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SEO Hosting & The Importance of C Class IP Blocks

SEO Hosting & The Importance of C Class IP Blocks

The era of Pagerank is not dead and link popularity still counts towards the overall ranking of a website in any industry vertical. Long tail of search still gets powered from on-page optimization but for most of the traffic bearing terms, search engines hardly go in for the text databases.

From a search engine perspective, relevancy and efficiency are the two most important points to consider and if for a given query, search engines can find reasonable amount of documents by just analyzing the link profile, they won’t go deep enough to do a text analysis.

When it is so important to get links, site owners and SEOs try and maximize the value that any domain under their control has to offer. This is achieved by interlinking all the domains together or by linking all the auxiliary domains to one single most important domain. Previously, it was possible to get past this as a SEO strategy but since then Google and other search engines have become extremely vigilant for any signs of common ownership.

This has also negatively affected a lot of naïve, unknowing business owners, who for the sake of simplicity of account management keep all their sites with one host. It is obvious to interlink these sites as there might be a genuine requirement, but this displeases the search engines.

What is a C Class IP Address?

The best way to avoid any bans or penalties is to host your site on different C class IPs. Do not confuse separate C class with a dedicated hosting account, they are different. C class refers to the third octet in an IP address. For example, 9 here represent the third octet and is a C class. Usually, web hosting companies host multiple sites on the same C class IP and this is where the fun begins.

Google can easily detect the IP address of a website and if all your online properties are hosted on the same C class, the interlinking between these sites would just not be ignored but chances are that Google might even penalize your domains for this “improper linking manipulation”.

How to Get Maximum Benefit out of your Sites without Burning Them?

As stated above, the safest bet is to use different hosting service providers or use a proven “SEO hosting” provider like Thought Mechanics. A SEO host is an industry parlance which refers to a web hosting company that would allow you to host multiple domains on different C class IP addresses. This is better than diversifying your hosting service provider portfolio as:

1. It is easier to manage everything with a single host.

2. Hosting with multiple service providers may lead to a lot of communication which can become noisy at times.

Also necessary is to review the strategy of your SEO company for increasing the rankings of your website. Are they creating domains that interlink? If yes, what are the IP addresses corresponding to these domains? If you do not investigate these things out, it might actually affect you adversely a lot more than it helps you in the shorter run.

SEO hosting is an important concept and it is always better to go with a host who understands SEO and the impact of improper interlinking. Once you get a proper SEO host, you are free to utilize the value of your domains by cross referencing and interlinking.

This article was written by Barry. For more information on SEO hosting stop by the Thought Mechanics SEO Hosting page.
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C Class IP Hosting a strategical approach to safe online marketing

C Class IP Hosting a strategical approach to safe online marketing

SEO hosting or C Class IP Hosting, there is no difference between the two, except the name they carry. Due to the extensive progress in traditional web hosting, with the involvement of multiple Class C IPs; SEO services got such an interesting synonym.

1. Multiple Class C IP addresses are really mighty weapons, which can break any tough competition, over the internet and solve all your online marketing worries.All you have to do is,gather a set of C Class IPs that hold your entire set of sites firmly and securely.

2. SEO Hosting involves, lots of techniques and tricks to turn the web traffic towards the webmaster’s favor. SEO is basically done in two ways, on-page and off-page.

3. On-page SEO hosting involves optimizing the web pages of the websites. Here on page factors of a website covering title and meta tags, sub-headings, headings and ALT tags is the key functionality. Basically the process that includes, optimization of the websites’ features that are visible to the audience. Content optimization is another aspect of on-page SEO, but the content needs to be for the web page only.

4. Off-page SEO hosting makes use of link building strategies, article posting, forum posting, directory submission, social media, blog posting, blog commenting and so on. Creating link farms and blog farming is also under off-page activity. Multiple C Class IP addresses are utilized vastly to make the off-page SEO more meaningful and fetch better web traffic.

5. Apart from that organic SEO techniques optimize the overall aspects of all the micro sites as well as money making site. Page flow and scripts are optimized for the maximum benefit of the webmasters’ business.

6. Servers, hosting the websites are always in highly secure datacenter that operates under round the clock power supply. HVAC systems keep track of the heating and cooling systems, in order to allow the websites’ better performance in a suitable environment.

7. SEO service providers need to maintain a steady support team, with technical and sales team on a rotational shift basis. This would allow clients to access the service or performance related issues, without bothering about the time. They can make inquiries, ask their SEO hosting issues and so on. A global clientele are made successful, only when you have 24X7 customer support, who are able to interact through email, live chat and phone calls. Understanding their requirements and offering them assistance ASAP is the sign of a successful SEO team. is one of the largest and most accredited providers of c class ip hosting,that has the potential to draw more visitors to your website. We are also known for our world-class Multiple ip Hosting plans. For more information about our plans, visit us:
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Get Higher Ranking for Your Website with Multiple Class C IP Hosting

Get Higher Ranking for Your Website with Multiple Class C IP Hosting

The performance of a hosted website depends upon its ability to attract maximum possible targeted web traffic. The achievement of getting higher volume of online users is possible only through application of the organic search engine optimization (SEO) processes that bring the desired top ranking for the hosted website in search engine result page (SERP). A credible SEO host helps to get the targeted web traffic with higher page ranking of the website.

Once the hosted website is able to get the required online exposure, it becomes easier for the business owner to launch the products and services in a cost effective and faster way. The SEO services are meant to bring the higher page ranking of the hosted website without which your business becomes invisible in the online market platform and is virtually out of the competition. To boost the online business and get success out of it, an enterprise avails the service offerings of the credible SEO host. This host devises the optimization techniques based on the searching behaviors of the web users and latest parameters followed by the search engine spiders.

If the applied optimization process fails to comply with the algorithms of the search engines, then the efforts and resources put by the web owners are simply wasted for premature banning of the hosted site by the search engines. The modern page optimization techniques use a group of related micro websites to increase the visibility of main site in major search engine like Google. The top place of the website in the SERP facilitates greater online exposure followed by potential leads generation and maximum promotion of the services and products offered by the business entity.

The vital SEO hosting is also called as the multiple class c IP hosting because of the usage of multiple class c IP addresses to maintain uniqueness of each of the micro sites dedicated to push the ranking of the main site. If a search engine finds any off page optimization process being carried out with same IP address for hosting the linked micro sites, then these linked sites bear the risk of getting penalty or banned for promoting one’s own sites. The different c class IP hosting is an easy way of optimization that requires less resource and consumes less time to get the higher ranking quickly.

As a web owner, you can order c class IPs and buy domain names from a reliable service provider to increase your website ranking. With higher page ranking, you will be able to increase the volume of the targeted web traffic and get a chance to list your business with launch of new products and services. You can find out a better host by going through the online surveys, SEO hosting blog reviews and sharing comments and experiences of its present and past customers.

SEO host, the best SEO service provider, offers the affordable and qualitative multiple class c IP hosting solutions to its clients to make their online business campaigns successful.
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SEO Web Hosting and Class C IPs

SEO Web Hosting and Class C IPs

Employing SEO practices is a tricky business. You need to get your name, and more importantly, your website’s links and domain out there as much as possible. Maybe you even create a number of different websites, just so that they can backlink to your main site and look better to the search engines, increasing their rank in the results. But the trick is that the search engines can’t know that website owners and webmasters are utilizing these practices, or they’ll penalize them and perhaps not display their site at all within the search engine results. That’s why when it comes to SEO web hosting, unique Class C IPs are of utmost importance.

What is a Class C IP?

Every website has a domain name, and that domain name points towards a certain IP address. That IP address identifies the server that your website is running from. This is so that each website online can have its own identity, and plays a huge part in security issues as well. However, those IP addresses can also identify your website to the search engines, and if you don’t have a unique Class C IP, they could penalize you for the SEO practices you’re using to help your site.

Each IP address is divided up into four different classes, represented by numbers and separated by periods. Each of these four different groups is given an alphabetical letter, assigning it a class. So for example if your IP address looks like this: 123.456.789.1234, the “123” would be Class A, “456” would be Class B, and so on. The problem comes when many different websites use the same server, because they then have identical IP addresses; and search engines can easily recognize them as being the same website, or the same group of websites. This can results in the penalties they administer.

The trick then, is to create unique Class C IPs for each. SEO web hosts can do this simply by changing the WhoIs information of a specific site, and using other practices. No matter how much SEO you do yourself on your own site, this is one of the services an SEO web host can provide you that you simply cannot do yourself. And it’s a very important one. Without it, all your other SEO practices could be rendered useless.

Things like domain names and IP addresses can seem confusing and overwhelming at first. However, when broken down they can be very easy to understand. It’s important that you take the time to make sure that you do understand them, because if you want to make the most of all your websites, you’ll need an SEO web host that knows how to give you unique Class Cs.

Websites with just a few backlinks that have the same Class Cs probably won’t run into the problem of being penalized by the search engines. However, when there are 20 to 30 different websites created for the sole purpose of creating backlinks, unique Class C IPs are extremely important. And you need to make sure your SEO web host can provide them.

Get Multiple C Class IP for your websites by class c host which provides best SEO Hosting.Please visit here for more info.
Class C IP Address the key factor in SEO hosting

Class C IP Address the key factor in SEO hosting

Class C IP Address brings an extra edge to traditional ways of web hosting.SEO hosting services are the transformation of age old hosting services that soared up with the power and potential of C Class IP Addresses.

1. Class C of an IP defines, the third segment of an IP address and webmasters want unique IPs, to get a better holdon the online market.

2. These unique C Class IP addresses are capable of offering distinct identity to each website over the internet. As a result back links from these sites are considered to be unrelated and are highly valued.

3. Every SEO hosting provider wants his clients to get better visibility on the internet market and make great profits. Electronic payment methods improved a lot and become very secured, with the help of SEO techniques. E-commerce sites, online marketing portals and other websites dealing with financial transactions exclusively seek SEO hosting. So that their business grows, within a secured environment.

4. Blocks and ranges of these C Class addresses, need to be unique and unpredictable, so that websites hosted across the IPs are completely immune to search engine wraths.Name servers, information and rDNS are kept private or distinct from each other.
5. Servers need to run with high uptime and disk space, which makes the websites perform faster and experience better results.

6. Data center that houses these servers are well protected within tight security setups. Apart from that the data center is connected with a high performing network and uninterrupted power supply. As a result the websites being hosted across them, get to work round the clock and serve a global clientele without fail.

7. The technical support desk deals with replying to clients’ SEO hosting related issues ASAP, whereas the sales team deals with sorting out billing and inquiries related to all the services. Availability of 24X7 support services with a service provider, popularizes the company to great extents.

8. Links obtained from these diverse websites, gather more web traffic, visitors and generate high PR for the major money site. As a result the sales revenues increase tremendously, making the webmaster richer day by day.

9. Organic SEO techniques have a great influence in SEO hosting, as they make a website adhere to the standards of C Class IP Hosting.Optimizing ALT tags, meta tags, content, graphics, scripts and minimizing the load on the server, are included in these techniques, which allows easy crawling of search engine spiders that rank them later. is one of the largest and most accredited providers of class c ip address. However,multiple Class C IP Address has the potential to draw more visitors to your website. We are known for our world-class SEO hosting plans. For more information about our plans, log on to
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