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Class C Motorhomes And Cooking While Boondocking

Class C Motorhomes And Cooking While Boondocking

Meals can be fun and easy when boondocking in Class C motorhomes. All you need to do is be prepared. You may have been camping in Class C motorhomes at RV parks or campgrounds, where meals were simple. The challenge of cooking meals when boondocking is not one to be intimated, so read the tips on cooking in Class C motorhomes below and enjoy the boondocking experience.

Suggested Class C motorhomes meals when boondocking

You will need to be resourceful and conservative when cooking in Class C motorhomes while boondocking. One pot meals and using the grill are two types of meals that work well when cooking and boondocking in Class C motorhomes. Grilling saves on cleaning and one pot meals can combine lots of different items for succotash type substance.

Foil is a great tool for cooking in Class C motorhomes

Cooking with foil is a great way to cook when boondocking in Class C motorhomes because the clean up is easy. Foil can be placed on the grill or directly on a campfire or coals. Favorites for meals with Class C motorhomes are meat, potatoes, and cheese wrapped in foil. Use spray oil (non-hydrogenated) to help prevent sticking. Add vegetables for a more balanced meal. Some people even pre-cook the meats prior to leaving to camp.

Plan meals ahead and save time

There are little to no emergency grocery stores available when boondocking, so by being prepared you can save stress by not forgetting anything. Pack foods that last awhile, such as cookies, canned goods, peanuts, fruit, energy bars, or protein bars. Look online or in RV cookbooks to prepare menus. You want to pack lightly and keep it simple. Prepare as much as you can before you leave town.

Limit cookware

If you will be using a camping grill, then pack extra fuel cylinders. These are not easy to pick up on the road. Also, pack biodegradable recycled paper plates, cups, and utensils. This will help you conserve water because they can be tossed.

You will want to pack the pots and pans that you will need, but do not pack extra. It is also smart to pack a can opener, especially if you have packed canned good in your RV. Use a big plastic bin for storage and for washing.

Remember to pack in and pack out everything that you take when boondocking. Have fun planning your menus and enjoy the trip!

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