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Motor Home Vacation In Montana

Motor Home Vacation In Montana

Montana can be a great place for vacation, especially in a self contained motor home. Montana has many points of interest including streams and lakes, parks such as Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, and eclectic cities which would make the state the perfect place to vacation during the summer.

Many tourists choose to vacation throughout Montana in a motor home because this form of travel can allow individuals to avoid long lines at airports. In addition, travelers’ dont have to move luggage around or worry about traveling from hotel to hotel. It also helps a family bond in a relaxing stress free setting. Most motor homes come equipped with amenities such as automatic transmissions, microwaves, air conditioners televisions, clothes washer and dryer, convection oven, showers and even a generator. Even though the cost of gas is high currently, families can still cut costs by traveling via motor home. Travelers who have access to a kitchen can grab some groceries and stock up with food in their motor home, thus cutting their costs especially for large families. Also families do not have to worry about hotel costs because they can sleep in the motor home.

Motor homes allow travelers to go anywhere they want and when they want throughout the state of Montana. Families can enjoy the greater freedom, flexibility, control to investigate Montana, which is home to 360 locations on the National Register of Historic Places. In particular, Montana has a triple divide, which allows water to flow into the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Artic Ocean. This divide occurs at Triple Divide Peak within Glacier National Park, which contains mountain ranges and over 130 named lakes.

Many motor home travelers make their way to the other parks. Montana is also home to a portion of Yellowston National Park and includes three of the Park’s five entrances. It also has many scenic valleys and has a plethora of agricultural resources and rivers. For example, Flathead Valley, Bitterroot Valley and Big Hole Valley are especially popular amongst many tourists. The state also has many federally recognized sites such as Little Bighorn National Monument, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, and Big Hole National Battlefield. Montana also has Quake Lake, which was created during a landslide during the 1959 earthquake in Yellowstone.

While touring in your mobile home, you can notice the thousands of plant and animal species which live in this vast ecosystem. For example, vegetation such as ponderosa pine, lodge pole pine, fir, spruce and ash are all around Montana. A vacationer can park and walk through the rocky mountain maple and the cottonwood trees. Since, forest cover over a fourth of the state, there are many species to observe and lots more out there to be discovered.

Montana can be a great place to explore via motor home. If you are a part of a large family or you are traveling with a small group of individuals, motor homes can be a flexible, relaxing and affordable way to travel while on vacation during the summer.

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