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RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50″ x 42″

RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50″ x 42″

RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50″ x 42″

RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50

  • Blocks out the sun! 100″ side by side or width 86″ wide when standing 50″ tall!
  • Largest Collapsible Shade availble-Stands 42″ or 50″ tall, two separate pieces.
  • Blocks out peering eyes, hot sun, UV rays, acts as privacy screen & keeps cooler inside.
  • Reflective keeps the heat off the dash.
  • Keeps interior cooler, folds up easily to 1/10th its full size!

Both spring shade folds up to 1/10th original size. It will fit into your mapbook backing. It keeps out peering eyes, blocks out UV rays and offers complete darkness. It keeps the interior cool, and is easy to use. Protects the curtains, dash, and interior. Can be used for side windows too. Fits those really tall and wide windows.

List Price: $ 39.95


ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

  • Extra heavy-duty automotive white vinyl matches most RV paint schemes
  • Protects your dashboard from fading and cracking due to sun exposure
  • Provides privacy and keeps temperatures cooler in the vehicle
  • Sewn-in door pockets and extra strength magnets hold cover securely in place, Fits: Class C Ford 1996-2015 models

Gain privacy and sun protection for your Class C Motorhome, SUV, Sprinter Van or pickup truck. Extra heavy-duty vinyl snooze bonnet covers windshield and side windows. Magnetic fasteners for easy on/off with anti-theft tabs. No snaps, no screws, no drilling. Includes storage pouch. ADCO has produced more than 20 million protective covers and assorted soft-goods. ADCO’s quality, value and uncompromising customer service is second to none.

List Price: $ 34.99


How to Find the Right Motorhome Furniture: Don’t Get Scammed

How to Find the Right Motorhome Furniture: Don’t Get Scammed

If you are planning to travel or live in a motorhome, you are going to need furniture. You’ll need storage, furniture, and other accessories for both inside and outside use. There are many styles and colors from which to choose, which will let you be creative with your motorhome furniture choices.

You will need to begin with the basics: a bed, toilet, kitchen table,chairs, refrigerator, etc. If you have a small space, you can pick furniture that can be used for more than one use, such as a sofa with a bed built in or multi-use table.

There are many quality convertible beds available, along with magic beds, jackknife beds, and easy beds. They typically have pop-out foot rests as well. You can relax during the day and sleep on it at night. This style of motorhome furniture comes in many sizes and styles, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding one to suit your needs.

The selections for tables and chairs is also plentiful. You can pick from dinner tables that can be used also as a computer or office desk, living room chairs that have storage space underneath them, folding chairs, etc. Again, there are many options of style and color.

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture you choose is your captain’s chair. Make sure you take quality and comfort into consideration more so than anything else. This is definitely something on which you shouldn’t compromise quality. You won’t get far into your journey if you’re not comfortable, after all.

When purchasing motorhome furniture, also think about the accessories, such as electrical items. For instance, you will need a refrigerator. Think about how you will heat and cool your RV.

For the necessities, you’ll need cabinets, a swivel toilet, water tank, pumps, waste carriers, etc. Don’t forget the little things that make life easier and convenient. You can get great deals on everything, just as long as you take some time to shop and compare selections.

The main thing to remember is not to compromise on quality because you will want to be comfortable in your motorhome. Look for quality and durability more so than color or style. You want to make your home away from home a really wonderful place to live.

If you want to know surprisingly simple ways to find motorhome furniture for great prices, you need to visit this website. This is the largest selection of furniture and other RV accessories anywhere! Plus, there are several guides for RV lovers available that you have not seen anywhere else. Check it out: RV FURNITURE.
Get A Motorhome Rental in Vancouver For a Memorable Vacation

Get A Motorhome Rental in Vancouver For a Memorable Vacation

Ever thought about getting to see the splendor of the Canadian countryside in style and comfort without losing your savings? Well, here’s a solution – hire a motorhome and say goodbye to your travel woes. Even for the most frugal travelers, a luxury motorhome rental can save a good deal of money. These splendid vehicles are equipped with all the essential amenities including bathrooms, kitchens with modern appliances and full beds.

Traveling in a motorhome is the perfect way to experience Canada at your own pace. In fact, motorhome rentals in Vancouver are one of the most popular ways to enjoy the sights in and around that beautiful city. Enjoy the freedom of the open road while enjoying the comforts of a fully loaded motorhome. So, if you are also looking for RV rentals in Vancouver, there are a few things that should be kept in mind, such as:

Undoubtedly, the market is full of options. Therefore, shortlist only those vehicles that suit your need and budget. Don’t limit yourself to a search based specifically on cost, instead consider the value you are getting.
There is a huge variety of motorhomes available in the market ranging from classic VW campers to large, fully equipped, whopping RVs. Pick one depending on how many people are going to accompany you on the holiday, and the size that you would be comfortable driving.
Figure out whether you need a one-way rental or a round-trip rental. There are companies that offer both services so that you can make the most of your vacation.

The best part about motorhome rentals is the exhilarating feeling – a motorhome is quite luxurious, stable and dry which gives its occupants a real taste of outdoor living. In addition, if the weather of the surroundings isn’t doing the trick, you can always fire up the engine and head somewhere else without worrying about the time and bookings.
So, find the best option for you and embark on what is sure to be a joyous vacation.

Author is an avid writer. In this article, she writes about the perks of hiring a Motorhome rental in Vancouver.

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Benefits of Travelling in A Motorhome

Benefits of Travelling in A Motorhome

Why you should choose RVing or motorhoming? It’s really simple. A motorhome allows you to enjoy the outdoors far more comfortably than any other form of vehicle.

Motorhomes provide you with many amenities that you are likely accustomed to at your home. These camping vehicles are equipped with all necessary features that you need during an extended travel. There are separate living, sleeping, dining, and bathroom spaces to make routine activities in a vehicle very easy. Electrical systems inside a motorhome are powered either by a fuel-powered generator or by the vehicle’s coach batteries. You will never have to look elsewhere for anything; every item of basic usage is provided inside the vehicle.

Motorhoming is outdoor recreation at its very best. And, with medical experts getting really vocal about the benefits of recreational activities, it is imperative that you let yourself be a part of the outdoors. You can go to national and state parks, make adventure trips, tour popular landmarks, or just enjoy the natural environment. But, for all of this to happen, you will have to first find a motorhome for rent. And the best thing about getting a motorhome for rent in Canada is that you will not have to search for a place to relax and you will be able to take your recreation gear along.

A motorhome provides convenience and freedom during your travels. With plenty of storage space available at your disposal, you will not have the hassle of carrying heavy suitcases. The need for packing and unpacking is also taken care of. You can stock your camping vehicle with clothing, food, and other essential items, so you don’t have to worry about stopping by and shopping. Even if there is a last minute plan for a weekend trip or a mini vacation, you can just find an RV or motorhome for rent and get moving. The best thing is that you can change your plans and itinerary during the travel itself. You don’t have to depend on others. You can stop whenever you want and take a break whenever you choose to. There is no one making you do things you don’t want to. You make the decisions and you are behind the wheel. It is so much easier to travel with your family or friends in a motorhome than in a car. This is why you should take motorhoming seriously and make it your only travel option.

The author is a blogger. This article is about motorhomes.

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Have A Fun Holiday With Motorhome Rental

Have A Fun Holiday With Motorhome Rental

The great outdoors can only be experienced nowadays should you make a motorhome rental. Sometimes known as recreational vehicles, these kinds of specialized vehicles have become popular as more people want to pack up and get away. Definitely this is a great hit with families who want to do things together.

Before making the final decision of renting, one should have a checklist. This checklist will be invaluable in providing much needed important considerations to make an informed decision. Some things worth considering are covered in this article.

The top consideration should be the amount of space that the unit can deliver or provide. Does it have enough living space for you and your group or family? Will living in it for a few days be comfortable or not?

The amenities that the vehicle offers should also be considered. Are the heating and cooling equipment on it working and in top shape? Is the lavatory working and is it well maintained? Will the electrical systems and electrical outlets be able to service your needs?

Mileage in terms of per liter or gallon consumption should be an important consideration in your checklist. Should the rental get very good mileage per mile in terms of gasoline or petrol consumption then you should have nothing to worry about. One that gives bad mileage per gallon may cost yo in fact even more per day than renting the whole unit altogether.

Finally and most importantly on your checklist is the area of safety. Every feature of the vehicle must be looked at in terms of potential accidents or safety hazards. IS anti-sip matting installed near doors and are there existing too many sharp corners and the like which can be a hazard for elderly and children? Never ever scrimp on safety when it comes to your family and always put a premium on it.

So, many tourists wonder how much this type of holiday can save, as compared to hotel stays. The price of fuel is a huge variable. Also, consider lease charges and camping/parking site overnight fees. Of course, fuel prices also affect airline tickets, so air travel is usually still a more expensive option. The number of people traveling also affects the cost equation. The more people there are, the more economical an RV usually is. Also, bear in mind that food expenses are usually much less, since meals can be prepared onboard. Every trip is different, so forecast expenses based on the specifics.

If you are curious, why not try out a motorhome rental? You will be astonished at the variety, from models that sleep two all the way up to seven. It is possible to have the comforts of home on wheels.

If you are interested in rental campervans call 0800 612 8719 now. It is a free phone call for those looking for motor home rentals in the UK. Call now, we are open.
Motorhome Party!

Motorhome Party!

Here’s how five insurance-type guys managed to have a great and (arguably more importantly) cheap getaway in a motorhome/motor caravan. It had been tough in the world of insurance around this time and so we decided that a cheap getaway would be great, but it had to be cheap. So we decided to all cram into our friend’s parent’s motor caravan/motorhome and went on a trip around Devon and Cornwall.

I already had an image in my head as to what this holiday was going to be like and what these caravans were going to be like. I’d seen enough horror films to have a reasonably good idea what caravans looked like inside and I always thought that the guys in those films (apart from the bits with a serial killer) seemed to be having a right laugh. I guessed we’d be in a reasonably sized caravan big enough for 5 big men to be comfortable in. There were plenty to choose from, (I know because I looked them up)there was the Kentucky Camps Estros which was a huge Italian motorhome boasting up to 7 births, then there was the Elddis Autoquest 180 which could hold 6, this was going to be a great holiday!

When my friend turned up to pick me up in motorhome/motor caravan we’d be staying in, I was a little disappointed. I knew his parents enjoyed their motorhome holidays and were serious about them. They’d spent a lot of money on a Hymer but instead of a big 5-6 birth b-class this was a b-class 504 – which had 5 seats, but only 3 beds. I was asked to bring a tent.

I didn’t despair though. I strolled off to get my camping stuff still 100% convinced that we were all going to have a good time. It was a lovely sunny day and we were all five of us going down to Devon and Cornwall for a cheap getaway and a cracking laugh, what could go wrong?

Now I know that you, the reader, will be poised for a sudden twist involving a tragedy that occurs and ruins the holiday, and in order to make this story a bit more interesting, I should perhaps make one up? But the truth is we all had a brilliant time. Devon and Cornwall were both packed full of people like us, looking for a cheap holiday. We spent the days participating in water-sports or generally mooching around, and spent the nights drinking, clubbing and pulling (rarely successfully).

For a whole week, I never thought about insurance once. I had an image of what a cheap motorhome holiday would be like, and what it would be like living in a motor caravan. Yes it was a bit cramped, and sure the queue for the shower was a pain, but I had the best time ever. This insurance guy would highly recommend using a mortorhome or motor caravan if you are looking for a cheap holiday.

To ensure that you and your buddies have a good time in your motorhome, you will need the peace of mind that comes with motorhome insurance. Coversure are a highly esteemed insurance broker who have many years experience in getting great deals on great motorhome insurance
How To Find A Motorhome Hire Service In Your Area

How To Find A Motorhome Hire Service In Your Area

There are many places to get motorhome hire services all over the country. The demand for the services has led to a rising number of companies offering the vehicles for hire. There are many online sites designed to help travelers to find the best options for RV hire. When you are looking to hire a motorhome, you should carry out research in order to find the firms in your area that offer quality services. You have to find the motorhome that best meets your needs, in order to ensure that you have a memorable holiday. Motorhome hire comes in handy for all types of holidays, trips and other occasions. You can hire the vehicle for pleasure or for business, making the service very versatile for different situations.

If you are planning to travel to an outdoor event, you can turn the occasion into a comfortable trip by travelling in a motorhome. This gives you a comfortable place to shelter if the weather becomes unpredictable, and you do not have to look for alternative accommodation. If you are tired of staying in one location, you can move on to the next without having to worry about making travel arrangements.

Moving around has never been easier with the motorhomes and this has led to their popularity. They have become a common sight along most roads as people continue to realize their benefits. People today like to feel that they have the freedom to come and go as they like and this has led to choosing RVs as the travel mode of choice. You can cut down on the cost of accommodation, meals and other services, while travelling in comfort.

If you are decorating your house and you need a place to stay while the project is going on, a motorhome is a good option. The motorhome has all the conveniences found in a home, and you can get any extra services you require. This is also a good option if you have guests to accommodate and you do not have room in your house. Having a motorhome in your backyard can take care of your accommodation problems.

When you are looking at motorhome hire services, you should look for a company that provides options. Some firms specialize in offering budget vehicles that have the minimum accommodation needs. Others offer luxurious vehicles that come with extra services such as state-of-the-art entertainment centers, large expensively furnished living areas, washing machines, showers and other conveniences.

When making the choice for a motorhome, you should ensure that the vehicle has all the facilities you need for your stay. Make sure you carry out an inspection before you hire the vehicle. The vehicle should be able to accommodate all the travelers and have ample space for the luggage and other items that you may need for the holiday. There are many listed companies providing the service, and finding the right one is not difficult. You can compare the services provided and the cost of the hire in order to find the option that is most suitable for your needs.

A motorhome hire in TAS service is easy to find and do make sure you get it from a reputed provider!
Class C Motorhome Owners Rent out their RV with Nationwide RV Rentals

Class C Motorhome Owners Rent out their RV with Nationwide RV Rentals

Rentals of motorhomes and travel trailers are up and the New National reservation center by RV Rentals Nationwide has taken thousands of call and our now looking for Owners of travel trailers and motorhomes to take on a large share of rental request.

Specializing in delivering the RV Rental to the customer, RV Rentals Nationwide captured a large amount of the RV Rental customer that wanted travel trailers in Oklahoma in less than 2 years. RV Rentals Nationwide now lets the RV Renter tow the unit if they like or they can still deliver the unit to the campsite for the RV Renter but now the demand for Motorhomes such as Class C and Class A are a big demand now. Thousands of calls each month at RV Rentals Nationwide for people that want to drive to various events like Church events and NASCAR Races.

RV Rentals Nationwide has been referring allot of the business out but in January of 2007 RV Rentals Nationwide made the major decision to create its own National RV Affiliate / Owner operator program allowing RV owners that don’t use their RV that much the opportunity to get a piece of the RV Rental and Motorhome Rental industry. RV Rentals Nationwide is creating a special site for RV Owners to sign up as an affiliate and to list there RV Motorhome and travel trailer on a state of the art RV reservation system. RV owners will be able to log in and upload all the pictures of the RV to the Reservation website for the world to see. RV owners will also be given the option to register as an owner or owner operator which will allow the owner of a travel trailer the option to deliver their trailer directly to the campsite of a renter that is not able to pull a travel trailer. This option will put even more money into the pockets of the RV Owner.

With Motorhomes renting out about 11 to 12 months of and year and travel trailers renting out about 6 to 7 months of the year Real estate investors are wanting to get involved to profit from some of the rental income.. All RV Rental Units will carry a Million dollar liability RV Rental policy to make it no risk for the investor.

If you compare the purchase amount of a house and the purchase amount of a RV Rental Unit verses the income collected each month then the RV Rental Property would be the best way to go.

If a Real estate Investor takes a $ 100,000 (30) year mortgage on a house hey would stand to pay approximately $ 655 at 6%. If a real-estate investor was to rent out their home one might be able to rent it at $ 850 a month if they were lucky.

Now take a $ 50,000 Motorhome. If a real-estate investor had the same terms on a Motorhome the monthly payment would be around $ 360.00 a month and would stand to make $ 2450 a month because RV Rentals Nationwide has the clients to keep the motorhome booked. That is easy math…. This is on 1 motorhome. 2 would be $ 4900 a month, 3 would be $ 7350 and so on and so fourth.

Investors are also able to track there Motorhome / Travel Trailer with the RV Rentals Nationwide GPS tracking system right online.

Please contact RV Rentals Nationwide about there Fleet Management programs by calling 866-610-4931 Ext 60.

Want to find out more about Renting your RV, then visit this site on how to collect your RV Rental Income for your needs.
motorhome hire

motorhome hire

Motor homes are admirable things – accumulation the abandon of the accessible alley with the abundance and accessibility of a able-bodied appointed auberge room. When one has admission to a acceptable one, one is finer able to booty one’s auberge with one wherever one goes. That agency adventure, analysis and abundance all formed into one accessible package. Motorhome hire allows holidaymakers all that abandon and all that appearance after any of the bad actuality that can appear with absolutely owning a home in motors – no abrupt surprises as the roof springs a aperture or assault off in the night; no holidays broke by declining kit or dodgy mechanics. The homes busy by companies like Amber Motor Homes are all consistently checked, serviced and maintained – and, for the best part, will be appealing abundant cast new. That agency the accessible alley can be advised in accurate style, after anyone accepting to anguish about the action of the adaptable home one is using.

Motorhome hire works in absolutely the aforementioned way as any added anatomy of agent rental. The amount includes all the all-important insurance, with an balance bent by the appoint company. All hirers charge to do is accommodate the actual documentation, passports and active licenses – and abroad they go. Companies like Amber Motor Homes banal a advanced ambit of rental motor homes, acceptable for any aggregate of bodies and cruise purpose – from all brilliant ancestors vans, able of alteration and sleeping a ancestors of bristles in appearance and comfort; to chill little two actuality run-arounds, absolute for a adventurous breach in the hills.

Motorhome hire lets bodies biking in the appearance and with the abandon that there acclimated to be on British roads, and on British holidays. The joys of a hiring such motor houses are multiple. There’s that outdoors aspect – a motor home is a actual luxurious, actual abiding and actual dry affair but it still gives its occupants a absolute aftertaste of alfresco living. And there’s the affluence of movement, too – no tents to backpack up, annihilation to abstract or block up. Just about-face the keys in the agitation and get back on the road, destination unknown. That, of course, makes Motorhome hire absolute for the British vacation, which is consistently an ambiguous job – if the acclimate or the ambience aren’t accomplishing the ambush in one allotment of the country, one can consistently blaze up the motor abode and arch about else.

Need advice award an acceptable Motorhome hire? Here are some tips for award the best one to clothing your every need.

Learn what you want: If you’ve never advised renting a motorhome before, analysis them out online and analyze the similarities and differences. It’s important to apperceive what you demand afore you hire it for your trip. You don’t demand to accomplish the aberration of hasty into this rental and again acquisition it didn’t live up to your expectations.

Consider the size: As with a lot of things, Motorhomes can ambit in size, accordingly it’s important you acquisition one that meets your criteria. Accomplish abiding it’s big abundant so that you accept allowance and so that you can abundance your absolute luggage. Just accomplish abiding it’s not too big so that added gas isn’t actuality guzzled for no reason. These acutely use added gas than best cartage on the road.

Technology/features: Like anything, the technology on assertive things can be upgraded or it can be old-fashioned. Figure out which appearances are best important in accepting for your trip.

Quality: Figure out what affectionate of affection motorhome you’d like. If you’d like to save money you can apparently go with article added basal and not too high-tech. Now, if you demand article that is comfortable and has a nice autogenously and exterior, it’s acutely activity to amount you more. Figure out what’s best important to you, whether that be extenuative money or accepting a adorned agent for your trip. Motorhomes can ambit from all sorts of styles and luxuries.

As you can see, there are some abundant means you can acquisition the best Motorhome hire. Accept fun on your trip, have a good time accepting added allowance and best importantly, be blessed with the abstraction of because a motorhome. These can accomplish a big aberration in the acquaintance of your cruise so be abiding to analysis one out and see how you like it!

Dunya Carter is a business specialist from Australia who loves traveling. She is currently alive as a business adviser for Analysis Campervans Australia, a website on which you can analyze Motorhome hire prices throughout Australia. She is additionally autograph biking guides and journals for several acclaimed biking websites and blogs.

Jeffy Bohlale is the author for motorhome hire