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Class C RV With Pets On Board

Class C RV With Pets On Board

A lot of Class C RV owners and other models of motor homes are taking to the road with their pets in tow. You can save money by traveling in your Class C RV and taking your pet(s) with you because you do not have to spend money on boarding the animals or hiring someone to take care of them. There are many locations that welcome pets, so take your Class C RV on a pet friendly vacation.

Class C RV owners are pleased that they can worry less about leaving their four legged friends at home. The tips listed below are a great guide for you if you are thinking about taking your pets with you on the road in your Class C RV or travel trailer.

Class C RV tips on pet travel:

1. Remember that it may be easier to get a younger dog or cat acclimated to traveling in a Class C RV than an older pet. Pets need to get used to living on the road and in a moving Class C RV or travel trailer unit.

2. When the motor home unit is moving, you will need to secure your pet safely. This protects you, the driver, from being distracted. It also helps protect the pet in case of swift movements or quick stops. You can find tailored harnesses for animals that connect to the seatbelt of the unit.

3. When you travel with your pet, please make sure that it has tags and a collar with your accurate contact information on it. Another tip is to take a photo on your cell phone of the pet(s), so that you can have it for reference if one runs away.

4. You can also microchip your pet for low cost at your vet, which will provide additional security and pet safety. A microchip will be tagged typically inside the ear of the animal. They allow the vet to pinpoint the location of your animal via technology.

5. Track your vacation map and think about contacting the motor home camp grounds where you will be stopping at along your route. You will want to confirm that pets are allowed and are welcome on site. You will find that many camp grounds accommodate pets, but some still do not. You would not want to show up and be turned away. Some high-end, luxury RV campgrounds offer exclusive dog parks for the enjoyment of their customers as an added amenity.

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