Rad Mini vs Heyride Mars

Rad Mini vs Heyride Mars

I hoping for some guidance on a foldable entry level e-bike. I’m a 65 y.o. male, weigh 265, 5’10, with a 30″ inseam. So far the RadMini Step-Thru and the Heyride Mars seem to be reasonable choices in the $1,000 range. The Rad has a 48 volt, 14 ah battery and a 750 watt geared hub motor and the Heyride Mars has a 48 volt 12.5 ah battery and a 500 watt Direct Drive Hub Motor. Both bikes weigh about 66 pound. The Rad says it has a 275 pound max capacity and the Heyride says it has a 300 pound maximum capacity.

My concern is that I live in a hilly community (some pretty steep). Would it make more sense for me to choose RadMini Step-Thru with the 750 watt motor vs the Heyride Mars 500 watt motor? BTW, I rode my friends RadMini Step-Thru and it zipped me right along on a level street, but as I said my concern is hills.

I’d appreciate your advice or other recommendations if you think another bike in the $1,000 range might serve me better.



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