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Class A Motorhome Historic Appreciation

Class A Motorhome Historic Appreciation

Most people are not aware that the first RV appeared in the 1900s. Were you? There were smaller models of the Class A motorhome and other trailers that were invented at the same time as cars. It seems as though people have been drawn to a life on the road for many years.

The first Class A motorhome enthusiasts were known as Tin Can Tourists. This is because the first Class A motorhome and trailer looked like a tin can, rather than the extra luxurious home on wheels that we have available today. The basic shape of the Class A motorhome or trailer has been quite consistent, only with upgrades to the modern conveniences and luxury needs. A good website to see the tin can appearance of the original Class A motorhome is

The recreational vehicle enthusiast can also enjoy older makes and models of the Class A motorhome at the Motoring Festival, which takes place on Hilton Head Island. This festival offers retro Class A motorhome or trailer types for you and your fellow history appreciators to enjoy. A lot of Americans like sleeping on the road and find it appealing, and they did so before the motel and hotel craze happened. Try out this Hilton Head festival, if this interests you. It is important that you double check dates of the event prior to hitting the road in your RV.

Some top vintage motor homes or campers that you may see are listed below:

1. see a 1927 camper trailer

2. see a 1932 Studebaker RV-26

3. Vintage 1955 Trotwood Cub trailer

4. Airstream Globe Trotter, 1962

5. see a 1968 Westfalia Camper

6. Vintage Land Rover

7. Vintage Tear Drop mini camper (with bike)

Take your RV enthusiast friends and family members to Indiana. In Elkhart, there is the RV/MH Hall of Fame that offers a plethora of recreational vehicle artifacts for your history buffs to appreciate and enjoy.

This Hall of Fame was established in 1972 and it recognizes industry pioneers and leaders. It has a mission to perpetuate the heritage of the RV industry. It provides a repository that houses archives and memorabilia. There is certain to be something that your RV family will appreciate.

Try out other historical offerings that reflect your interest in RVs and trailers. Even people who are not passionate about motor homes can find them interesting. RVs have a full history for you to learn about.

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