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Mercedes Benz C Class. Bringing Luxury Motoring To The Masses

Mercedes Benz C Class. Bringing Luxury Motoring To The Masses

Mercedes Benz has long been regarded as one of the leaders in luxury motoring, not only here in Australia, but around the world. The marque’s impeccable styling, construction and finish all testify to its well-earned reputation. But for many Australians, the dream of driving their very own Mercedes Benz has been just that, a dream. But this is changing, with the C-Class Mercedes Benz providing a more affordable entry into the world of luxury motoring.

The Mercedes Benz C-Class has now been available in Australia for several years and it has proven a very successful range. This success lies in its affordability, particularly in the C 180 and C 200 models. However, while these models are more affordable, they are Mercedes Benz through and through. There is still that meticulous attention to detail both inside and out.

The C-Class is available in coupe, estate and sedan body types. The coupe has a sporty body shape and is available in the C 180, C 200 and C 230. You can buy a brand new car in the C 180 coupe for just a little over $ 55,000. Now while that may still sound like a lot of money, remember, you are getting a real Mercedes Benz! If you want the higher end C 230 coupe, expect to pay around $ 74,000. For this price, you’ll get a 2.5 litre V6 outputting a respectable 150 kw.

If the coupe is not a practical option for you, then the C 180 sedan will set you back around $ 58,000 while the C 230 Elegance will cost around $ 78,000 for a brand new car.

If you still find the brand new C-Class a little out of your price range, then you may wish to consider a pre-loved, one owner used car. Look for a one owner car that has been serviced regularly by an authorised Mercedes Benz dealer. When you inspect any used car, ensure that the interior’s finish has no real problems and make sure all the electrics are in good working order. It’s always worth getting an inspection from an authorised Mercedes Benz dealership when considering a used car. Also, try to go for the supercharged model as the older non-supercharged 4 cylinder models are a little lacking in the acceleration department.

So, if you want the prestige of driving a luxury German car, take a look at the C-Class, your neighbours certainly will when you pull into your driveway in your very own Mercedes!

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