Best Metal Detector Reviews for the Money 2019

Best Metal Detector Reviews for the Money 2019

​5. ​Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

It is the best quality metal detector made in the USA. The quality is superior to most of the metal detectors available in the same price range. It is lightweight and contains an eight-inch long search coil.

Product Highlights

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector contains one drop-in 9-volt battery. It can last for a long period of time. Sometimes, the time span can vary depending on the use and type of metals being detected. It comes with an eight-inch long search coil which makes it more adequate to detect the deeper hidden metals. It has two modes of operation- silent search discrimination mode and a silent search all metal mode.

What’s to Like About Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

It is advertised as “Strong, simple, silent”. Microprocessor technology makes it more efficient. It uses low noise circuitry which works at VLF 10 kHz frequency. It has a built-in mineral rejection system. It is pack with features and its efficient design makes it worth it.

What’s Not to Like About Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

There are not too many cons of this metal detector. The only con of this metal detector is that it comes with a built-in mineral rejection system. This means you don’t have much control over your metal detector. Manual mineral rejection works better.

Metal Detectors Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few things that you need to check before buying a metal detector for yourself.

Detection Depth

The detection depth is basically how deep a metal detector can detect the metals. The coins and other relics can be easily detected by most of the metal detectors. But if you are in search of gold or any other rare metal then, you need to buy a 2-box metal detector. The ground 2-box metal detector uses special search coils that can penetrate deep into the ground.


There is a wide range of metal detectors available in the market today. Some of them are specially designed for the beginners like Bounty Hunter TK4 tracker, Fisher 22 metal detector, etc. Whereas there are some metal detectors designed for the professionals.

For example, Garrett AT Pro, Fisher F2, Ace 350 Garrett metal detector, etc. So, you have to choose which one is suitable for you. This is one aspect of selecting a metal detector. The other aspect is what type of metal you are looking for. If you are in search of gold then there are some metal detectors designed for gold hunting like Fisher Gold Bug, Garrett AT Gold and Garrett ATX.

Selecting a metal detector based on the requirements makes the detection process much easier.


Almost every metal detector is charged with battery. You need to buy a pack of rechargeable batteries before going for the detection process.

Signal Frequency

In the case of metal detecting, the signal frequency is termed as the number of electronic waves sent in the ground per unit time. The frequency of various metal detectors can vary from 3 KHz to 100 KHz.

Generally, low frequency has a longer wavelength and can penetrate deep into the ground. Low-frequency metal detectors are best for detecting metals which have high conductivity like silver. On the other hand, high frequency comes with a short wavelength. Therefore, the metal detectors that have high frequency are best for detecting low conductive metals like gold nuggets.

Gross Weight

You need to consider the weight of the metal detector as you have to roam around in various locations while holding it. The metal detectors that are designed for adults are around two pounds. On the other hand, there are some hand-held metal detectors used for security purposes. They are of one pound or less. So, now you have to decide whether you want functionality or portability.

Metal Detectors FAQs

You might have some questions regarding metal detectors. Here are the most asked questions for you.

What is a Metal Detector?

A metal detector is a fascinating electronic device that can detect the presence of metals buried into the ground. The search coil of the metal detector is moved slowly over the ground without touching it. When the sensor comes near a metal an audio signal is produced which can be heard in the headphones. There are a variety of metal detectors available from beginner to advanced level.

How do Metal Detectors Work?

The working of metal detectors is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the metal detector is turned on, current is passed through the search coil. This current produces its own magnetic field around the search coil of a metal detector. Then, the search coil is moved over the ground slowly without touching it. When this magnetic field comes in contact with the metal, it induces the current in it.

This current is called an eddy current. This eddy current generates its own magnetic field in the metal. Due to this magnetic field, the reverse current is passed through the search coil. The audio signal is received which can be heard in the headphones that come with the metal detector. In this way, the presence of any metal is detected by the metal detector.

How Deep Can Metal Detectors Detect?

A number of factors affect the depth detection of a metal detector. The length of the search coil can affect how deeply a metal detector can sense the presence of a metal. Metal detectors come with different lengths of search coils.

Operating Frequency is another factor that can affect depth detection. The metal detectors which have low frequency can detect the deeply buried metals. Whereas, the metal detectors which have high frequency can detect the metals up to few inches.

What Type of Metals Can A Metal Detector Detect?

The metal detectors can detect almost all types of metals like coins, jewellery and other relics like brass and lead. There are some metal detectors which are specially designed for hunting small gold nuggets. The metal detector can easily sense the fine iron particles on the ground. So, always adjust the settings in order to get rid of the unwanted signals.

What is A Good Metal Detector?

A good metal detector is the one which can work efficiently in all the harsh weather conditions. There are some metal detectors which can work only on land. There are some that can work accurately on both land and water. So, you need to pick the one which is user-friendly, accurate, portable and waterproof.

What are False Signals?

False signals are basically those which are generated from trash and other fine iron particles. These false signals can be an interference in the metal detecting process.  So, to avoid these false signals the users use the ground balance feature of metal detectors. The ground balance feature filters out all the false signals hence making the detection process more accurate.

How does Discrimination Work?

Mostly all the metal detectors have the discrimination mode. Discrimination mode is used to eliminate all the junk and iron particles from the metals. This mode is turned on when the user is looking for a specific metal.

Final Verdict

So, there is a wide range of metals detectors that you can choose from. You need to select the one which is perfect for you according to your requirements. The best product from all the metal detectors mentioned in the above list is the Garrett AT Pro metal detector. The primary reason for selecting this one is that it is waterproof. You can go hunting on beaches and in any wet area. It can withstand all the extreme conditions as well. It is perfect for detecting old coins, jewelry, relics and other artifacts. This metal detector offers you pro audio mode with fast track ground balance.

If you are looking for an all-rounder metal detector then, this is the best pick for you.


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