Boondocking 101 « Camping with CC the RV

Boondocking 101 « Camping with CC the RV

If boondocking isn’t a well-known camping or RV term to you, it will not be long until you are introduced to this time honored RV camping tradition by other RV camping enthusiasts.

The art of boondocking is also called dispersed camping or dry camping. It offers many campers the opportunity to appreciate nature without the modernization or amenities that campgrounds offer while taking advantage of the comforts of their new RV.

Boondocking can be an alternative to one night stopovers in a campground while traveling from one destination to another.

Many RVers find Wal-Mart parking lots and truck stops to be just the solution. Places like Wal-Mart value the camping community, as they supply a perfect place to refill on RV camping supplies and outdoor necessities while on the road.

When RV camping without full hook-ups, there are more considerations as well that can help you in getting the most out of the boondocking camping adventure. Water and power utilization and conservation is actually the foremost concern among dry campers. With some experience and planning, RV campers can easily become accustomed to conserving both.

Water conservation while dry camping comes down to being attentive to details. Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth; run water slowly to conserve consumption; and capture water inside the shower to recycle for rinsing and flushing.

When you are waiting for the water temperature to adjust for the shower, reclaim that water — you can find many other uses for it.

Boondocking might be intimidating at first, but with advanced thought and planning, it can provide tremendous pleasure beyond what RVers are looking for for a traditional campground. And you are certainly not alone in the great outdoors in relation to boondocking!

Search the internet and you will find other RV camping enthusiasts who share boondocking tips, routes, locations, and many other valuable pieces of knowledge that only the experienced boondocking camper would think of. [Picnic Placemat]


Recreational Vehicles | Tourism Pemberton, BC

Recreational Vehicles | Tourism Pemberton, BC

RV Parks with No Hook-Ups


  • Nairn Falls Provincial Park (May to September)
  • Birkenhead Provincial Park (May to September)
  • Lillooet Lake Lodge [7 sites] (1-604-905-9246)


  • Birken Lakeside Resort (1-604-452-3255)

RV Parks with Full Hook-Ups


  • Riverside RV Park & Campground [101 sites] (1-604-905-5533)
  • Whistler RV Park & Campground [150 sites] (1-604-905-2523)


  • Eagle Vista RV Resort & Campground [65 sites] (1-604-894-3343)
  • Klahanie Campground & RV Park [125 sites] (1-604-892-3435)
  • Alice Lake Provincial Park [108 sites with some hook-ups] (March to October) (1-800-689-9025)
  • Porteau Cove Provincial Park [44 sites with some hook-ups] (1-604-986-9371)
  • Squamish Valley Campsite & RV Park [200 sites] (1-604-898-9310)




by Newschool Nomads

12 Mar 2015

Our boondocking spot in Moab, Utah

Imagine stepping out your RV door and being greeted by a wide-open vista. Or sitting around a campfire under a desert sky filled with so many stars that for a moment you are left breathless. This is our AWAY and it’s often found in remote places where no outlets or water spigots exist.

Referred to as dry camping, wild camping, dispersed camping, or off-the-grid camping, boondocking in an RV is simply staying at a place without water, electricity, or sewer. Knowing how to make the most of your resources can go a long way. Being able to boondock efficiently will not only help save you money (even if that just means a quick overnight in a parking lot) but it opens up a whole new world of adventure as you explore our some of America’s untouched beauty.

So pull your chair up to the campfire as we share our tips and tricks to help make your next boondocking adventure one you’ll want to repeat.

Staying Juiced

If you are like us you choose RVing over tent camping for a reason. I’m going to guess you like having lights, a refrigerator, sinks, and shower. All of these comforts use a certain amount of power to run and how much or how long you can enjoy these comforts without electric hookups depends on your how much juice (power) you have.

No outside power source

If you are extremely conservative (using your batteries for the water pump, lights*, and running a gas-powered fridge) without an external power source you’ll be limited to 2-3 days. PROS: Simplicity. All you need is a battery and it requires virtually no set up, as all RVs are equipped with deep cycle batteries. CONS: Extremely limited power supply.

*If your RV didn’t come with LED lights you may want to consider replacing the bulbs with LEDs.


Many rigs come equipped with a generator but if yours didn’t, pick a generator based on the size of your rig and your electricity needs. The big question you’ll want to ask yourself is are you going to want to run your AC? If so, you’ll need a bigger generator. If not, a small generator should suffice for most of your power needs. PROS: A generator isn’t dependent on weather, has a relatively low upfront cost, and you can run it at night. CONS: Generators can be noisy, expensive, and require a constant a supply of fuel.

Solar Panels

Our solar panel set up being put to use in while dry camping in Denali National Park

Part of the beauty of boondocking is being out in nature and what better way to be in harmony with your surroundings than to be powered by mother nature herself. That is assuming mother nature cooperates and shines her sunny face down upon your solar panels. Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes to fit your power needs and space on your RV. It’s important to know your power needs before investing in a system. A basic solar system will keep your 12V system functioning by charging your house batteries which power water pump and lights. A very sophisticated high watt system with a large inverter and battery bank will allow you to watch television, charge electronics, and power high wattage appliances. Of course, there are systems in between.

Our Experience

On our first RV, a tent trailer, we had a small solar panel that simply attached to our deep cycle battery to keep it topped off. The power demands of that trailer were extremely simple. This allowed us to boondock for 4-7 days without killing the battery. It was a simple, cost-effective set up.

For our 2nd RV we used a generator, which was great until we ran out of fuel or we were in a peaceful spot and didn’t want to listen to it. The generator was powerful enough to run our AC which admittedly, we only did a few times.

When we bought our third RV we decided to add solar power. We have a medium usage set up with 600w on the roof plus a portable 90w panel, a 1000w inverter, and 6 deep cycle batteries. This powers the basics (pump, lights), our electronics, and residential fridge. We can’t run the AC or any high wattage appliances. As long as there is ample sunlight we can boondocks as long as we want or until our tanks are full or we run out of fresh water. Which brings me to our next topic.

Water Usage

Dry camping in Homer, Alaska

For us as a family of five this is the most limiting factor when we are boondocking. To lengthen our stay as long as possible we have to be mindful of water usage. There are two parts to water usage: fresh water and waste water which, as you probably know, are the grey and black tanks. You want to have enough of one and not too much of the other. It all boils down (no pun intended) to conservation and deciding what kind of “sacrifices” in comfort you are willing to make.


It’s a no brainer but as a minimum, don’t leave the faucet running when you are boondocking. To conserve water and space in your tanks, wash dishes in a portable basin with biodegradable soap and water the vegetation around your campsite when you are done. If you really want to limit water usage, I’ve known people who use a spray bottle with detergent to do dishes. Of course, some people opt to skip dishes all together and use paper plates and cups.

As far as cooking goes, boondocking may not be the best time to boil large pots pasta or potatoes. But it’s a perfect time to get outside and use a grill or better yet cook over your campfire. (As a bonus, this will keep your RV cooler if it’s warm outside.) In other words, you may want to consider how much water your meals are going to use to prepare them. If you do decide to use water for boiling you can repurpose your water. Boiled potato water can become a base for soup stock or used to steam other veggies.


Camping without hookups in a developed campground in Jasper National Park, British Columbia

Let’s just get the potty talk out of the way. Call me a diva but, personally, I’d like to forget the black tanks exist, but when you’re boondocking for any length of time this just isn’t possible.

Some people will suggest finding a tree for your business or not flushing when it’s just liquid. We RV because we like, well, the amenities and comforts of RVing. That means I prefer the bathroom to the bushes. If our black tanks fill up and we don’t want to move the RV we have a portable waste tote that we can fill and take to the nearest dump station to empty. I know a few RVers who have installed composting toilets. If you are huge boondockers this may be something you wish to look into.

We have friends who have a macerating pump (it grinds down solid waste so it can flow through smaller pipes) and an extra waste holding tank in their truck. This is another option for people who are serious about boondocking for extended stays or who have larger families.

Boondocking is not the time to take long hot showers. One of the easiest ways to conserve water is limit showers… after all you’re camping! When you do take a shower quickly get wet and then turn off the water while you are lathering up. You may want to consider installing a high efficiency showerhead as well. Sponge baths or outside solar showers are other options.

Speaking of showers, unless you want to take a cold shower, some of that water is going to go to waste as your water warms up. Consider catching the cold water in a bucket to use for dishes or other areas of cleaning.

An obvious, but noteworthy reminder, don’t run the water while you’re brushing your teeth or washing your face. If you have kids they will probably need a reminder (or many). As in the shower, catch the cold water while you are waiting for you water to warm to wash your face. When we are really trying to conserve water I heat water in our kettle on the stove and use just a little to wash my face with a warm cloth. In the morning, I’ll wash my face while Brent is preparing coffee and tea.

If you find you are still running out of water even after practicing conservancy, bring along extra drinking water and save your fresh tank water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. We have a 60-gallon water bladder that we bring for backup if we are going to be boondocking for more than a few days.

Finding Sites

“Off the grid” in Palmer, Alaska

Now that we’ve covered the details of power and conservation, it’s time to talk about the fun part, finding boondocking sites. Boondocking spots range from the corner of a Wal-Mart parking lot to a beautiful spot next to a river. Sometimes those beautiful spots will have a small fee if it’s a developed BLM (Bureau of Land Management) or USFS (U.S. Forest Service) campground and other times the sites will be free. (“Developed” can mean anything from a hopefully passable road, to a pit toilet, to electrical hooks ups, which in that case means you would no longer be boondocking.) Finding a beautiful free boondocking spot is like getting a perfect parking space in the rain on a crowded day, only better. Much better! So what are the ways to find these sites?

Stopping for the night at Wal-Mart in Calgary, British Columbia

Many businesses allow RVs to stay overnight in their parking lots for free. While this isn’t the ideal location it’s a great option when you just want a place to rest your head while en route to your AWAY! The most popular parking lot overnight stop for RVers is Wal-Mart but other options include truck stops, some rest areas (depending on the state), many casinos, Cracker Barrels restaurants, Camping World, Cabela’s, Lowe’s, and others. Just be sure to call ahead and ask for permission because while many of these places are known to allow RVs to park for free overnight, there are some who don’t due to local ordinances. Plus, it’s just polite to ask.

Stop in or call a BLM office or USFS station in the area you want to camp. Ask about dispersed camping in the area. Remember to tell them the type and length of RV you are driving or pulling so you avoid getting your rig into any sticky situations. The US Public Lands app is helpful in finding BLM and USFS land boundaries in the area you are traveling. Most BLM or USFS lands allow up to 14 days of free dispersed or inexpensive dry camping. When using these sites remember to follow their rules (These are the rules for New Mexico but expect similar rules in all states and be sure to look up your states rules if there is a question) and “leave no trace.”

Dispersed camping near Saguaro National Park, AZ

Search the Internet. Google “free campsites” and you’ll come up with a number of sites with databases or maps to free camping. Remember, most of these are user-generated, so use with caution and be ready for adventure. Look for blog posts of other RVers who have camped in the area you want to camp.

We’ve found the best way to find free campsites is to talk with other people. For instance, we found our beautiful spot near Palmer Alaska by talking with friends. The spot we stayed at in Moab, UT was suggested by a friend who had camped there a few weeks before. So don’t forget to bring up boondocking around your next campfire, you never know what kind of places other people will suggest.

I’m sure I’ve missed something. What are some of your tips and tricks for boondocking? Do you know of great locations to go RVing off the grid? If so, please share in the comments below!


Motor Home Class As – Bunkhouse

Motor Home Class As – Bunkhouse

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  1. Merrimack NH

    3.99% financing with payments at $485! See 3rd picture for more details!

    • Merrimack NH
    • Stock #: 26554
    • Sleeps up to 8
    • MOCHA

    • MSRP: $134,541
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    • Integrity Pricing: $95,997

    • Payments From:
      $550 /mo.

  2. Pittsburgh PA

    • Pittsburgh PA
    • Stock #: 27759
    • Length: 37 ft 11 in
    • Sleeps up to 8

    • MSRP: $158,586
    • You Save: $48,636
    • Integrity Pricing: $109,950

    • Payments From:
      $630 /mo.

  3. Acworth GA

    Atlanta’s new motor home MEGA STORE! 678-322-1552

    • Acworth GA
    • Stock #: 31095
    • Sleeps up to 8

    • MSRP: $136,854

    • Payments From:
      $784 /mo.

  4. Raleigh NC


    • Raleigh NC
    • Stock #: 34740
    • Sleeps up to 7
    • Walnut

    • MSRP: $183,534
    • You Save: $39,545
    • Integrity Pricing: $143,989

    • Payments From:
      $825 /mo.

  5. Kings Mountain NC

    Floorplan - 2016 Thor Motor Coach Windsport 34J

    ” Class A Motorhome with a Big Slideout”

    • Kings Mountain NC
    • Stock #: 32168A
    • Length: 35 ft 10 in
    • Sleeps up to 10

    • List: $91,999
    • You Save: $12,199
    • Integrity Pricing: $79,800

    • Payments From:
      $476 /mo.

  6. Tucker GA

    Floorplan - 2016 Jayco Precept 35UP

    CALL TODAY AT (404)-377-8000 FOR DETAILS ! Just 19K miles !!

    • Tucker GA
    • Stock #: 36464X
    • Length: 35 ft 10 in
    • Sleeps up to 7

    • List: $94,300
    • You Save: $14,301
    • Integrity Pricing: $79,999

    • Payments From:
      $477 /mo.

  7. Merrimack NH

    Huge Preseason Savings!~ Get You Best Deal Now!

    • Merrimack NH
    • Stock #: 32661A
    • Sleeps up to 11

    • List: $89,988
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    • Payments From:
      $506 /mo.

  8. Kingston NH

    Full wall slide-out! Outdoor kitchen and TV! Bunk beds!

    • Kingston NH
    • Stock #: 30226A
    • Sleeps up to 9

    • List: $95,995
    • You Save: $11,000
    • Integrity Pricing: $84,995

    • Payments From:
      $507 /mo.

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The RV Trivia Challenge No. 2

The RV Trivia Challenge No. 2

The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 2. If you did okay on the RV Trivia Challenge No. 1, you may be on the road to becoming an RV Guru. Others may be settling into a well informed RV enthusiast while still some may well be slipping into an “RV For Dummies” candidate rating. If you missed the first RV Challenge, here’s a link to it. The RV Trivia Challenge Keep in mind, this is a trivia. It is not based on one RV type rig. So, regardless of your type of camping, there should be some things that are familiar.

Well. Let’s get at it! Be sure to post your score, and or comments, in the comment box at the very bottom. Good Luck!!!

The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 2

1) The hitch point of a 5th wheel trailer pivots the tow and towed vehicle …………

  • A) At the rear most part of the tow vehicle
  • B) Near, or over the axle of the tow vehicle
  • C) It does not pivot, the trailer becomes part of the tow vehicle, similar to a bus

2) If your house battery bank was rated at 400 amp/hrs, how long should you run a 20 amp load on a fully charged bank?

  • A) 10 hours
  • B) 20 hours
  • C) 40 hours
  • D) 15 hour 30 minutes

3) What would the maximum output be of a 5000 watt generator operating in Denver Colorado?

  • A) About 5000 watts
  • B) About 5350 watts
  • C) About 4225 watts
  • D) About 4805 watts

4) What is meant by the term “3 way fridge”?

  • A) It refers to a three door, side by side frig
  • B) It has a fridge, a freezer and an ice maker
  • C) It operates on 12 VDC, 120 VAC or gasoline
  • D) It operates on 12 VDC, 120 VAC or propane

5) In the movie RV, staring Robin Williams, what was he and his wife’s character names.

  • A) Bob and Jamie Munro
  • B) Steve and Janie Roberts
  • C) Dave and June Munro
  • D) Bob and Jane Munro

6) At what RPM might you expect of a turbo charger turbine? Gas or diesel

  • A) In excess of 5,000 RPM
  • B) It’s driven by the engine, so it matches the engine speed
  • C) 90,000 to 150,000 RPM and higher
  • D) 15,000 to 20,000 RPM give or take 1,000 RPM

7) What is one of the advantages of having your tires nitrogen filled instead of plain air?

  • A) You will never have a flat tire
  • B) Nitrogen molecules are larger than that of oxygen, therefore it won’t loose as much pressure over time through the tire casing
  • C) Faster acceleration due to the molecules of the nitrogen, similar to racing cars
  • D) There are basically no advantages in today’s tires

8) When hooked up to full services for a long stay, the following is one of the acceptable black/grey valve configurations used.

  • A) Both black and grey valves in the open position
  • B) The black valve closed with the grey valve open
  • C) The black valve open with the grey valve closed
  • D) It does not matter if which or any valves are open or closed

9) You are driving your RV in Canada and come upon a bridge that has a weight limit of 15 Tonnes. What capacity is this in pounds?

  • A) 30,000 lbs.
  • B) 42,454 lbs.
  • C) 33,069 lbs.
  • D) 27,054 lbs.

10) What is a Fantastic Fan?

  • A) A person that supports the N.Y. Jets, even when they loose
  • B) An electronic fan that keeps the windshield of a motor home from fogging
  • C) A feature rich roof fan used in trailers, 5th wheels and motor homes
  • D) A fan that circulates heat, or cool, while the vehicle is moving

11) What is hydronic heating?

  • A) Liquid, usually glycol, that is boiler heated and circulated to fan equipped heat exchangers
  • B) A newer version of heat pumps that work well in mobile applications
  • C) Hydronic is a trade name for a heat strip equipped reverse cycle air conditioner
  • D) Hydronic heating is a land base installed heating system that is not suitable for mobile use

12) What year did the Dodge Cummins B series engine become fully electronic and went to four valves per cylinder?

  • A) 1989
  • B) 2000
  • C) 1998
  • D) 2005

13) Cummins diesels in a motor home application are equipped with cold weather electronic starting aids, except the following model(s)

  • A) ISM and ISX
  • B) There are no exceptions, all are so equipped
  • C) ISB, ISC
  • D) Intake heating grids are optional on all

14) What is generally the highest overall height of a large class A diesel coach

  • A) 11′ 6″
  • B) 10′ +
  • C) 13′ +
  • D) 14′ +

15) How many types of camping recreational vehicles are there?

  • A) 5 – Motor homes, Travel trailers, Truck Campers, Folding camping trailers and Conversion vehicles
  • B) 6 – Motor homes, Travel trailers, Truck Campers, Folding camping trailers, Conversion vehicles and Tenting
  • C) 2 – Motor homes and Trailers
  • D) 2 – Motor homes and 5th wheel trailers

16) When backing your rig into a campsite, on a lefthand approach, where is the optimum position of a spotter?

  • A) Walking beside the driver window for either coach and trailer
  • B) Driver side rear of the coach or trailer always in mirror view
  • C) Passenger side rear on a coach and driver side rear on a trailer
  • D) Center rear so both sides can be observed easily and communication by vocal or radio

17) How many Cummins series engines are available in today’s motor homes?

  • A) 6
  • B) 5
  • C) 4
  • D) 3

18) Newell Coach offers one of two transmissions in their vehicles. They are?

  • A) Allison and Twin Disc
  • B) Allison and Borg Warner
  • C) Allison and ZF
  • D) Allison and PowerShift Corp.

19) Most large gasoline coaches today are powered with a 8 or 10 cylinder engine. How many cylinder engine does a large diesel coach have?

  • A) 8
  • B) 6
  • C) 8 to 12
  • D) 12

20) Spartan chassis is found on………….

  • A) American Coach, Tiffin and Newmar
  • B) Monaco, Holiday Rambler and Newmar
  • C) Fleetwood, Alpine and American Coach
  • D) Rexdale, Tiffin, Newmar and Holiday Rambler

The answers can be found below.


•1) B – Near, or over the axle of the tow vehicle

•2) A10 hours

3) CAbout 4225 watts

4) DIt operates on 12 VDC, 120 VAC or propane

5) ABob and Jamie Munro

6) C90,000 to 150,000 RPM and higher

7) B – Nitrogen molecules are larger than that of oxygen, therefore it won’t loose as much pressure over time through the tire casing

8) BThe black valve closed with the grey valve open

9) C – 33,069 lbs.

10) CA feature rich roof fan used in trailers, 5th wheels and motor homes

11) A – Liquid, usually glycol, that is boiler heated and circulated to fan equipped heat exchangers

12) C1998

13) AISM and ISX

14) C – 13′ +

15) A – 5 – Motor homes, Travel trailers, Truck Campers, Folding camping trailers and Conversion vehicles

16) CPassenger side rear on a coach and driver side rear on a trailer

17) B – 5

18) CAllison and ZF

19) B – 6

20) AAmerican Coach, Tiffin and Newmar

Your Score Rating:

20 Right – Move to the top of your class. You are this month’s master RV Guru

18 Right – Excellent work. You are a top rated RV Enthusiast. Great going

16 Right – Good score. You know your stuff

14 Right – Believe it or not, you are still above average

12 Right – You are smarter than the average bear

10 Right – Do you always just squeek it through? Better brush up next time

8 – And Below – You are definately a good “RV For Dummies” candidate

So, how did you score? Post your score and comments in the comment section below. Good going!!!

With All Your Trivia – Lug_Nut – Peter Mercer


Bogan Flats Campground Reviews – Campendium

Bogan Flats Campground Reviews – Campendium

Nightly rate: $22
Days stayed: 8
Site Number: 23
“Nice CG on the Crystal River”

Reviewed Aug 02, 2015

We’ve stayed here on 2 different occasions. Always enjoy the CG and surrounding areas. The CG hosts are very friendly and take good care of the facilities. Very clean toilets and always well taken care of. We took a jeep tour to the Crystal Mill a great adventure if you want to see one of Colorado’s most photographed locations. Fishing is decent on the Crystal with Browns and Rainbows. On the last trip over Memorial Day 2015 we stayed 8 days.

Site Quality

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  • recreation trail
Site Amenities:
  • big rig
  • fire ring
  • picnic table
  • restrooms: vault
  • trash
  • water available


Boondocking – Homepage

Boondocking – Homepage


The RV Vagabond blog definition: “Boondocking, Dry Camping, Dispersed Camping . . . camping in the boonies we used to call it when I was a kid. Back then, we did it in a tent.

Now, most do it in an RV. And it’s free or very cheap. The word boondocking got it’s origin from a Tagalog word, bundog, meaning mountain. Soldiers in World War II, stationed in the Phillipines, used it to describe a remote, rural or bushy area and when they came home it worked its way into American slang as ‘the boonies’.

Now RVers have coined a derivation of it for camping in the boonies without the benefit of docking up to ongoing services such as running water, electricity, cable and the internet. Hence boondocking! Sometimes it is free camping but sometimes not.”

bulletBoondocking Basics Part 1

bullet Boondocking Basics Part 2

bullet Boondocking Basics Part 3

bullet Get Personal About Boondocking

bullet Stay Safe, Filter Your Water

bullet Solar Systems: Some Useful Terminology

bulletExcellent Article on RV Solar Theory & Installation

bullet The Art of Solar Parking

bullet Solar Ovens

bullet Boondocking Etiquette

bullet Popular Books About Boondocking

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Nikki Goes Solo – RV Road Trip For One

Nikki Goes Solo – RV Road Trip For One

I’m not afraid of much, and perhaps it’s because I read too much Pippi Longstocking and watched Annie growing up. I love nothing more than a good challenge. Someone thinking, much less saying, I can’t do something ensures that I must do it and prove them wrong.

i can do anything

The idea of traveling solo, especially in an RV, as a woman and a married woman at that…well, you know I had to pounce on that opportunity while Jason was away!

I don’t drive the RV nearly as much as Jason does (maybe 10-20% of the time) but that’s mostly due to the fact that I can work while in route. Jason has a tendency to get car sick if he tries to do anything other than sing like a rock star while rolling down the road.

I also don’t handle much of the setting up and breaking down tasks outside the RV either. Jason and I like to divide and conquer most everything in life together. So while he is busy dumping the tanks and bringing up the jacks, I’m taking care of the inside stuff like putting away the booze, cleaning up after the cats and so on. We truly split all things 50/50…unless we ever get a divorce…then its 80/20 in my favor. 😉

Even though I don’t drive or handle certain tasks around the RV often, I make sure to go through the whole process with Jason every once in a while. Why? Because life is not predictable. I believe it’s incredibly important to feel independent, capable and most importantly not afraid to take on life even if I’m solo. Our life at the moment is living and traveling in an RV. So, I want to know I can keep rolling down the road in confidence should any curve balls be thrown our way.

We experienced one of those curve balls this past week. Jason had a family emergency and needed to go be with his family. Sure, I could have just stayed parked at the campground and waited for him to come back…but I saw it as an opportunity to strike out on my own. A solo RV road trip and wild camping, yes please!

I have traveled solo in the RV a few times in the past but it’s been a couple of years. So, not only did I hit the road, I grabbed our little Sony and added in the challenge of shooting and editing a video solo for the first time. While I don’t have Jason’s mad skills, he has taught me a lot over the years. Give it a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below!

What a trip right?! Can you believe I had to disconnect the car twice and find a different wild camping spot in the dark? I felt like the poster child for murphy’s law. But in the end I made it!

I ended up at Joshua Tree South BLM (here’s how we find free Wild Camping) and I have to say, it’s pretty fantastic. It’s obviously a well-loved location as I have seen campers coming and going each day, the sites are well established and some, like the one I am in, even comes with a mail box. GPS Coordinates: 33°39’45.1″N 115°47’17.6″W

free camping joshua tree

free camping joshua tree

free camping joshua tree

solo rv travel as a woman

Now, I realize there are a lot of bad a** solo RV travelers out there and plenty of them are women (Vespa and a Laptop, and The Lady is a Tramp just to name a couple). I’m not exactly doing anything revolutionary and I realize this. I simply set out on a mission and accomplished it.

I set a goal and achieved it…that is the part that’s exciting! No matter how big or small the goal, accomplishing something I set out to do is a rad feeling that never gets old. In fact, its addicting and I highly encourage it.

Plus, I think this video should put a few of these common questions to rest “Does Nikki drive the RV?” “Does Nikki use the cameras?” “I’m a single woman, is traveling in an RV safe?” “I’m afraid to drive a Motorhome by myself, is it even possible to do solo RV travel?

What about you? Are you one of those bad a** solo travelers? Maybe you recently accomplished a goal or need some encouragement to make it happen. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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    Lovely staff, very helpful as I was travelling with a 3yo, the beds were very comfortable, the hotel quiet and very clean, a 5 min walk from the beach. All perfect!

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    I was so impressed with my first ‘glamping’ experience. All of the staff at Wolfcamp were welcoming and accomodating. I ended up staying an extra night; how can you beat great beach time and company. Great idea for solo travelers to get amongst the group camping experience.

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    Solo traveller

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    The bed itself was very comfortable. Room was very clean, good bathroom, plenty of space to put toiletries, nice little terrace. Management very friendly. Location excellent, in a quiet residential area, but very near the beach.

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Fiberglass RV Boondocking | Fiberglass RV’s For Sale

Fiberglass RV Boondocking | Fiberglass RV’s For Sale


Definition of boondocking from Wiktionary

1. To camp in a dry brushy location.
2. To stay in a recreational vehicle in a remote location, without connections to water, power, or sewer services.

Boondocking is one of the popular ways of camping with your fiberglass egg, especially in the Western US with the availability of all the BLM land. Boondocking requires a bit of special setup of your trailer in order to stay out “off the grid” for an extended period of time. The sites listed below are very good resources to help with learning about the basics of boondocking.

  • Boondocking Guide
  • Boondocking Site