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The Revolution LE – A Diesel Motor Home

The Revolution LE – A Diesel Motor Home

Heard about the Revolution LE? Familiar with Fleetwood motor homes? Well, to tell you honestly, the Revolution LE is Fleetwoods flagship in the diesel motor home line. It is the top-notched product that brought Fleetwood to fame. Now, if you want to know more about this diesel motor home, then theres no reason for you not to read on.

The Revolution LE, according to some claims, is truly an engineering marvel. It doesnt only boast a powerful diesel engine and a patent-pending Liberty chassis, but possesses a number of features no one can compare. Included in the list of its remarkable features are the following:

* Fleetwoods SpacePlus Environment: This feature is what makes the Revolution LE a truly remarkable diesel motor home in the first place. Well, as what most reviews have noted, the Revolution LE diesel motor home is highlighted by 84 inches floor-to-ceiling interior height, with two spacious slide out rooms in the front living area. Also, it has two slide outs that can be moved for extra space and these slide outs are located in the models roomy master bedroom suite. In addition, what makes the Revolution LE truly remarkable when it comes to its environment is that it provides dual pass-through basement storage with side hanging compartment bay doors that offers a maximum accessibility especially when the slide outs are moved at a push of a button. And, aside from the basement storage, the Revolution LE diesel motor home has an abundant interior storage that was integrated into a roomy linen compartment.

* Deluxe Furnishings: This remarkable feature is actually stressed from the beautifully appointed galley of this diesel motor home to the expansive master suite, and even to the private bathroom. Reviews have noted this feature as for them every detail of the Revolution LE diesel motor home reflects the models high end style and fine craftsmanship.

* Exterior Entertainment Center: If you are a music lover or a movie addict and want to give your favorite music and shows some fresh air, then this motor home could no doubt be a good option for you to choose. Yes, an exterior entertainment center is available in this model. So when certain, boring times call for a bit of life, then entertain yourself and your guests in the great outdoors with the full-featured entertainment system of the Revolution LE diesel motor home.

* Tilting Instrument Panel: The Revolution LE also highlights an instrument panel that is integrated with the steering column, giving you the chance to tilt and telescope both the panel and the steering panel into their ideal position while driving. With this feature, its no wonder that you will enjoy a better driving while exploring the majestic scenery beyond the walls of your motor home.

There is a lot to be said about the Revolution LE motor home, but perhaps what makes it worth noting is not only the appearance it presents, but more for the performance it shows. The Revolution LE, which is set to continually hit the road on 2007, is said to be capable of giving you a performance that is truly unimaginable. So watch out for the introduction of the newest models in the Revolution LE line few months from now.

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What Is A Diesel RV And Is It For You

What Is A Diesel RV And Is It For You

A diesel RV is a larger recreational vehicle that is self-contained and thought of as being luxurious. In the diesel RV, the driving quarter is connected to the living area, creating a lots of space to move about when driving or parked. The diesel RV is also believed to be easier to operate than some of the other motor homes on the market, but they are also more expensive. If you think you may like a diesel RV to live your life on the road with, check out both new and used diesel RV units.

There are three types of diesel RV units available. The first type is the Class A diesel RV, which looks like a sleek bus. It is typically the most expensive type of diesel RV with a full size bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living area. This diesel RV is also known as a diesel pusher, and is the most luxurious option available.

The next version of an RV with a diesel engine is the Class B recreational vehicle, which is the smallest in size of the self-contained models. You can purchase amenities similar to that of the larger Class A. They are believed to be easy to drive because of their smaller size, which is why some people take the Class B RV as their primary vehicle, rather than towing an additional car or truck when traveling.

The Class C recreational vehicle is similar to the Class B RV in that it is built on a truck chassis. It resembles the shape of a van from the front, and there is an extra sleeping or living space located directly above the driving compartment. Prices of the Class C will also vary according to make, model, and any additional amenitites.

When buying a used RV, pay attention and ask the following questions: how old is the age of the used recreational vehicle? Where will I buy it from? Is the seller trustworthy? Can I purchase extended warranties from this seller? What is the mechanical status of the used motor home for sale? You can definitely find a used RV of high quality.

When buying a used diesel pusher, you should also ask about the RVs travel history. Look carefully inside the motor home at its interior quality. Look at the exterior of the unit, too. Do not put any money down without getting the opinion of an outside mechanic. You will not want to make a mistake on such a large investment by making a poor decision and purchasing a used RV that is not up to your standards.

It is also necessary for you to think about the place you will store the large RV when you are not driving it or traveling in it. There are some cities and communities with restrictions to storing motor homes, so ask your local officials before taking the RV home with you.

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Imagine Your Diesel Pusher In Mexico

Imagine Your Diesel Pusher In Mexico

The term “snowbirds” stands for those who travel south during the winter, following the sunshine and leaving the cold behind. Are you one of these people that love the sun and hate the cold? If so, think about taking your diesel pusher down to Mexico for a vacation or for a long-term adventure.

The country of Mexico is one of the top destinations for a diesel pusher vacation and getaway. There are several people who choose to live in their diesel pusher year round south of the border. Your diesel pusher can be your route to southern travel, too. Begin by looking online at RV diesel pusher campgrounds located throughout Mexico.

Is it safe to live full- or part-time in your diesel pusher in Mexico?

There have been negative portrayals of living in Mexico in movies or on the news, but you should know that there are safe places to live in a diesel pusher. As you know, every city has its fair share of crime. It becomes your responsibility to choose a safe place to live and park your diesel pusher with your family. There are places where crime and danger is limited.

It is smart to avoid high crime rate areas or those with bad reputations. Keep your diesel pusher away from such locations by researching beforehand on where you want to travel to. Ask other RV families that have travelled to or live in Mexico for their recommendations…both positive and negative.

What are the reasons for choosing Mexico?

The country of Mexico is a place that people from all over the world fall in love with. It has its own culture, food, and history that many find attractive. There are activities to spend your time doing, such as hiking and white water rafting. There is also great shopping and entertainment. If you are a beach person, there is that, as well.

By researching online, you will be able to have conversations or read blogs that have been posted by others who live or have lived in an RV in Mexico. One person has been living and boondocking in Mexico for over 20 years in her RV. You can find inside opinions and recommendations on routes to take, monuments to visit, and more. Another great reason that people select Mexico for their travel destination is because the cost of living is lower than that of the United States.

Plan ahead

It is important that you plan your trip and route ahead of time, meaning before you get on the road and head south. You need special papers to get in and out of the United States, such as a passport, so make sure you have all of the required documents. Plan ahead and have a fantastic adventure!

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