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Mercedes Benz C Class. Bringing Luxury Motoring To The Masses

Mercedes Benz C Class. Bringing Luxury Motoring To The Masses

Mercedes Benz has long been regarded as one of the leaders in luxury motoring, not only here in Australia, but around the world. The marque’s impeccable styling, construction and finish all testify to its well-earned reputation. But for many Australians, the dream of driving their very own Mercedes Benz has been just that, a dream. But this is changing, with the C-Class Mercedes Benz providing a more affordable entry into the world of luxury motoring.

The Mercedes Benz C-Class has now been available in Australia for several years and it has proven a very successful range. This success lies in its affordability, particularly in the C 180 and C 200 models. However, while these models are more affordable, they are Mercedes Benz through and through. There is still that meticulous attention to detail both inside and out.

The C-Class is available in coupe, estate and sedan body types. The coupe has a sporty body shape and is available in the C 180, C 200 and C 230. You can buy a brand new car in the C 180 coupe for just a little over $ 55,000. Now while that may still sound like a lot of money, remember, you are getting a real Mercedes Benz! If you want the higher end C 230 coupe, expect to pay around $ 74,000. For this price, you’ll get a 2.5 litre V6 outputting a respectable 150 kw.

If the coupe is not a practical option for you, then the C 180 sedan will set you back around $ 58,000 while the C 230 Elegance will cost around $ 78,000 for a brand new car.

If you still find the brand new C-Class a little out of your price range, then you may wish to consider a pre-loved, one owner used car. Look for a one owner car that has been serviced regularly by an authorised Mercedes Benz dealer. When you inspect any used car, ensure that the interior’s finish has no real problems and make sure all the electrics are in good working order. It’s always worth getting an inspection from an authorised Mercedes Benz dealership when considering a used car. Also, try to go for the supercharged model as the older non-supercharged 4 cylinder models are a little lacking in the acceleration department.

So, if you want the prestige of driving a luxury German car, take a look at the C-Class, your neighbours certainly will when you pull into your driveway in your very own Mercedes!

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New A-Class Mercedes Seeks Younger Buyers

New A-Class Mercedes Seeks Younger Buyers

As Mercedes unveiled its new A-Class, the instant reaction is how radical the changes are. With the new A-Class, Mercedes has decided to broaden its target market. Unlike any other Mercedes class currently on the market, the new design is absolutely unique in comparison.

The A-Class’ exterior will be composed of a more pronounced nose section, lower roofline and an abundance of sleek detailing. This radical appearance combined with a new interior style and mechanical layout is hoping to catch attention of the young, urban professional market of 30-something singles with a small family.

The image of Mercedes is imbedded into the minds of consumers so this image change will not come easily. The hope that this introduction of the A-Class will serve as an initial step towards meeting the change in consumer needs. Never before has Mercedes targeted young professionals as these people would normally have to wait until they achieved a certain financial stability before being able to purchase a Mercedes. The new A-Class will certainly change that perception.

This new concept of the A-Class provides the consumer with a new compact class era at Mercedes-Benz. This front-wheel drive model is powered by a four-cylinder gasoline engine from the new M270 series. It was designed for transverse installation and thanks to direct injection and turbo charging, offers high performance together with minimal emissions and fuel consumption. The Concept A-Class is equipped with the two liter variant of the new engine, developing 210 hp. This blue efficiency engine is mated to the new Mercedes-Benz dual clutch transmission.

Included in this major shift in design, the A-Class has also adopted the heavily sculptured surfacing treatment and other elements seen on a batch of recent Mercedes concepts, including last year’s well-received F800 Style.

These new major features include a so called soft-nose treatment with an oval shaped grille like that of the range-topping SLS AMG. The look is topped off with an oversized version of Mercedes’ three-pointed star, distinctively shaped headlamps with complex LED internal graphics, deep lines running down the flanks, a high waistline, shallow side glass, horizontal tail lamps and an angled tailgate.

Besides its flashy new look and elegant interior, the A-Class is jammed packed with new technologies. Mercedes will be the first in the compact series to off a radar-based collision avoidance system and adaptive brake technology. This system will audibly and visually warn drivers about possible collisions while preparing the brakes for a sudden stop.
Mercedes plans to base up to five models off its new MFA platform. Included are three- and five-door hatchbacks as previewed by the Concept A; a five door multipurpose vehicle to replace the current B class; a four-door sedan to rival the Volkswagen Jetta and set to replace the discontinued CLC, and a five-door station wagon.

Inspired with its new A-Class concept, Mercedes-Benz looks to go head to head with Audi’s A3 as the premiere automobile for the young, urban professional. The A-Class will certainly change the perception of Mercedes-Benz and take the automobile market by storm.

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Mercedes Benz A Class short review 2014

Mercedes Benz A Class short review 2014

Mercedes Benz was the first real luxury brand in India. Over the years, it has been successful in carving out a niche place in the Indian auto industry. However, over the past few years, its fellow German and European rivals have outgrown it in both sales and desirability. This has forced the three pointed star to try new endeavors to reclaim its throne.

Mercedes A Class is a leading example of one such pursuit. It has been designed to attract well-off young customers waiting to experience first-class luxury. The design itself is flashy yet subtle which blends beautifully with the new Mercedes family face. Prominent styling cake is the massively gorgeous pointed grill. Further, the protruding pointed star logo on it is one hell of an icing. The headlight unit looks spectacular with LED strip and metallic inserts complimenting Bi-Xenon projectors.

The side profile works hard to accommodate large wheelbase of 2699mm (larger than Renault Duster or VW Jetta) into a hatchback design code. The massive 17” wheels look brilliant. The character line illustrates a minimist stroke over the doors with a prominent body crease that floats up towards the rear. Wide C-pillar looks good but hampers the all-around visibility.

Rear window is compact and forward swooping. Again, low visibility but looks good. Integrated roof spoiler looks sporty and compliments the twin exhaust pipes. LED laden tail-lampis neat and provides an overall wide body stance.

Interiors are typical Merc with top-notch materials and luxury. The dashboard is logically placed with shiny AC vents and information screen. Instrument cluster looks great with informative MID. Seats are one-piece with integrated head rests that goes well with the sporty theme. Mercedes offers zillions of equipment to play with like panoramic sunroof, two zone climate control, satnav, Merc’sCOMAND system, power seats (driver only) and no to mention 7 airbags, ESP and ATTENTION assist. Sadly,fat transmission tunnel, narrow shoulder room and claustrophobic interior make A Class a strict 4-seater.

Powertrain includes 180 Sport petrol and 180 CDI diesel options mated to a 7speed dual-clutch auto gearbox with paddle shifters. However, it’s witty that 180 Sport is actually 1.6L with 122PS 5000rpm and 200Nm 1250-4000rpm and the 180 CDI diesel is 2.2L with 108PS 3200-4000rpm and250Nm 1400-1800rpm. Mileage is around 12-13kmpl for both the variants. Dynamic body style and spirited powertrain confirms a planted ride both on highways and on switchback roads. 0-100kmph dash takes around 9.5sec.

With price tag of around 22 Lakhs, Mercedes A Class is a great package of luxury, performance and flamboyance with only BMW 1series as a threat. Overall, A Class offers everything that a well-off young customer can demand and that too with an added pinch of style.

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