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Prime Products (27-0001) Motor Home Toy

Prime Products (27-0001) Motor Home Toy

Prime Products (27-0001) Motor Home Toy

Prime Products (27-0001) Motor Home Toy

  • Roof and sides are removable and RV has working awning and slide out room
  • Children can relive their RV adventures with RV Action Toys
  • Pull back action propels RV without batteries
  • 12 floor plans are possible with 15 component pieces
  • Die cast metal and plastic construction

Prime Products Toy Motor Home. Children can relive their RV adventures with RV Action Toys. Pull back action propels RV without batteries. 12 floor plans are possible with 15 component pieces. Roof and sides are removable and RV has working awning and slide out room. Die cast metal and plastic construction. Not for children under 3 years. 7-1/2 inch Length x 2 inch Width x 3-1/2 inch Height. Conforms to Safety Requirements of ASTM F963.

List Price: $ 10.99


Water Damage Repair In Your Motor Home

Water Damage Repair In Your Motor Home

Motor homes and RV’s are really vulnerable to water damage. It is the most likely way an RV will undergo damage. The way recreational vehicles are constructed is part of the grounds for why this is true. There are numerous seams that water might get into. When this happens, a lot of water damage might materialize really quickly. Water can get under the flooring or into the walls.

Left alone or forgotten, the interior of the walls or under carriage of the motor home will begin to rot. Boils will appear in the outside or inner walls where the laminate paste has gotten unfastened from water damage. If you are hunting to purchase a motor home, you should be on the prowl for various concerns which will make you aware as to likely water damage to the recreational vehicle. Inspect these concerns cautiously as there is nothing shoddier than winding up with a water damaged recreational vehicle that costs a small fortune to get back into working order, especially after having paid a huge amount to purchase it in the first place.

When checking out the RV, inspect the parts that are noted to have leaks. These may include inside compartments, the 4 corners of the recreational vehicle, the floor beneath the windows, in the cabinets, and outdoor signs. If you see oxidization blackened or brown stains, there is likely a water damage problem. These discolorations come from the nails inside the walls rusting from water contact. The discolorations will ordinarily be seen inside or exterior below windows or exuding from under moldings.

Boils below the windows are another signal of water damage. These show up when water gets behind the vinyl wallpaper. Run your fingers over the wall covering under the windows to locate these bubbles.

One of the most crucial types of water damage to an RV is when the water reaches into the walls of a fiberglass sided RV and begins to rot the plywood on the interior of the walls triggering the cement that connects the laminate and fiberglass as one to let go which weakens the strength of the motor home walls. Sizable bubbles in the outdoor or interior walls result. This is really expensive to repair and it will not be worth purchasing a motor home that has this type of water damage. If the leak that caused the water damage were fixed when they started, this would not have been a difficulty. Any minor water damage can be easily mended thwarting mold and any other water damage that may come to pass when leaks are not handled in an apropos fashion.

It is a superb thought to have a registered RV repairman check over a recreational vehicle before you buy it to elude getting stuck with a severely impaired lemon of a motorhome. Educated professionals can simply point out the indications of water damage and advise you as to the significance of the issues so you can avoid making the error of purchasing a bad recreational vehicle.

Gayelord Nash discusses homeowner problems for Long Island, NY Water Damage Repair and Muttontown, NY Water Damage Odor Removal
Quickbuying HiSKY HCP80 WLtoys V933 Helicopter Parts Main RC Brushless Motor 800081

Quickbuying HiSKY HCP80 WLtoys V933 Helicopter Parts Main RC Brushless Motor 800081

Quickbuying HiSKY HCP80 WLtoys V933 Helicopter Parts Main RC Brushless Motor 800081

Quickbuying HiSKY HCP80 WLtoys V933 Helicopter Parts Main RC Brushless Motor 800081

  • High Quality rc brushless motor
  • Use : Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Use : Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Material : Metal
RC Parts & Accs : Connectors/Wiring
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices : Other
Upgrade Parts/Accessories : Other
Four-wheel Drive Attributes : Other

Item Name: Main Motor
NO: 800081
Usage:For HiSKY HCP80 WLtoys V933 HCP80 V2 RC Helicopter

Package Included:
1 x Main Motor

List Price: $ 13.99


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Motor Home Destinations California Redwood Forests

Motor Home Destinations California Redwood Forests

Just imagine standing there, looking up at a giant tree that rises above you into the sky. Even the huckleberries are several feet over your head. Standing among these giants really puts life in perspective, and the hush of the forest floor is so quiet that your footsteps sound like thunder.

Welcome to the California Redwoods, part of a unique ecosystem that includes these ancient trees as well as some of California’s prettiest coastline. In the Redwood forest, you can go biking, rafting, fishing, swimming or picnicking, but just walking around among these gigantic trees is enough of a mind-blower for most people.

If you’re in the mood for a scenic drive, you can see the sights without leaving your car or motor home on one of the park’s scenic drives. The most famous of these is the Avenue of the Giants. If the name gives you any indication, it’s pretty spectacular.

Avenue of the Giants is 31 miles of Highway 101 about 5 hours north of San Francisco. Without even leaving your motor home, you will see some of the biggest trees in the entire forest. The Avenue is also close to the Humboldt National Forest, where the oldest stand of virgin old-growth redwood trees is still standing.

Then again, if you do want to get out and walk among the giants, there are trailheads all along the way. Any time you see a sign for a trail, pull off and take it. Wherever it takes you, it will be spectacular and well worth the walking. There are also lots of great places to stop and picnic.

The Avenue of the Giants is also dotted with quaint little towns where you can stop along the way to eat, pick up souvenirs or get more information about these huge trees.

You’ve probably seen the pictures of the Shrine Drive-Thru tree. That is located in Myers Flat, and there is a turn-off in the Avenues for it. Here you can drive through one of these massive trees!

But, the redwoods are more than just trees. They are part of an entire ecosystem, including prairies, rivers and coastline as well. There are places like the Klamath River Overlook, where you can look down on the spot where the Klamath River meets the Pacific Ocean. You may also catch sight of jumping salmon, sun-bathing sea lions, flying sea-birds, seals and even gray whales.

In this pristine environment there are a variety of protected wildlife, like the Roosevelt elk, gray whales, black bears and sea anemones. There are also lots of interesting little critters, like the massive banana slugs, so named because of their bright color and fruit-size.

The California redwoods are a great destination for motor home travelers, and there are some wonderful campgrounds where you can stay.
Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park is open from May 1st to September 30th, and is located right in the middle of the forest. There are 145 sites that allow both tents and RVs, but there are restrictions on how long the motor homes can be. Call them for more information and reservations.

The campground at Jebediah Smith Redwoods State Park is open year around and its more than 100 sites accommodate RVs. There are no hookups, though, and they also have length restrictions. Call ahead for more information.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park has 2 campgrounds which are both quite a bit smaller than the others. One has 75 sites and the smaller one has 25 and doesn’t allow trailers. Prairie Creek is great for those who really want to get away and prefer slightly more rugged accommodations.

Everyone should see the redwoods at least once. You won’t believe it!

The California Redwood forests are a spectacular vacation site with a lot of things to see and do. The area is also very motor home friendly, with several parks where you can camp. Visit Bankston Motor Homes and be on your way if this sounds like a vacation for you.
Your RV Dealer Offers Accessories To Enhance Your Motor Home Experience

Your RV Dealer Offers Accessories To Enhance Your Motor Home Experience

Are you in the market for a new or used motor home or travel trailer? If so, then an RV dealer can help you. An RV dealer can help you find the most ideal recreational vehicle on the market that complements your budget and travel needs. An RV dealer can also enhance your purchasing options so that you have the accessories and upgrades that you could need in your motor home or your fifth wheel camper.

There are a plethora of upgrades and accessories available for new and used motor homes that the RV dealer should have on hand. If you are not sure, ask the RV dealer what he/she recommends. If you are further confused, see what your recreational vehicle friends and family members have purchased for their new or used RV from the RV dealer. Some accessories that the RV dealer may have will be perfect for the new motor home, while others will better suite older units.

Here are five of the top accessories that are useful for living in your recreational vehicle:

1. Think about getting a cover for your RV as protection. The cover is a great tool for protection on your long term investment by keeping the weather and other elements away from the body of the unit.

2. If you travel in the warmer months, then another air conditioner could be a good fit for you.

3. Think about getting a satellite for your motor home or travel trailer. You can easily expand your cable options and create entertainment. A satellite is beneficial to your RVing companions during those rainy days.

4. Get extra cargo carriers for your motor home. They can give you more space on the inside of your RV because you can store on the exterior. Cargo carriers can also help you get and stay organized when on the road or taking a weekend trip.

5. Think about adding a bike rack to your recreational vehicle or travel trailer. Bikes are always a nice alternative to driving your towable automobile or RV around smaller towns, cities, or through camp sites.

You will quickly find that there are a plethora of accessories available for your RVing experience. Think about what you want to make your trip or home away from home more pleasurable.

Julie Jacobs writes about RV information and about the RV dealer as a hobby. You can learn more at
Summer Prep For Your Motor Home

Summer Prep For Your Motor Home

You’ve been thinking about it for months; the first trip of the RV season but before you hit he road you may find that an inspection may be very beneficial and even save you money in the long run. So whether you are hitting a National Park, the beach, or even heading across the boarder to Mexico or Canada, following these suggestions is sure to make your trip a smoother one!

Take a walk around your motor home and do a thorough visual inspection. While doing this, check for rust on the exterior of the RV. Also check the roof for leaks. After you’ve performed a visual inspection on the interior of your motorhome take a look inside for water stains. Water stains could be a sign of a leaky roof.

It may prove to be beneficial to have a mechanic checkout your motorhome. An RV mechanic can easily check the brake system, change the oil, check and top off the fluids and even check the motor and tires. Having the tire levels even will do more to prevent uneven wear on your tires, and additionally, it will increase the fuel efficiency of your motor home.

Hop inside your RV and check for mold. Be sure to check everywhere as it is mold can easily hide, but frequently mold can be found on furniture and awnings. Because mold can be potentially dangerous to humans, do some research to determine the best way to clean the mold. Usually a bleach and water solution is sufficient, but make sure. Also wear gloves and a mask for greater safety.

Often during the off-season animals and insects will make your motorhome their home. Birds, mice, raccoons, ants, wasps and more have all been found in RVs. Do an inspection of your motor home to ensure this is not the case. Make sure you are careful as it is you do not want to harm these critters and you do not want them to harm you either.

Check all of your batteries to ensure they are all working properly. It is also always wise to keep extra batteries on board. It is also essential to check all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are all working properly. Even with the advancements in motor homes, they still require proper maintenance to ensure they are in full working order.

Check the headlights, both regular and bights. Replace bulbs if needed. Then check taillights, brake lights internal lights and display lights. Again, replace any bulbs that may require it. Also, many motor homes have a propane tank. If your RV has one, check it to make sure it is full and working properly.

You’re just about ready to hit the road but before you do, stock up. Check the refrigerator to make sure it is working properly. If it is, load it up! Also fill the cupboards with food. Grab the DVDs and games. Get some toilet paper, some soap and other bathroom essentials. Do you have it all? Have you checked everything? Well, get a move on!

Now is the time to hit the road and save BIG on YOUR Motor Home RV! Check out Beaudry RV’s big selection of new & pre-owned Motorhomes today!
Motor Home: What To Keep In Mind While Buying Motor Homes

Motor Home: What To Keep In Mind While Buying Motor Homes

There are many factors to consider when buying a recreational vehicle. To begin with, there are two major types, which are further broken down into a variety of vehicles each with its pros and cons.

The first type of RVs is the motor home and the second type is the trailers. When considering which type to buy, it is important to keep in mind your budget, lifestyle, amenities and the amount of time you plan to stay in the trailer. The benefit of any recreational vehicle is the freedom to take to the roads while bringing a little bit of home with you.

Beginning with the simplest type of vehicle are the smaller towable trailers (including campers). The most affordable type are the folding camping trailers and the truck campers. Prices for these begin around $ 5,000 new but used ones begin as low as $ 2,000 for older models.

These units offer basic amenities such as cold storage/refrigeration, cooking range, fresh water tanks, propane tanks, dining area, and sleeping accommodations. These trailers are great for the weekend warriors looking to get out of suburbia and into the great outdoors. Truck campers, obviously need a truck, but some pop up trailers can be pulled by even compact cars.

Moving up the chain is the traditional travel trailers. These units tend to be bigger, although some trailers are as short as 10 feet, and they come with a pricier tag beginning about $ 10,000. These RVs must be towed by vehicles that can handle the load and often need load distribution and sway control devices to stable it during transport.

However, the amenities that these trailers offer are much nicer than their smaller pop up cousins. The nicer units can top $ 125,000, but come with expendable walls that increase the living area when the trailer is parked, showers, miniature kitchens, bathrooms, septic tanks, and their own electrical system.

If the load distribution and sway control are still a problem to this option, purchasing a 5th wheel can be the solution. The down side is that 5th wheel trailers need a special truck hitch, but towing is much easier. The other types of RVs are the motorized homes. These units combine the living space and the vehicle for convenience and luxury.

There are three classes of motor homes: A, B, and C. At the top end is the 30 to 45 foot behemoth Class A RVs. These vehicles begin at $ 100,000 and can cost up into the millions complete with granite counter tops, queen-size beds, and flat screen plasma televisions (or, essentially, the Ritz Cartlon on Wheels).

The next two classes (B & C) are a combination of miniature Class A’s or converted vans. They can begin in the $ 30,000 and top $ 150,000. The price varies based on the type of amenities that you want. The basic units have the necessities including refrigeration, cooking ranges, water closets, and sleeping accommodations.

There are definite benefits to these RVs compared to their trailer cousins. Passengers can move within the trailer (and even use the bathrooms) without having to stop. They are easy to move and you do not have to worry about to vehicles.

The down side is your home is attached to your transportation so getting around town can be tricky unless you are towing a car. Motor homes also tend to be a little more expensive and when they break, the whole vehicle is out of service. So, whether you are a weekend warrior or a long road hauler there are plenty of options for a recreational vehicle. These units are so customizable that you never have to leave home again, while seeing places you’ve never been.

The first type of RVs is the motor home and the second type is the trailers. Consider your budget, lifestyle, amenities and the amount of time you plan to stay in the trailer before you buy one. Visit
Motor Home Travel with Your Loved Ones

Motor Home Travel with Your Loved Ones

Traveling together is one of the quickest ways to discover how much you truly like a person (or not). Adventures can bring out the best and the worst in a person. This is especially true when taking a road trip with a motor home. You’ll be seeing, hearing, and smelling a lot of each other over the course of your trip. So before you choose a travel partner, consider some of the following.

1. Cleanliness
Travelling on the road is dirty. Motor homes provide some conveniences, but if you’re camping, exploring, and burning daylight, personal hygiene and neatness can become a luxury. Organization of personal and shared items can also be hazardous territory. If you freak whenever you can’t find a matching sock, choose someone who will be able to respect your boundaries and pick up after themselves.

If you’re on the messier side, you still might want to choose someone with a few minimal organization skills. Long road trips mean that you’ll be dealing with the occasional RV problem. If you get a flat, you want someone who knows where the tired iron is (or at least what it looks like).

2. Watch out!
Don’t jump into a recreational vehicle with a friend who makes you cringe every time he or she gets behind the wheel. Both of you should feel comfortable with the other’s driving abilities and judgment. Unless you’re a control freak, you also want to find someone willing to split the driving time with you. Lazy passengers can make you resentful, which is definitely a feeling you don’t want to have when you’re sharing a confined space.

3. Sense of Direction
Someone has to be able to use a map, folding skills optional. And someone definitely needs to be man enough to ask for directions if lost (which you will be – many times). Part of the fun of a motor home trip, is that you don’t always know where you’re going, or how to get there, but this can also be the most frustrating. You and your navigator should have good communication skills in order to minimize arguments.

4. Mechanical Skills
Even reliable RVs can hit bumps, skunks, and who knows what else in the road. One or both of you should know basic maintenance and repairs for your recreational vehicle. It’s also good to have some knowledge of your amenities like the sink and the sewage system. Those are problems that you can’t afford to have lingering around.

5. Personality
Not everyone will make a good travel companion even though you may love them dearly. If you’re looking for adventure, find a similar-minded spirit. If sight-seeing and keeping on schedule is your deal, then choose a person who can handle that.

Having comparable goals will help stave off arguments. Opposite personalities can also be advantageous in some cases. Want a wild experience but are terrified of talking to strangers? Bring your extroverted buddy. He can help bring out your daring side and discover off-the-map fun.

Travelling with loved ones can either be a blast or complete misery. No matter how much thought you put into choosing a partner, you never know what’s going to happen once you hit the road. But then again, that’s part of the excitement.

There are few better ways to cement a friendship or get to know your romantic partner than by taking a road trip. A motor home trip is the ideal way to start your life’s adventures together. Visit to select one for your trip.
Motor Home in the Ozarks

Motor Home in the Ozarks

If you head south through Missouri, you’ll come to a spot where the wide, flat farmlands break into the misty green rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains. The Ozarks are not actually mountains, but a huge plateau that extends from southern Missouri into northern Arkansas, and parts of eastern Oklahoma and Kansas. Aside from its natural beauty, the Ozarks region offers lots of fun for everybody, including great motor home enthusiasts.

Lake of the Ozarks is the number one destination in the Ozark Mountains. This is because there’s so much do to: golfing, boating, hiking, water sports, fishing… the list goes on. There are places for shopping or dining in town, as well as state parks along the edge of the lake where you can get away from everything.

This is a great family-oriented vacation spot where you can have the best of everything. You can get a camping spot on the edge of a hill surrounded by trees, and it’s just a short drive to miniature golf, go-cart riding and water slides. There are lots of great water parks in the area, which are always a big hit with the kids.

There are several very popular motor home sites near the lake.

– Lazy River RV Resort in Eldon, Missouri. This campground is located on the Osage River, just a few minutes drive from the lakefront. They have hiking, water sports and golf just minutes from your camp site.

– Cross Creek RV Park. This is a big campground geared toward family fun, with lots of activities and amenities. They have more than 70 sites with full hook-ups, but it’s still a good idea to call ahead; it fills up in the summer months.

Branson – The New Home Of Country Music

For all you country fans out there, Branson is the new Mecca. But, not only does Branson have lots of shows, it has other great things to offer, like good food, museums, theme parks, and nightlife. Branson prides itself on having food from all over the world in its buffets, and lots to do once the sun goes down.

Of course, for lots of us, we’d rather cast a line into the lake and wait for a bite. Branson has great fishing too, some of the best in the United States. There are three good-sized lakes around the Branson area that have boat rentals, great fishing and water skiing.

For RV campers, there are lots of great places to stay around Branson. A few of the most popular include Branson Shenanigans RV Park, Branson View Campground and ABC Campground. Be sure to call ahead for reservations.

Get into the Wilderness – The Boston Mountains

If you want to get away from things, Arkansas’s Boston Mountains are spectacular. These lush, green mountains are a wonderful place to see in your motor home adventures, with lots of places to stop and hike, fish or take in the view. There is a Boston Mountains Scenic Loop that winds its way all through the beautiful mountain landscape, where you’ll see bare cliff-sides, trickling mountain streams, and bridges that soar above the mountain landscape.

The Overland RV Park offers some of the best motor home accommodations in the Boston Mountains, and there are lots of sights to see not far away, like Lake Fort Smith State Park and Lake Lou Emma Dam.

The Ozarks are a great place to experience real mountain culture, see pretty scenery and take the family out on some unforgettable adventures.

The Ozarks offer a wide variety of family-oriented activities if the whole family is taking the trip. Your motor home trip can take you away from city life, this area offers a variety of activities. Bankston Motor Homes can put you on the road to this RV playground.
Motor Home Vacations: Oregon’s Untouched Nature

Motor Home Vacations: Oregon’s Untouched Nature

Oregon is a wonderful motor home destination. It has everything you could want – great hiking, fishing and boating surrounded by mountains, forests and coastline. It’s also a favorite destination for RVers, so there are lots of great places to stay.

The Oregon coast is known for its beauty. Here, the lush forest comes right up to the sandy beaches. In other parts, there are rocky cliffs and overlooks where you can watch the waves crashing below.

From the northernmost town of Astoria down to Brookings in the south, runs 400 miles of coastline. All along the way there are quaint little towns and things to see and do.

There are motor home parks all up and down the coast at every town along the way. Although it’s not on the coast, Loon Lake RV Park is close. It sits on Loon Lake, and there are lots of sights available with hook-ups and services. It is close to the town of Reedsport and a short drive from the coast, as well as other sights like Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

If you want to be right on the ocean, you can stay at Turtle Rock Oregon Coast RV Park, and the sandy beach will be one step off your campsite. This is a very popular spot because it’s pushed right up against the lush forest, with the ocean on the other side.

Right in the middle of the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia River cuts through at sea level. Thousands of years of rushing water chiseled this mighty gorge out of the mountains, and it is a wonder to behold.

At the Columbia Gorge in northern Oregon, you can stand on cliffs of 4,000 feet and look down at the river below. Down in the canyon, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the walls carved out of rock, or enjoy activities like wind surfing, sailing or river rafting.

Bride RV Park and Campground is right in the middle of the Columbia Gorge area, on the banks of the river itself. Not only do you have the majestic Cascades towering on all sides, you are just minutes away from some of the best salmon and trout fishing in the entire world! You’ll also be close to one of the best wind surfing spots.

Portland is only an hour away from the Columbia Gorge, and it is full of great places to park your motor home, if you want comforts of the city.

Hells Canyon is not a pretty name, but it’s a beautiful place. The 650,000 acres of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area are part of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and are more gorgeous than the name implies. Here you can see North America’s deepest gorge, vistas where you can see green mountain peaks in every direction, and rustic historic sights to enjoy, like the Oregon Trail that winds through the canyon.

The best thing to do in Hells Canyon is explore. There are lots of things to see and do, including some of the best whitewater boating in the world, wilderness hiking and horseback rides. At Hells Canyon, you can see the real beauty of the old American West.

Hells Canyon is in the northeastern part of Oregon, up against the Idaho border. Probably the most popular motor home park in the area is the Hells Canyon Resort. It is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and convenient stay, including big sites, full hook-ups, and even a hot tub. Located right off Highway 12, it is not far from the entrance to the canyon. For those who enjoy boating, there is a full marina.

For a slightly more rustic stay right on the banks of the Snake River, the Woodhead Park right above Hells Canyon Dam is a good choice. The sites sit at the edge of the arid mountain foothills, covered by trees for shade. It’s not as fully equipped as the Hells Canyon Resort, but it is much quieter and closer to nature.

Oregon is one of the best places for motor home travel. There is an abundance of pristine nature, as well as a quaint rustic charm, that will make your trip enjoyable.

An RV trip to Oregon is an experience with nature at its most beautiful. At Oregon’s various parks, there are many sites friendly to motor homes. Bankston Motor Homes can help get you on your way to Oregon now.