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Which Features Make the DJI Inspire Drone the Coolest One?

Which Features Make the DJI Inspire Drone the Coolest One?

Unlike the Phantom 3, the DJI Inspire Drone is a video and imaging drone that captures all the vital moments in your life. Compared to the available multi-rotors, the DJI Inspire Drone belongs to a completely different category. All the major characteristics of the other DJI models are included in the DJI Inspire Drone. So what makes DJI Inspire the coolest drone? Here are a few features that makes it more competitive than a Phantom.

Features of DJI Inspire Drone

The following are the features that make DJI Inspire the most wanted drone ever:

Cutting Edge Design: The best thing about the DJI Inspire is its cutting edge design. The propellers and landing gears don’t interrupt the videos and images that you take with this gadget. You don’t need to crop the images for the perfect shot. The camera mount is attached towards the front side of the drone, so that you get the perfect shot.

All-In-One Aerial Film Making: This is a one stop shop for capturing professional quality images and videos. If you are a professional in need of the greatest quality media content, this is perfect for you. So think no more and go ahead with the DJI Inspire.

Ready To Go Off the Ground: This drone is almost completely assembled. You need to attach some of the props, and make some adjustments and your drone is ready to fly.

Lightweight: With so much on board, you might think the DJI Inspire would be quite heavy. But that’s not at all true. Most of the parts are made up of high quality carbon fiber and that’s the reason why this drone weighs so less.

Flight Time: The flight time is average which means the drone flies for about 18 to 20 minutes before you need to change the batteries. This is lesser than that of a Phantom, but that’s because the DJI Inspire drone is much bigger and has more components.

Optical Flow Stabilization: The advanced sensors are the most attractive features of this drone. One is an ultrasonic and the other an optical flow sensor. The sensors can be used to stabilize the gadget indoors. This helps in better control of the drone and doesn’t allow it to fly away uncontrollably.

Advanced C1 Controllers: Though the controllers may look similar to the Phantom’s but this one has better features. Dual antennas, buttons for capturing images and videos, transform button, etc. make it the most desirable drone ever.

360 Degree Rotating Gimbal: The camera gimbal can rotate 360 degrees, which means two people can control the DJI Inspire drone together. One can control the flight whereas the other one can control the camera. The quick release allows you to attach other accessories in future.

These are some of the basic features that make the DJI Inspire drone the coolest gadget you have ever owned. Other features include ability to shoot high quality videos. So if you have been thinking about buying a drone that will allow you to take superior quality images and videos, think no more and invest in a DJI Inspire drone.

Tim Pit is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on various technological topics. His recent write up talks about how the new DJI Inspire drone can give you an excellent experience while shooting videos and images.

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