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Use Your Home To See The Country! Drive A Motor Home!

Use Your Home To See The Country! Drive A Motor Home!

Recreational vehicles or motor homes are very much ‘in’ today. They are not just functional, they can be very luxurious if you decide that that’s the way you want it. So they can be fitted with ceramic tile floors, granite countertops, washers and dryers and maybe even plasma TVs!

Let’s look at the types of motor homes that are available today. The roomiest one is the Type A which is also the most expensive. It’s got all the mod cons and the luxuries and some of them even have garden or tub showers and stained glass windows. They cost somewhere in the region of $ 400,000 for a new one and $ 85,000 for a used one. They usually tend to guzzle gas – they give you anything between 5 to 8 miles a gallon. So if you don’t like that kind of gas consumption, look for something else.

Van campers and trailers are called Type B motor homes. These can house four quite comfortably and have a pretty neat convenient set-up that comprises couches, beds, kitchen, toilet and shower. There isn’t much privacy and some people might find it a bit cramped. There isn’t much head room either and not too much of storage space. The van campers are priced between $ 43,000 and $ 70,000. They measure anything between 18 to 22 feet.

The travel trailers cost around $ 45,000 for a new one but you could pick up a used one for $ 6000 if you’re lucky! They come in sizes of 16 feet to 38 feet in length. Of course it goes without saying that the larger options have more sleeping space and more privacy.

The great thing about motor homes is that you can just up and travel whenever you want. You have trailer parks where you can park them and though it does take a bit of practice to maneuver the vehicle, you’ll soon get the hang of it and take to the road with enthusiasm.

Before you buy a motor home, do a bit of research. Try and get a fix on prices so dealers don’t see you as a greenhorn and take advantage of you. A little bit of reading up can make all the difference between what they perceive as a sucker and an informed client. Ask for the manufacturer’s price so you get a fix of how much you should be paying. Some dealers take a huge mark-up as commissions. And don’t buy the first vehicle you fall in love with. Make sure you go to a number of dealers and checkout the prices and the deals you can get before buying. It would be good to buy one who offers good after sales service. If someone you know has a motor home, ask if his service is good. Check too with the Better Business Bureau about the dealer.

Most dealers you’ll find are so friendly when they are selling you a vehicle and will hardly look at you once they’ve made the sale. A motor home will need the benefit of after sales service if you are an avid traveler. So choose your dealer well.

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Should You Drive Your Class C RV On The Alaska Highway? Yes!

Should You Drive Your Class C RV On The Alaska Highway? Yes!

Have you always wanted to take a drive on the Alaska Highway? Are you concerned whether or not you can take the drive in your Class C RV? What are the questions pounding through your head ? gas needs? food needs?

Things to know before you leave in your Class C RV

It is time to hit the road in your Class C RV down the Alcan/Alaska Highway. Before leaving on the 1,523 mile adventure, know how to be prepared. First, make sure the Class C RV is structurally sound. Have a professional look at the engine and brakes, along with any other important mechanical components. You also need to replenish your first aid kit. Also, before you leave in your Class C RV, make sure you have cash on hand. Some small towns or remote areas may not accept credit cards.

This route often takes up to 10 days, so allow your self ample time. Don?t forget to learn about and be aware of any dust traps that may occur on the highway.

What time of year should I take my Class C RV on this route?

You should take this trip in your Class C RV between June and August. This is the most popular time to travel the Alaska Highway. No matter the time of year, check the weather before leaving. Be prepared for hot, sunny weather and cool, rainy weather. By checking the temperature before you hit the road in your Class C RV, you will be able to pack appropriately.

Will there be gas opportunities along the route?

A lot of small towns will shut down early, so make sure you get gas into your Class C motorhome before the sun sets. You will also want a good insurance or emergency provider to help you if you get into a rut. Cash is another important item for you to pack on your RVing trip. By being prepared, you could save a lot of money if you get in an unknown situation.

You also need to check the tires on your Class C recreational vehicle before traveling. Then, while on the road, check the tire pressure on all tires. You may have a nice distance between gas or service stations, so make sure you have a spare on board, too.

Should I make all of my camping reservations before I hit the road?

Making reservations ahead of time is not necessary on the Alaska Highway. But, be smart and buy food to stock up your kitchen before leaving town.

A great tool and resource is guidebooks. They will help you prepare for this type of excursion in your motor home. Your Class C motor home will be a great home away from home.

Julie Jacobs is an avid RVer and reports from the road about Class C RV. Find more RV related articles at Pedata RV Center.