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Smaller Brain From Smoking Too Much?

Smaller Brain From Smoking Too Much?

Australian scientists claim to have found a correlation between heavy cannabis smoking and decreased brain size in a recent study. The study was carried out at the University of Melbourne with help from members of the University of Wollongong.

The context of the study cited that “Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the developed world… there is a paucity of research examining its long-term effect on the human brain.” With this in mind, researchers set out to discover if there was any effect on the two most “cannabinoid receptor-rich regions of the brain”, namely the hippocampus (the part of the brain asociated with emotion and memory) and the amygdala (the section which plays a role in regulating fear and aggression.)

The study was carried out on a small section of the general community, including fifteen males who smoked ‘large quantities’ of the substance and sixteen males who had not touched the drug. ‘Large quantities’ was defined by researchers as having smoked everyday for more than ten years and having smoked more than five ‘joints’ a day in this period. The researchers used magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brains of all subjects and made comparisons between the two subjects.

The results showed that all of the smoking participants in the study had a significantly smaller brain in these sections. The hippocampus was on average 12% smaller than the non-smoking sample, whilst the amygdala showed a seven percent decrease in size overall.

Murat Yucel, the leading scientist in the study stated: “Although modest use may not lead to significant neurotoxic effects, these results suggest that heavy daily use might indeed be toxic to human brain tissue.” The test now needs to be carried out on larger numbers of people to find out if there is any credible link or if it was mere coincidence.

Similar studies were carried out in the U.S last month as a team at New York University scanned the brains of a group of 17 to 30 year olds who had smoked cannabis two or three times a week for a year or more. In that study, however, no significant changes in brain size were recorded.

The studies open fresh debates on the long term effects of the plant. In 2004, Cyril D’Souza, professor of psychiatry at the Yale University claimed that THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) causes a whole range of side effects including mild schizophrenia, increased anxiety, delusional behaviour and poor memory and attention spans.

This news came shortly after the UK downgraded the drug from a class B to a class C, also in 2004. The aim of the reclassification was to free up Police and give them more time to chase ‘real criminals’ but the move caused much confusion amongst the British public as nobody knew where they stood regarding consumption and possession of the drug.

Recent studies suggest that the high amounts of THC in skunk (the stronger and more potent form of the plant) make the drug more dangerous and is more likely to cause the side effects that Cyril D’Souza outlined in his studies. Because of this, the government are planning on reclassifying the drug back to its original class B status. This will undoubtedly cause more confusion amongst the British public. If the proposals prove a success, the law will change in early 2009.

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Get Great Campers from Kelowna Rv Dealers

Get Great Campers from Kelowna Rv Dealers

RV dealer Kelowna luxury campers offer surprising features. Even if you’re not quite ready for a 40-foot long camper covered with gold worth $ 2 million like the Dubai sheiks, you can find some great camper and fifth-wheel camper deals with outstanding luxury features. Many of the top luxury features once reserved for high-end recreational vehicles are featured in today’s modern affordable campers. Campers in the $ 9,000 to $ 18,000 range are fully equipped with state-of-the-art kitchens custom fitted for family use. Modern campers at Kelowna RV dealers feature dinettes, roll-out sleeping beds, and wardrobe areas. Campers are lighter than fully blown RVs, more gas efficient, and portable for quick and easy road trips. They eliminate the need to sleep on the ground or in a tent.

Kelowna in the heart of interior British Columbia is the gateway to camping and recreational traveling. This calls for being able to get on the go quickly and safely while not leaving luxury behind. There are numerous Best rv dealers in Kelowna offering great choices. Campers have their own walled off showers and bathroom areas. They come with solid wishbone-built modern designed kitchens with microwaves. Specially coated sealed floors guard against water and grime. Other new models have 20-gallon water tanks and water heaters that work through the camper ignition heating up to six gallons of water at a time along with water storage for up to nine gallons with easy-to-read fill levels. Cable TV outlets and audio device connections are available.

Luxury fifth wheel campers hitch on the back of trucks or RVs and are worth their weight in gold for the convenience they provide. They vary in layouts and cost but generally have storage areas, modern full-service kitchenettes, entertainment center, bedroom layouts, and size rivaling condos or hotel rooms. Interiors can employ leather upholstery and the latest designs. Travelers love to add personal touches to make the fifth-wheel camper a true home away from home. Camper owners customize their experiences with items like larger gourmet refrigerators, freezers, satellite dishes, and advanced microwaves. Amenities are available at affordable prices with specials deals also available.

Working with top camper and RV manufacturers means quality products at affordable prices. Other outstanding vehicles available around Kelowna, Kamloops, Penticton, and Winfield in the Okanagan include a wide assortment of vans, travel trailers, new and used RVs and motor homes. Customer satisfaction is all-important meaning always getting honest, helpful answers to questions about campers and RVs so customers get the best deals fitting their requirements. With the multitude of Kelowna RV dealers you can find the right camper at the right price today.

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5 Tips to Get the Most from Mommy and Me Music Class

5 Tips to Get the Most from Mommy and Me Music Class

Mommy and me music classes are rising in popularity around the world. Babies and toddlers too small to be dropped off for music class get an early start in exploring music and movement by attending classes with a parent. These classes are typically termed “mommy and me,” but they can be daddy and me classes, grandma and me classes, or even babysitter and me classes.
The point is that they give young babies and toddlers an early start at music exploration.

If you are attending music class with your baby, you want to get the most out of every session. Following are five ideas to help you do just that.

1. Make the music class a priority, so you are not rushing in and out.

You can get a lot of valuable bonding time with your baby through a music class, but you have to really focus on the baby to get the most out of it. Leave time in your schedule so you can get to class on time without rushing around in a state of intense stress. Turn off your cell phone. Play along and participate actively in all lessons presented in class. Make sure to make eye contact with your baby during the class.

If you are stressed out and distracted during the class, this will affect the experience the baby has in the class. They will only enjoy it if you are enjoying it along with them.

2. Encourage your baby to try new things and develop new skills.

Your baby will develop new milestones and master new skills if you really push and encourage them to try new things. If they cannot do something today, they may be able to next week. Never assume that they cannot do something. Always encourage them to try.

3. Overplay the joy and pride during your music class.

You want to convey to your baby that you are super proud of them during these classes. Something as simple as banging a drum can be reason for major applause. This is your time to give them praise and let them know you are proud of them. They will enjoy music even more because of the joy and attention it brings them. They will also get the first taste of accomplishment and it will feel good!

4. Supplement class lessons at home.

Find a way to bring music and movement into your home between classes. Take the lessons from a music class and implement in your home in some way during the next week. This will reinforce what your little one is learning in the class. Some classes may offer supplemental materials that can be taken home. Take advantage of those, they are a real gift to you and your child.

5. Open the doors of communication.

A small baby may not be able to hold a conversation with you, but a toddler certainly can. Start talking to your baby about the music lessons, no matter how old they are. Get them used to doing an activity with you, and then having a conversation to remember the best parts. Ask them questions. Tell them your answers to those questions. Just keep the lines of communication open so it feels natural to talk to you.

Do these five things and your mommy and me music classes will be more than worth the money invested!

For more information regarding child development programs, visit Kindermusik Asia.

The content is our own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of Kindermusik or Kindermusik Asia.

Changing From A Caravan To A Motor Home? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Changing From A Caravan To A Motor Home? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

If you are considering changing from a caravan to a motorhome then before making that substantial financial commitment find out about some of the important differences between the two and the lifestyles that go with them.

Changing From A Caravan To A Motorhome-Typical Price Tags
Plenty of touring caravan owners consider making this change when they have enough experience of the buzz and freedom of the touring caravan lifestyle. The difference in price between caravans and motor homes is that a new caravan’s price tag should come in around £15,000 to £20,000 whereas a motor home will be from £30,000 to £40,000. These are average prices and there are a number of models of motor homes which can come with price tags of more than £100,000.

Motorhomes Offer Freedom Without Too Much Fiddling…But What About Papa And Nicole?
However if the funds are available and especially if you intend to spend more time out of the open road, then a motor home gives you a better ease of lifestyle as you can set up anywhere. With a motorhome you don’t need to be concerned about unhitching a caravan from a car. This makes the experience easier for those who are a little older and for those in general who wish to enjoy the freedom without too much fiddling!

No need to get down and dirty (well maybe not dirty, depending on the weather) and get a caravan up onto a pitch, disconnect the car and tow ball and level up. Instead all you need to do is remove your bodily parts from the cab chairs and head into the living area, grabbing a beer or cup of tea on the way!

With a motorhome generally your only vehicle is attached to the living area, hence the not so surprising name of motor home. This does have the drawback of what to do if Papa and Nicole wish to hop into the Renault Clio or some other car and nip into town to the local café or supermarché!

The solution for this that some motor home owners have is to tow a small car like a smart car. For some this is a practical solution depending on their needs and for others perhaps it is a bit of a waste!

Touring Caravans Give More Work But Easier Local Exploring
The advantage that touring caravans have over motor homes are that they do make local exploring easier. Yes they do give more work also! Their price tag is far lower but with a motor home you are getting both a home and a motor for that price.

If like me you believe that walking is one of the best ways to explore than the motor home doesn’t have this disadvantage.

If you do decide to change from a caravan to a motor home don’t forget to get a cover note from the motor home insurance company so that you can get the motor home taxed. Also if towing the likes of a smart car works for you then check that the motorhome insurance policy has cover for the A-frame or trailer used to tow the car.

Jackie writes this article for the blog of the Caravan Insurance Gurus. This site is a great resource for advice on caravan insurance as well as lots of other aspects of owning a caravan, motor home or park home.