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Linenwala 4 PC Bedding sheet set 6″ Deep pocket 400 TC 100% Cotton for RV- Trucks, campers, Airstream, Bus, Boat and motorhomes easy to fit in RV-mattress RV Bunk 34″X75″ Taupe Solid

Linenwala 4 PC Bedding sheet set 6″ Deep pocket 400 TC 100% Cotton for RV- Trucks, campers, Airstream, Bus, Boat and motorhomes easy to fit in RV-mattress RV Bunk 34″X75″ Taupe Solid

Linenwala 4 PC Bedding sheet set 6″ Deep pocket 400 TC 100% Cotton for RV- Trucks, campers, Airstream, Bus, Boat and motorhomes easy to fit in RV-mattress RV Bunk 34″X75″ Taupe Solid

Linenwala 4 PC Bedding sheet set 6

  • RV Bunk Sheet set Include 1 Fitted sheet (34X75X6) Inch +1 Flat sheet (46X86) Inch and 2 pillowcases (20X30) Inch
  • 100% Cotton RV Mattress Sheet set offers a sought-after combination of superior strength, luxurious softness, and beautiful sheen.
  • Will fit a bunk mattress up to 6 inches thick. Elastic is sewn completely around the bottom for a snug, stay-put fit.
  • We make this sheet set SPECIFICALLY to fit the beds in Campers, RV’s, Motorhomes, Airstream and Travel Trailers. Contact us for customize your RV Mattress sheets for any size, any shape, any color, any pattern and any deep pocket.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

• Linenwala’s products are designed to support your body for a healthy night’s rest and our bed products are designed to maximize your comfort and luxury for a perfect sleep experience.
• Cotton is hand-picked which puts less stress on the fibres, leaving them straight and intact. These fibers can be made longer to create very fine yarns which make it possible to make yarns without sacrificing the length, giving stronger and softer cotton, unlike regular cotton which has more splices.

List Price: $ 39.89


Features and Benefits of Class A Motorhomes

Features and Benefits of Class A Motorhomes

These days many people are switching from travel trailer and fifth wheel to Class A motorhomes as their vehicle for travelling. They can be seen everywhere now. And for those who are not aware, there are many benefits of travelling in Class A motorhome. However, there are some features which might not be beneficial depending on particular situation.


1. On open roads, Class A motorhomes are very comfortable to drive.

2. They provide much more space, amenities and comfort as compared to other less roomy, smaller motorhomes. You can easily get Class A motorhome, either pre owned or fresh.

3. There is nothing to worry about the compatibility issues. When you drive your vehicle with RV behind it, you have to make sure they are synchronized with each other. In case the alignment is not proper you will be fighting against the driving wheel all the time. It can make your ride dangerous on highways. In Class A vehicle, everything comes in one package. Just turn the ignition and go.

4. If you are faced with a bad weather, you don’t have to move out anywhere, as everything is there inside with you. You have to do certain amount of setup when you tow a vehicle, this means you will have to swap between the RV and the tow vehicle. You are already in a home, when you drive a Class A vehicle.

Something to Think of:

1. Cost: Everything comes at a price. Manufacturers pack in everything one can think of. But the more number of features are packed, the higher will be the price. Class A motorhomes with the latest features are really expensive. However, there is way out available in the form of pre – owned Class A vehicle. Cost factor is the first thing to think of when you go out to purchase.

2. Class A vehicles are spacious, but this extra room can be uncomfortable at times. This is true particularly when you have to drive through a town or have to make frequent stops. It is difficult to set up this vehicle every time. However, for short period movements, you can carry a bicycle with you. The second thing to think of is how you will make several short movements.

3. Like any other mechanical object, fifth vehicle or Class A motorhomes go through their own wear and tear. In case they break down all of a sudden you may have to spend a day or two in a hotel. In most of the cases, the repair company will fix the vehicle on the same day. But, everything depends on how much is the damage. A plus point with a towed vehicle is that, you have one vehicle, when the other is been taken away and fixed.

4. The more expensive the model, the longer it will be. This will leave you with limited options as to where you can campground. Many places do not have room to accommodate long vehicles.

Now a day’s many people are switching from travel trailer and fifth wheel to Class A motorhomes as their vehicle for travelling as they are very comfortable to drive. One can be assured to find good motorhomes at reasonable prices by clicking here.
An Overview of Motorhomes

An Overview of Motorhomes

If you are new to the world of motorhomes, you may not know what to say when you hear motorhome enthusiasts discussing the pros and cons of Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes. If this is the case, you are at the right place. This article has been written to provide an overview of three different types of motorhomes.

Class B Motorhomes:
Now, you are probably wondering why we start from Class B motorhomes. Why not from Class A? It is because Class B Motorhomes are the smallest of all three classes of motorhomes. Many people, who don’t have much knowledge about motorhomes, have a misconception that Class B motorhomes are the middle-of-the-road option. This class of motorhome is built using a camper or cargo van as the base. This is the reason why some people call them campervans. However, most Class B motorhomes come with a roof high enough to allow its occupants to stand up inside. The lengths range from 18-26 feet. These motorhomes can accommodate cooking facilities, convertible bed/dinette, sink, fresh water and wastewater tanks, electric outlets etc. As space in Class B motorhomes is limited, they are not suitable for big families.

Class C Motorhomes:
Class C motorhomes, often referred as ‘cab-over’ motorhomes, are usually built on a truck chassis. Their lengths range from 22-35 feet. They offer a midpoint between Class A motorhomes and Class B motorhomes. Class C motorhomes feature stoves and ovens, storage tanks for water, dining areas, etc. They have more space than Class B motorhomes.

Class A Motorhomes:
Large and powerful Class A motorhomes are built on specially-constructed chassis, which are designed for motorhomes. Their lengths range from 26-45 feet. Most Class A motorhomes come with slide-outs. Accommodations in Class A Motorhomes include bedroom and bathroom, kitchen with microwave/oven, dining area, living area, etc. LCD TVs are becoming common in high-end Class A motorhomes. Full-timers, who move around a lot, prefer Class A motorhomes as this class offers the true convenience of being able to access living space while on the road.

The type of motorhome you need depends on your budget and requirements. If you are not sure which type of motorhome will serve your purpose, you can talk to one of the leading companies offering motorhomes for sale in Canada. You will be assisted promptly. As buying a motorhome needs a big investment, you should make your decision after a thorough research.

The author is working as a freelance writer. He has written many articles and blogs on various topics related to motorhomes.
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Motorhomes For Sale Can Lead To A Healthy Lifestyle

Motorhomes For Sale Can Lead To A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you one of the many people who feel trapped at work and stuck at home? By looking at the new and used motorhomes for sale, you may be able to choose the RV of your dreams that will, in turn, help you live a healthier lifestyle. Buying one of the motorhomes for sale means that you are allowing your self to ease your mind and boost your creative self. Owning an RV via motorhomes for sale means that you can take a mini vacation whenever you so choose. You can escape and relax whenever you would like. It can become a part of your daily experience.

The Mayo Clinic did research that showed people who take mini-vacations from their daily routine have a reduction in irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It has also been shown that those who have purchase an RV from motorhome for sale take more than three short trips between the spring and summer, totaling up to four days.

Recreational vehicle owners who have purchased a used RV or new motor home via motorhomes for sale can enjoy a mini vacation whenever they so choose because there is an RV in their driveway. This means that RV owners can satisfy their urge to leave reality when timing is convenient.

It has been noted that people who take mini vacations or longer vacations have a lesser chance of having a heart attack (50%). So, people who have purchased motorhomes for sale could have deeper sleep and less stress from returning from their RVing vacation. These results could also lead to more productivity in the work place.

It has been shown by organizations such as the U.S Travel Association that taking breaks and vacations help the overarching spirit and wellness of a person. This is why buying one of the thousands of motorhomes for sale could be a positive thing for you and your family. Escape and enjoy the countryside as you build relationships at home and, maybe, even at work.

The Go RVing website is a great tool and resource. It highlights why buying one of the motorhomes for sale, no matter used/new/Class A/travel trailer, could help you in the long haul. You can save money, cook and bond with the family. You can hike, and play, too.

It is easy to travel via motor home or travel trailer, so the stress falls off. Another benefit is that you can take you pets with you on the road. It is key, though, that you do your research ahead of time for what RV camp grounds you will stay at. You want to make sure that your pets are welcome prior to pulling up.

Think about living a healthy lifestyle and look for RVs for sale. Mini vacations, living life on the road fulltime, and more all stimulate a healthier lifestyle. Live stress free today!

Julie Jacobs writes and is an and expert on Class A motorhome information. Read more at
Motorhomes Class A Information

Motorhomes Class A Information

Known for being spacious and luxurious, motorhomes Class A are RVs that are shaped like a bus. Motorhomes Class A are different than their Class B and Class C recreational vehicle counterparts. Every motor home is named or distinguished based on the size and shape of its structure. There are also toy haulers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. Motorhomes Class A are larger than Class C RVs which have a sleeping area located above the driving space, a cab over. Class B RVs differ from motorhomes Class A because they are van shaped.

Motorhomes Class A are constructed on one of the following:

1. You can have a bus chassis

2. Truck Chassis

3. Unique RV chassis designed specific to your needs

You will find the most motorhomes Class A range from 25 feet to 45 feet in length. Motorhomes Class A have a bedroom, ample dining room, a large kitchen area, and storage. If the basic Class A RV does not satisfy your need to live luxuriously, you have the opportunity to upgrade and add amenities to your unit. Some RVs offer satellite TV, full-scale kitchen appliances, as well as fully furnished bed and bath rooms. For even more space, think about adding slide-outs.

Typical motorhomes Class A range from $ 50,000 and op. Some have been known to sell for over a million. Imagine the tip-top of motorhomes Class A with marble countertops, flooring, and maybe even a treadmill.

These large recreational vehicles may also be known as bus conversions. This is because large commercial buses have been transformed into motorhomes Class A. They are also on the higher end price range with large living space and ample amenities to purchae and chose from.

If you think you want additional space, you should think about upgrading and purchasing slide-outs. Slide-outs create more space for the RV unit when it is parked or camped. Some people have sky lights, while others do a screened in front porch area. It is up to you to find the best option for your RVing needs. Look at several luxury options and find the best fit your you, your budget, and your family.

Another title for the large Class A RV is ?motor coach,? which is considered the top of the luxury class. These grand sized motorhomes could offer you designer upholstering, hardwood floors, or hardwood cabinetry. You may even have a full sized washer and dryer on board with you while traveling.

When you are dreaming of your life on the road, try making it as luxurious as possible. Class A RVs can make this type of dream into reality. No matter if you will be living full time on the road or traveling only on the weekends, you will find a top of the line RV for your needs. Make sure you test drive and shop around so that you can make an informed decision!

Visit to read more from Julie Jacobs, travel writer. Ms. Jacobs enjoys writing, traveling, and exploring the subject of Motorhomes Class A and other RVs.
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Class C Motorhomes Are Small Class A RVs

Class C Motorhomes Are Small Class A RVs

Otherwise known as mini-recreational vehicles, Class C motorhomes are easily compared to their larger Class A RV counterparts. Smaller than a Class A RV, Class C motorhomes are not as expensive, but they can be just as luxurious.

Class C motorhomes are built with side doors and a passenger door, and they are built on a cutaway chassis. The driving space of Class C motorhomes resembles a van or a truck. This gives the driver a different feel than driving its larger counterpart.

There is a cab over area above the driving space in Class C motorhomes. This helps to distinguish it from other types of RVs. Often, the cab over is a sleeping space in Class C motorhomes. This could vary from RV to RV, but that is rare.

Class C motorhomes range in length with the most common length around 30 feet. The price of this unit also varies, depending on the make/model, how many upgrades you add, whether or not you purchase the unit new or used, etc. They have been known to go anywhere from $ 45,000 to more than $ 100,000. When looking at the Class C unit, you will find that there are many floor plans to select from.

A lot of people like this size RV unit because it has the capacity to be as luxurious as a Class A motor coach. The owner of the unit can enhance it as much as necessary to complement his/her traveling lifestyle and budget.

As far as upgrades, you could expand the size of the bathroom space, and/or kitchen space. The kitchen space could acquire more appliances or nicer countertops. The unit could be upholstered with nicer fabrics or draperies. Some Class C RV owners have added more sleeping space or larger beds, sleeping up to six people.

This size unit was built with all the comforts of ones own home. This was done by the manufacturers so that people could live in the unit for a weekend or several months and feel comfortable.

The interior space of this unit is not as large as its Class A counterpart, but the upside to this is that it is more fuel efficient. It saves you money on the initial purchase cost, as well as over the long haul with gas costs. It is also important to note that this size RV unit can be parked in smaller spaces, and they offer more maneuverability.

When shopping for a new or used RV, make sure to know what you can afford and what the different types of RVs are available. Make a smart decision and buy an RV that is sized to complement your lifestyle on the road.

Julie Jacobs is a writer, who writes on RVs, such as class c motorhomes. Learn more on RVs and travel trailers at
Class C Motorhomes And Cooking While Boondocking

Class C Motorhomes And Cooking While Boondocking

Meals can be fun and easy when boondocking in Class C motorhomes. All you need to do is be prepared. You may have been camping in Class C motorhomes at RV parks or campgrounds, where meals were simple. The challenge of cooking meals when boondocking is not one to be intimated, so read the tips on cooking in Class C motorhomes below and enjoy the boondocking experience.

Suggested Class C motorhomes meals when boondocking

You will need to be resourceful and conservative when cooking in Class C motorhomes while boondocking. One pot meals and using the grill are two types of meals that work well when cooking and boondocking in Class C motorhomes. Grilling saves on cleaning and one pot meals can combine lots of different items for succotash type substance.

Foil is a great tool for cooking in Class C motorhomes

Cooking with foil is a great way to cook when boondocking in Class C motorhomes because the clean up is easy. Foil can be placed on the grill or directly on a campfire or coals. Favorites for meals with Class C motorhomes are meat, potatoes, and cheese wrapped in foil. Use spray oil (non-hydrogenated) to help prevent sticking. Add vegetables for a more balanced meal. Some people even pre-cook the meats prior to leaving to camp.

Plan meals ahead and save time

There are little to no emergency grocery stores available when boondocking, so by being prepared you can save stress by not forgetting anything. Pack foods that last awhile, such as cookies, canned goods, peanuts, fruit, energy bars, or protein bars. Look online or in RV cookbooks to prepare menus. You want to pack lightly and keep it simple. Prepare as much as you can before you leave town.

Limit cookware

If you will be using a camping grill, then pack extra fuel cylinders. These are not easy to pick up on the road. Also, pack biodegradable recycled paper plates, cups, and utensils. This will help you conserve water because they can be tossed.

You will want to pack the pots and pans that you will need, but do not pack extra. It is also smart to pack a can opener, especially if you have packed canned good in your RV. Use a big plastic bin for storage and for washing.

Remember to pack in and pack out everything that you take when boondocking. Have fun planning your menus and enjoy the trip!

Julie Jacobs enjoys to travel and write about Class C Motorhomes. Read more RV articles at