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Motor Home Trip Up The Coast

Motor Home Trip Up The Coast

Many families choose to travel up the east and west coast during the summer. Since there are many reputable companies that offer motor homes at an affordable price, many travelers choose to travel via motor home because of the flexibility and the affordability. A motor home can allow a family to travel up the coast in a comfortable manner. Most companies can provide travelers with a motor home of a variety of sizes, so that the family can be comfortable during their vacation. The vacation can be enjoyable and relaxing; and families can bond while experiencing many tourists’ attractions along with the natural surroundings. Many tourists choose to vacation in a motor home because this form of travel can allow individuals to avoid long lines at airports. In addition, travelers don’t have to move luggage around or worry about traveling from hotel to hotel. Most motor homes come equipped with amenities such as automatic transmissions, microwaves, air conditioners televisions, clothes washer and dryer, convection oven, showers and even a generator.

The East Coast
If you decide to travel up the east coast, vacationers should visit cities such as New York and Washington DC. New York has interest for everyone such as opera, world renowned restaurants, theatre, art collections and shopping. Visitors can park their motor home in the outskirts of the city and take the subway to leafy Central Park, see the top of the Empire State Building. Or perhaps, the family wants to travel to Washington DC and see landmarks such as the White House and Capitol Hill. Washington DC also has national museums surrounding the National Mall. You can also tour one of the oldest cities, Boston, which has beautiful architecture, world class museums and monuments such as the city’s two-and-a-half-mile Freedom Trail. You can also take a tour of Cape Cod’s Atlantic beaches. In Philadelphia, you can see where independence was declared and the Constitution was signed, and also understand why these documents are so important. In between touring cities, you can also go to the rural areas and see the foliage and the many trees and plants throughout the east coast. You may even want to travel to Maine and see many lakes and streams in the area.

The West Coast
If you are interested in touring the west coast, you can travel between the Pacific and the San Gabriel Mountains. You can see cities such as Los Angeles and all the tourist attractions associated with that city, such as Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and Disneyland. Or you could go to San Francisco and see the Nation’s largest Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, and partake in the restaurant scene. You could also travel up to Napa Valley and partake in the many vineyards. Tourists may also want to tour, the many beaches and parks throughout the west coast.

Whether your choice is the east or west coast, a motor home can be an optimal, efficient and affordable way to travel, especially for a large family. You can have a comfortable and exciting trip with your family.

Whether you want to visit the east or west coast, Bankston Motor Homes offer you a comfortable and flexible travel. You can spend time with your family and offer them a nice holiday trip. For types of motor home, services and booking, visit and get the best deal.
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Pacific Coast Journey in Your Motor Home

Pacific Coast Journey in Your Motor Home

One of the greatest scenic drives in North America is California’s Highway 1. It is a stretch of road that winds it’s way right along the coast and right up against the mountains from Cambria (between LA and SF) and Carmel, almost at the Oregon border. It works its way through Big Sur, San Francisco, and some of the most beautiful coastline driving you’ll ever see.

One word of warning though – Highway 1 is a slow, scenic drive, not one to make miles on. It’s a route for drivers who want to take in the scenery and are in no hurry to get to their destination, which means it’s perfect for motor home drivers.

It also has some twisty-turny spots and an occasional cruise by a sheer cliff. Take it slow and enjoy the view, but not so much that you end up driving off the side of a cliff!

Another word of warning – there aren’t many places to stop. For most motor home drivers, who keep themselves stocked up on everything at all times, it may not be such a concern. But you should bring everything you’ll need for at least the next 90 miles or so, and make sure you’re gas tank is plenty full.

Big Sur

Big Sur alone makes the CA 1 drive worth your while. It has some of the most beautiful beaches on all of the west coast. One of the most famous beaches is Pfeiffer Beach, known for its wild rock formations and unique purple sand. The big, sandy beaches at Big Sur are great fun for families and ocean lovers.

There is also a famous lighthouse at Big Sur called Point Sur Lighthouse. It was known for being one of the loneliest spots on the coast, and now they run tours through it.

Big Sur was also a getaway for artistic and literary types. Writers like Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck and Henry Miller made Big Sur their homes.

Where to stay in Big Sur depends on what part of it you want to enjoy with your motor home. Do you want to be overlooking the ocean, or nestled in a forest of giant trees?

There are lots of campgrounds with RV hookups, but probably the most popular are Kirk Creek and Limestone State Park. These are both regular campgrounds with motor home sites as well as tent sites. Kirk Creek is the best on the ocean side, and Limestone is the best for those who want to be deep in the woods.


North of Big Sur, at Point Lobos, there are rocks where you can usually see sea lions sunbathing. This is a great place to stop and get pictures, and they’ll let you get pretty close.

As you go further north, you will come to Monterey. This was the old capital of Spanish California, and it is also known for its scenic beaches. It’s tough to convey the beauty of Monterey without seeing it first, but to give you an idea, it’s been often called the most beautiful meeting of land, sea and sky in the world.

For the best motor home stay, Monterey Vacation RV Park is a good choice. It’s nice and close to everything you want to do, including San Juan Bautista State Park and Muertos Canyon. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, so if you’re looking for things to do, you can park your motor home there and use them as your one-stop tour guides.

The Forests Up North

After Monterey, you start to get into pretty, forested country. Here you can stop and take short hikes and admire the sea from the top of a small mountain peak. Up here, you aren’t far from the California redwoods. These forests are known for their pretty array of colors, especially during the summer and fall months.

The drive along the coast of northern California is also full of small towns like Carmel-by-the-Sea, that make nice stops for sightseeing. These little towns are quaint and full of interesting history.

For those who love to drive, the trip along California Highway 1 can’t be beat. You’ve got the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. Some hardier drivers like to go up and then down again, so they get to enjoy both sides of it. Whichever way you choose to go, it’s a wonderful drive for motor homes. It is a great way to see all that both southern and northern California have to offer.

Nothing is greater than taking in the scenery from inside your motor home. Beaches to mountains to forests, you can travel in comfort. Visit Bankston Motor Homes,, to search for your next motor home or come by and visit with us at any of our five locations.