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SEO Hosting & The Importance of C Class IP Blocks

SEO Hosting & The Importance of C Class IP Blocks

The era of Pagerank is not dead and link popularity still counts towards the overall ranking of a website in any industry vertical. Long tail of search still gets powered from on-page optimization but for most of the traffic bearing terms, search engines hardly go in for the text databases.

From a search engine perspective, relevancy and efficiency are the two most important points to consider and if for a given query, search engines can find reasonable amount of documents by just analyzing the link profile, they won’t go deep enough to do a text analysis.

When it is so important to get links, site owners and SEOs try and maximize the value that any domain under their control has to offer. This is achieved by interlinking all the domains together or by linking all the auxiliary domains to one single most important domain. Previously, it was possible to get past this as a SEO strategy but since then Google and other search engines have become extremely vigilant for any signs of common ownership.

This has also negatively affected a lot of naïve, unknowing business owners, who for the sake of simplicity of account management keep all their sites with one host. It is obvious to interlink these sites as there might be a genuine requirement, but this displeases the search engines.

What is a C Class IP Address?

The best way to avoid any bans or penalties is to host your site on different C class IPs. Do not confuse separate C class with a dedicated hosting account, they are different. C class refers to the third octet in an IP address. For example, 9 here represent the third octet and is a C class. Usually, web hosting companies host multiple sites on the same C class IP and this is where the fun begins.

Google can easily detect the IP address of a website and if all your online properties are hosted on the same C class, the interlinking between these sites would just not be ignored but chances are that Google might even penalize your domains for this “improper linking manipulation”.

How to Get Maximum Benefit out of your Sites without Burning Them?

As stated above, the safest bet is to use different hosting service providers or use a proven “SEO hosting” provider like Thought Mechanics. A SEO host is an industry parlance which refers to a web hosting company that would allow you to host multiple domains on different C class IP addresses. This is better than diversifying your hosting service provider portfolio as:

1. It is easier to manage everything with a single host.

2. Hosting with multiple service providers may lead to a lot of communication which can become noisy at times.

Also necessary is to review the strategy of your SEO company for increasing the rankings of your website. Are they creating domains that interlink? If yes, what are the IP addresses corresponding to these domains? If you do not investigate these things out, it might actually affect you adversely a lot more than it helps you in the shorter run.

SEO hosting is an important concept and it is always better to go with a host who understands SEO and the impact of improper interlinking. Once you get a proper SEO host, you are free to utilize the value of your domains by cross referencing and interlinking.

This article was written by Barry. For more information on SEO hosting stop by the Thought Mechanics SEO Hosting page.
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The Importance of Having a Metal Detector

The Importance of Having a Metal Detector

A metal detector is a useful tool for locating metallic materials or items. It was initially used for mining during the 1960s and was later on introduced to other purposes such as for security and for the medical field. Different kinds of metal detectors are manufactured by different companies for different purposes.

Metal detector devices function to find and locate items that are made of metal or those with metal components. These tools have the ability to locate metal elements even from underneath the ground. During the war, metal detector gadgets contributed to great things in certain battlefields. Known as mine detectors, they are used to locate land mines hidden under these battlefields. Metal detectors became a prominent tool that secures lives and makes fields safe for civilians.

A Bounty Hunter metal detector manufactures metal detector tools using the design of old model metal detectors. They design their detectors based on the old metal detectors structure and enhance it with additional modern features. Bounty Hunter metal detector gadgets are usually produced for hobby purposes.

Discovery 3300 is an example of a Bounty Hunter metal detector. It is an ultra-lightweight gadget that has a huge LCD display, touch pad digital controls, automatic ground balance and a 5-year warranty. It is a waterproof metal detector that enables you to use it either on land or in water.

Garrett Metal Detector manufactures most of the known metal detectors used for security purposes. These metal detectors are highly sensitive to metal detection and are commonly used by security forces in establishments. It was designed to thoroughly search and detect metals at a short period of response time. Metal detector gadgets like these help cut time consumed on body searches. The usual examples of this device are the handheld detectors that are commonly used by security guards for simple search and walkthrough metal detector operations. Walkthrough metal detectors are designed to make faster full body searches on persons walking through it. The detection time becomes faster, easier and more convenient.

CSI 250 Ground Search Metal Detector is created by Garrett. It is made for the security department working with and under limited equipment budget. This metal detector features a wide LCD display, microprocessor controls, battery condition indicator, submersible searchcoil and touchpad controls. It is also equipped with the top Target ID Legend which is structured to immediately recognize usual objectives of investigations. Garrett metal detector designs are mostly for anti-criminal acts. Their products are renowned to the US army government.

A Minelab metal detector is one of the top growing metal detector companies in the world. It is known to both hobbyist and security industries. Minelab is a member of an ISO 9001Quality Endorsed Company which indicates a continuous growth in Minelab’s quality products.

E-TRAC Xchange is one of the most advanced metal detectors created by Minelab. This metal detector has a USB interface which allows user to manage its E-TRAC’s settings. It also offers a higher level of detecting depth that allows user to cover bigger areas.

For more information on Detectors Popular and Top Brands please visit our website.

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