes. Bankston Motor Homes can help get you on your way to Oregon now.