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RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50″ x 42″

RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50″ x 42″

RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50″ x 42″

RV Motorhome Collapsible Sunshade Class A LARGEST MADE -(2 panel shade) 2 qty. 50

  • Blocks out the sun! 100″ side by side or width 86″ wide when standing 50″ tall!
  • Largest Collapsible Shade availble-Stands 42″ or 50″ tall, two separate pieces.
  • Blocks out peering eyes, hot sun, UV rays, acts as privacy screen & keeps cooler inside.
  • Reflective keeps the heat off the dash.
  • Keeps interior cooler, folds up easily to 1/10th its full size!

Both spring shade folds up to 1/10th original size. It will fit into your mapbook backing. It keeps out peering eyes, blocks out UV rays and offers complete darkness. It keeps the interior cool, and is easy to use. Protects the curtains, dash, and interior. Can be used for side windows too. Fits those really tall and wide windows.

List Price: $ 39.95


ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford 1996-2015 Windshield Cover (RV Motorhome with Mirror Cutouts)

  • Extra heavy-duty automotive white vinyl matches most RV paint schemes
  • Protects your dashboard from fading and cracking due to sun exposure
  • Provides privacy and keeps temperatures cooler in the vehicle
  • Sewn-in door pockets and extra strength magnets hold cover securely in place, Fits: Class C Ford 1996-2015 models

Gain privacy and sun protection for your Class C Motorhome, SUV, Sprinter Van or pickup truck. Extra heavy-duty vinyl snooze bonnet covers windshield and side windows. Magnetic fasteners for easy on/off with anti-theft tabs. No snaps, no screws, no drilling. Includes storage pouch. ADCO has produced more than 20 million protective covers and assorted soft-goods. ADCO’s quality, value and uncompromising customer service is second to none.

List Price: $ 34.99


What a Multifamily Property’s Class Can Tell You

What a Multifamily Property’s Class Can Tell You

When you are dealing with multifamily properties, it is very important to understand the different classes of properties. The class that a property is assigned can tell you a lot about the property and if it is worth your time and money to invest in. There are four different property classes: A, B, C, and D.

Property Classes are really set by the conditions of the property and where it is located. They are not set by the appraisers. The classes are not something that is formally defined but more of something that is set in the vernacular.

Class A properties, naturally, are the cream of the crop. These apartments are newer and have a higher rent than apartment buildings that are in the other classes. You can actually have a new Class A property in a Class B area. They are classified as Class A because they are new but they have lower rents than other Class A properties because of their location.

Class B properties are multifamily properties that are 10 – 15 years old, well-kept and are in the “middle class” part of town.

Class C properties are in low to moderate income or blue collar neighborhoods. They range in age from 30-40 years so they have usually been through at least one rehab. The average rent for a one bedroom is $ 400 – $ 425.

Class D properties are in very bad neighborhoods. These are in high crime neighborhoods; neighborhoods where you do not want to get out of your car. You generally do not want to work with Class D properties.

If you are going to do Class D properties, you need to be in that niche. You are not going to turn around a Class D property without turning around the neighborhood that it is in. Class D properties are suffering from a neighborhood problem and not a property problem.

Class D properties are bought only because they are cash flow machines. You will not get any appreciation on them. They require intense management and heavy security.

Class C and lower Class B multifamily properties are your bread and butter and they do not offer many amenities to tenants. The further you go down from Class A to Class D, the better your cash flow. The premium deal is finding a Class C property in a Class B area that you can reposition.

If you could find a property that is considered a Class D because of its condition but it is in a Class C neighborhood, you would have a great deal. In this case, you can come in and clean up the property by either making a physical change or a security change to it. You can buy it low, make the changes that are needed and then sell it for a great profit.

Your understanding of the property classes enables you to effectively assess the potential value a multifamily property has as an investment for you. You can then more easily decide if it is deal that you would like to pursue or not.

Lance Edwards is living proof of his mantra that you don’t have to “graduate” from single family to multifamily – you can start with multifamily; using none of your own money and not dealing with tenants and toilets. For FREE information, visit
Mercedes Benz C Class. Bringing Luxury Motoring To The Masses

Mercedes Benz C Class. Bringing Luxury Motoring To The Masses

Mercedes Benz has long been regarded as one of the leaders in luxury motoring, not only here in Australia, but around the world. The marque’s impeccable styling, construction and finish all testify to its well-earned reputation. But for many Australians, the dream of driving their very own Mercedes Benz has been just that, a dream. But this is changing, with the C-Class Mercedes Benz providing a more affordable entry into the world of luxury motoring.

The Mercedes Benz C-Class has now been available in Australia for several years and it has proven a very successful range. This success lies in its affordability, particularly in the C 180 and C 200 models. However, while these models are more affordable, they are Mercedes Benz through and through. There is still that meticulous attention to detail both inside and out.

The C-Class is available in coupe, estate and sedan body types. The coupe has a sporty body shape and is available in the C 180, C 200 and C 230. You can buy a brand new car in the C 180 coupe for just a little over $ 55,000. Now while that may still sound like a lot of money, remember, you are getting a real Mercedes Benz! If you want the higher end C 230 coupe, expect to pay around $ 74,000. For this price, you’ll get a 2.5 litre V6 outputting a respectable 150 kw.

If the coupe is not a practical option for you, then the C 180 sedan will set you back around $ 58,000 while the C 230 Elegance will cost around $ 78,000 for a brand new car.

If you still find the brand new C-Class a little out of your price range, then you may wish to consider a pre-loved, one owner used car. Look for a one owner car that has been serviced regularly by an authorised Mercedes Benz dealer. When you inspect any used car, ensure that the interior’s finish has no real problems and make sure all the electrics are in good working order. It’s always worth getting an inspection from an authorised Mercedes Benz dealership when considering a used car. Also, try to go for the supercharged model as the older non-supercharged 4 cylinder models are a little lacking in the acceleration department.

So, if you want the prestige of driving a luxury German car, take a look at the C-Class, your neighbours certainly will when you pull into your driveway in your very own Mercedes!

oneowner is an online classified specialist in new and one owner used cars.
SEO Hosting & The Importance of C Class IP Blocks

SEO Hosting & The Importance of C Class IP Blocks

The era of Pagerank is not dead and link popularity still counts towards the overall ranking of a website in any industry vertical. Long tail of search still gets powered from on-page optimization but for most of the traffic bearing terms, search engines hardly go in for the text databases.

From a search engine perspective, relevancy and efficiency are the two most important points to consider and if for a given query, search engines can find reasonable amount of documents by just analyzing the link profile, they won’t go deep enough to do a text analysis.

When it is so important to get links, site owners and SEOs try and maximize the value that any domain under their control has to offer. This is achieved by interlinking all the domains together or by linking all the auxiliary domains to one single most important domain. Previously, it was possible to get past this as a SEO strategy but since then Google and other search engines have become extremely vigilant for any signs of common ownership.

This has also negatively affected a lot of naïve, unknowing business owners, who for the sake of simplicity of account management keep all their sites with one host. It is obvious to interlink these sites as there might be a genuine requirement, but this displeases the search engines.

What is a C Class IP Address?

The best way to avoid any bans or penalties is to host your site on different C class IPs. Do not confuse separate C class with a dedicated hosting account, they are different. C class refers to the third octet in an IP address. For example, 9 here represent the third octet and is a C class. Usually, web hosting companies host multiple sites on the same C class IP and this is where the fun begins.

Google can easily detect the IP address of a website and if all your online properties are hosted on the same C class, the interlinking between these sites would just not be ignored but chances are that Google might even penalize your domains for this “improper linking manipulation”.

How to Get Maximum Benefit out of your Sites without Burning Them?

As stated above, the safest bet is to use different hosting service providers or use a proven “SEO hosting” provider like Thought Mechanics. A SEO host is an industry parlance which refers to a web hosting company that would allow you to host multiple domains on different C class IP addresses. This is better than diversifying your hosting service provider portfolio as:

1. It is easier to manage everything with a single host.

2. Hosting with multiple service providers may lead to a lot of communication which can become noisy at times.

Also necessary is to review the strategy of your SEO company for increasing the rankings of your website. Are they creating domains that interlink? If yes, what are the IP addresses corresponding to these domains? If you do not investigate these things out, it might actually affect you adversely a lot more than it helps you in the shorter run.

SEO hosting is an important concept and it is always better to go with a host who understands SEO and the impact of improper interlinking. Once you get a proper SEO host, you are free to utilize the value of your domains by cross referencing and interlinking.

This article was written by Barry. For more information on SEO hosting stop by the Thought Mechanics SEO Hosting page.
Classic Accessories 80-035-212307-00 Snow White RV Windshield Cover
Classic Accessories Snow White RV Windshield Cover is designed to provide extra privacy and keeps the interior of the RV cool as w…

Amerex B500, 5lb ABC Dry Chemical Class A B C Fire Extinguisher
Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers. Stored pressure dry chemical fire extinguishers for use on ordinary combustibles, flammabl…

uxcell NEW Driver Door Front Left Electric Master Power Window Switch Console for Mercedes Benz W203 C-CLASS C320 C230 C240 C55 AMG A2038210679
Product: Power Window Switch Console.Fits LH (Driver Side) FrontOEM Reference number: A2038210679 / 2038200110This is a non-OEM pr…

Starting New Pilates Reformer Class

Starting New Pilates Reformer Class

If you want to achieve a lean, long and strong body, enrolling in Pilates class is the answer. Pilates has been around since decades ago and more than 11 million around the world have been practicing it since. It even has rehabilitative capability for over trained athletes and people who experienced injury. During the 80’s, a modern variation of Pilates was developed for a safer and more effective fitness programme which suits anybody of any gender and age.

Pilates Reformer is the main equipment because it offers a wide range of body-improving benefits. Compared to other Pilates equipment, Pilates Reformer is the most popular as there are more than three hundreds exercises that can be performed using Reformer. If you are serious about advancing in your Pilates class, you should not miss the routines done using a Reformer.

Reformers originally created by Joseph Pilates were made with wooden frame and looked attractive. The downside of these Reformers however, was that they could not be attuned depending on the student’s height. During the 80’s when Pilates was first developed, a better version of Reformer was also constructed which was able to adjust with the students’ height and body built.

Reformers used in Pilates classes come in different types depending on the purposes they serve to the clients.The general features of Pilates Reformers include a carriage which is a raised area that glides to and fro, springs for resistances and headrest. For a wider range of motion, the modern Pilates Reformer has six carriage stops unlike classic Reformers which only have four. With more number of stops, a Reformer can be used by people of different sizes. Modern Reformers for Pilates can even be purchased with added six-inch length for people who are more than six feet.

There are various types of Reformers available for different types of purposes. For example, Rehab Pilates Reformer are usually set further away from the ground and is ideal for mobility-challenged clients and sports rehab patients. This is also suitable for hundreds of full-body routines. Sports Reformer on the other hand is constructed with heavy-duty steel, has five Reformer springs to vary workouts and is perfect for varied full-body exercises.

Clients who want to gain excellent body curves choose to experience Pilates class using Reformers. This equipment is designed to improve a person’s mind and body connection, balance, flexibility and body strength. It is also suitable for people who want to gain long, lean and strong muscles without the bulk.

As Pilates Reformers work out to improve your strength and resistance by stretching your muscles in the legs and arms, this equipment does not create tension in your joints unlike other gym equipment and exercises. Moreover, unlike other gym equipment, Pilates Reformers must be used properly to truly achieved the benefits it has to offer.

It might look difficult to master Reformers during your initial classes, but with the right guidance from your instructor combined with drive and passion, you will soon find ease in using Reformers for your Pilates class.

Continuous use of Pilates Reformers will strengthen your core, back and lower body. It also promotes heightened body awareness.

Candice Chin is the founder of Pilates Fitness and was nominated by CozyCot as the Top 100 Most Loved Singapore Beauty Professionals. Pilates Fitness provides effective, customised small classes that make you look great & feel healthy. We are the first Singapore Pilates studio providing Pilates for Weight Loss, Golfers, Runners, Athletes And Youth.
What Is Mat Pilates Class?

What Is Mat Pilates Class?

People who are new to the practice and concepts of Pilates will usually ask the question, “What is Mat Pilates?”. Although most people are still confused between Pilates and Yoga, Pilates has in fact been around for decades. It was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by German physicist Joseph Pilates. Decades after, modern variations of Pilates emerged in the fitness industry. Regardless of emergence of various modern Pilates school of thoughts, the key benefits of Pilates remains unchanged. Pilates provides wonderful benefits to your body and the routines are performed using a mat, Reformers, stability chair and other Pilates equipment.

What Is Pilates Mat Class?

Unlike Pilates Reformer, which requires a machine for workouts, Mat Pilates is done on the floor using just a mat. Mat is the basic tool in Pilates, and clients can do hundreds of routines just by using mat. Clients also have the liberty to add small equipment such as balance and resistance equipment during a Pilates class to add variety to their work out.

In Mat Pilates classes, attention is given to the right flow of movement while doing routines as well as improving your core muscle strength and stability.

Benefits Of Mat Pilates

In using mats for your Pilates class, there are a lot of benefits you can enjoy. Mat Pilates, just as other Pilates routines with machine, can be difficult and challenging at the beginning. But as you learn how to engage various body muscles in different movements, you will start to enjoy the intensity of this workout. Mat works can help enhance your posture, strength, flexibility and coordination. Mat works also help improve your core strength and stability. Acquiring these benefits will help you perform better in sports and other daily tasks. In addition, having strong core or abdomen area will help you prevent getting injured easily.

Aside from these benefits, regular Pilates practice will also help you obtain better body posture and better figure. Practicing Pilates three times a week can lessen your body fat by 1.2% in around four weeks. You’ll also notice the tightening of your chest, waist and arms. Moreover, if you have spinal issues, Pilates exercises articulate the spine and help you to gain more mobility. Practicing Pilates will help you acquire body balance, which will then lessen impact on your spine. Correct spine alignment is among the basic principles of Pilates.

Mat Pilates Compared To Pilates Reformer

With all the great benefits you can get from Mat Pilates, there are still some things that you might not find from this Pilates exercise. When Joseph Pilates was conceptualizing the idea of this fitness program, helping injured people was also in his mind, which then gave birth to Pilates Reformer. Even the classic Reformer was improved during the 80’s, Reformers are suitable for injured people who are unable to practice using mat.

Some Pilates studios also teach Mat Pilates class to a big number of students. This is one possible downside of Mat Pilates. If you want to be in a group class with lesser students and greater attention from your instructor, you might want to consider Pilates Reformer class instead.

Candice Chin is the founder of Pilates Fitness and was nominated by CozyCot as the Top 100 Most Loved Singapore Beauty Professionals. Pilates Fitness provides effective, customised small classes that make you look great & feel healthy. We are the first Singapore Pilates studio providing Pilates for Weight Loss, Golfers, Runners, Athletes And Youth.
Mercedes-Benz Genuine OEM All Season Floor Mats 2008 to 2014 C-Class Sedan models
Our All-Season Floor Mats keep the interior of your vehicle neat and protect the original carpeting from stains and soiling. Debri…

RV Sunshade Class C motorhome, Ford Chasis or Mini Vans or New Vehicles w/ Large Windows
This Brand New huge shade is made of a reflective mylar, it will keep the vehicle cooler inside. This one is for a class C or B- R…

Metra 99-8710 Single DIN Installation Kit for 2001-2004 Mercedes C-Class
High grade ABS plastic contoured textured and to compliment factory dash. Provides pocket with mounting of a din radio. All necess…

ManageBatch – Institute or Coaching Class Management Software Services in India

ManageBatch – Institute or Coaching Class Management Software Services in India

What is College Management Software?
Coaching Class Management Software is a software package developed by engineers at MANAGEBATCH and aims at regulating the everyday flow in a coaching or Institute. A Coaching classes has offers various courses. Moreover, these courses have many different duration, subjects, fee structure, etc.

It must also maintain and process enquiries that it receives from every time. And also needs to designate staff like counselors to manage those enquiries.

A Coaching class Management Software is therefore a specialized package to be able to manage and regulate the above mentioned areas in everyday class activities. Not only this, but it can also generate all detailed, customize full reports that can help you analyze, And compare and predict future growth, seat availability and courses. Our report generation is so intelligent that it provides access only to the right information at the right time with a level of personalization and supports ability to export in pdf, excel, Doc. or any other standard formats to be used with any 3rd party software in your organization.

How will the Coaching Class Management Software help me?

From our research, we have learned that a Coaching Classes has various branches and one store that operate centrally. Our Coaching Class Management Software provides the following modules and sub-modules:
Features of College Management Software:
* Student Management:
The student management gives the ability to create and manage our all information in coaching class or institute that can that can manage by institute or coaching class management. Each student’s assigned a particular ID and all activity and information manage by management. Teachers or lecturers getting daily attendance. Teacher’s attendance is also manage by this software.
* Email Alerts:
Our Coaching Class Management Software manage all Email IDs and through the Email Alerts. Whenever an alert or any incidence occurs, or any single email sent by the software, a copy of the mail is also sent to the email ids in the Email Alerts section. If sometimes student not paying fees or all activity related to student at that time management can convey to student anytime.
* Fees Master:
The Our Fees Master allows you to manage the fees structure for all courses. It automatically identifies if the course and subjects if is based on semester, yearly pattern or depend on institute and enables you to describe the fee structure for the same.
One important input in the Fees management is to describe when the fees structure is effective from and the same is automatically effective in the system from that date onwards.
All deposit and remaining amount describes all possible reasons or nature that can be applied to any enquiry. MANAGEBATCH software allows you to list and create all such disposition statuses which can then be used against enquiries.
* Materials Master:
The Study Materials will harness all the study materials that need to be distributed to the students. ManageBatch system seamlessly manages and keeps track to all materials that are available, pending, dispatched or distributed to the students. the Issue of study Materials lets you issue these materials to the students.
Much like the Receive of study Materials, you must simply flag the materials such as ID cards and Certificates for individual students and select a Branch Name.

Many coaching classes and institute using own Coaching Classes Management Software or Institute Management Software because we all information is secure and access with in few minutes and provide information to all students. ManageBatch is one the best Institute Management Software.
Latest Style Of Online Spanish Class

Latest Style Of Online Spanish Class

My friend is really fascinated upon hearing the new system called online class . Truly, I am very delighted to learn that there are many online Spanish class these days. Several individuals have so much curiosity learning languages. The good thing is that one can be taught in the internet.

As many experts would agree that Spanish is one of the most extensively spoken languages in the whole world. Of course, aside from English as the global language, in reality Spanish is spoken on quite a lot of different continents and the great thing is that Spanish is selected as one of the most adopted languages for global trade, business and even politics.

Hence, now let us see what learning a new language can offer to us. For several people, it is an asset that can help them travel far and wide and this makes them more learned in various skills in life. Yes, they say that the benefits of learning any language are rational. One learns the verbal language, plus the syntax, grammar, projection, accent and even intonation. This makes the learning enthralling. One more thing is that there are many benefits of learning the language through the internet. Saving time is one, you do not need to commute traveling to school. In additional is that, you can learn any time and even at your own pace and your own comfort. Even if you need to go for vacation, you can still continue studying as internet convenience is everywhere. Of course, there are innovative systems in which you can learn.

Nevertheless, one must not just wait for the class online in order to practice it as using the language most of the time can be a great leap in advancing speedily. Just simply speaking it, reading Spanish verses or still stories can hasten the learning of the language. Writing long paragraphs using the new words learned by your own initiative and then passing to the teacher on your next online class will delight the teacher and this will make you a good student who does not wait for instructions alone but takes initiative to learn.

Indeed, this online Spanish class can help people learn at their own place, pace and convenience. So, one must not delay, decide now and at least have a trial period of one month to see for yourself how it works well and consider how it can multiply your skills as learning a language is not for namesake alone, it can help you get different jobs offered abroad.

It is great to learn about online Spanish class and it is really interesting.I have learned about it through the web.
Home Dog Training Vs. Dog Obedience Class

Home Dog Training Vs. Dog Obedience Class

You need to get your dog trained and you want him trained fast. Should you choose home dog training or attend a dog obedience class? What is the best way for training a dog? It depends really if you have money and/or time. Let’s explain.


First let’s go over the advantages of home dog training of which there are many.

– Cheaper than Training class
– More Convenient for Busy People
– Train in Natural Setting

Cheaper than Training Class

First, training a dog at home is cheaper than going to a dog training class. You can train your dog at home with little to no money. The only expenses could be dog treats, clickers or other dog training aids. You may also want to invest in a home dog training course.

Even still you may spend less than $ 100 for homd dog training compared to hundreds of dollars for attending a dog obedience class.

More Convenient

If you have a busy schedule you will find that training a dog at home is a lot more convenient than attending a class. This is because when you train at home you can train whenever you have time and whenever you feel like it.

If you are attending a class you will have a set appointed time at a set place to attend. This can be challenging especially when you consider that there may be more than one class that you will have to attend to complete the dog obedience class.

Train in Natural Setting

Another advantage of training your puppy within the confines of your own home is that you will be able to train him in a natural setting. This will ensure that he will be used to the distractions that occur in the household in everyday life.

Training at a dog obedience center will not be able to replicate that. The controlled environment does not take into consideration all of the other factors that may be going on around your house.


Attending a dog obedience class is not without its advantages however. Some of the more notable advantages include:

– Immediate Access to Professional Trainer for question
– Trainer will be able to correct your mistakes
– Able to see and hear exactly how the instructor handles the dogs

Immediate Access to Trainer

Questions may arise when you are training your dog. With a professional trainer you will be able to instantly ask the instructor a question. This can help shorten the learning curve of training your puppy.

Trainer Able to Correct Mistakes

Another advantages of attending a dog training class is that the instructor will be able to correct any mistakes that he or she may see you making with your dog. Without the instructor around you may not realize that you are doing anything wrong.

See How Instructor Handles Dogs

When you are in a dog obedience class you can see and hear exactly how the instructor handles the dogs. This is not the case when home training a dog. Being able to see and hear how it is done in person will help you to train your dog faster as you will eliminate costly mistakes.

So choosing home dog training or going to a dog obedience class you should be able to accomplish the task of training your dog. Attending the class is more expensive, but could also help you to train your puppy faster.

If you are short on funds then training a dog at home may be a better option for you. Choosing a helpful dog training course can help you avoid costly training mistakes.

What are the best dog training courses available? has the answer.
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