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Motor Home Travel with Your Loved Ones

Motor Home Travel with Your Loved Ones

Traveling together is one of the quickest ways to discover how much you truly like a person (or not). Adventures can bring out the best and the worst in a person. This is especially true when taking a road trip with a motor home. You’ll be seeing, hearing, and smelling a lot of each other over the course of your trip. So before you choose a travel partner, consider some of the following.

1. Cleanliness
Travelling on the road is dirty. Motor homes provide some conveniences, but if you’re camping, exploring, and burning daylight, personal hygiene and neatness can become a luxury. Organization of personal and shared items can also be hazardous territory. If you freak whenever you can’t find a matching sock, choose someone who will be able to respect your boundaries and pick up after themselves.

If you’re on the messier side, you still might want to choose someone with a few minimal organization skills. Long road trips mean that you’ll be dealing with the occasional RV problem. If you get a flat, you want someone who knows where the tired iron is (or at least what it looks like).

2. Watch out!
Don’t jump into a recreational vehicle with a friend who makes you cringe every time he or she gets behind the wheel. Both of you should feel comfortable with the other’s driving abilities and judgment. Unless you’re a control freak, you also want to find someone willing to split the driving time with you. Lazy passengers can make you resentful, which is definitely a feeling you don’t want to have when you’re sharing a confined space.

3. Sense of Direction
Someone has to be able to use a map, folding skills optional. And someone definitely needs to be man enough to ask for directions if lost (which you will be – many times). Part of the fun of a motor home trip, is that you don’t always know where you’re going, or how to get there, but this can also be the most frustrating. You and your navigator should have good communication skills in order to minimize arguments.

4. Mechanical Skills
Even reliable RVs can hit bumps, skunks, and who knows what else in the road. One or both of you should know basic maintenance and repairs for your recreational vehicle. It’s also good to have some knowledge of your amenities like the sink and the sewage system. Those are problems that you can’t afford to have lingering around.

5. Personality
Not everyone will make a good travel companion even though you may love them dearly. If you’re looking for adventure, find a similar-minded spirit. If sight-seeing and keeping on schedule is your deal, then choose a person who can handle that.

Having comparable goals will help stave off arguments. Opposite personalities can also be advantageous in some cases. Want a wild experience but are terrified of talking to strangers? Bring your extroverted buddy. He can help bring out your daring side and discover off-the-map fun.

Travelling with loved ones can either be a blast or complete misery. No matter how much thought you put into choosing a partner, you never know what’s going to happen once you hit the road. But then again, that’s part of the excitement.

There are few better ways to cement a friendship or get to know your romantic partner than by taking a road trip. A motor home trip is the ideal way to start your life’s adventures together. Visit to select one for your trip.