The Many Faces of Treasure Hunting

The Many Faces of Treasure Hunting


Changing to the color of—- toy lead soldiers, diecast toy cars, aluminum and brass tokens, plated toy rings, antique bottles even common painted steel bottle caps are sought after by some collectors!
I recall from my early days of metal detecting just how it felt seeing that unmistakable round ‘coin shape’ in the ground. I would lift the freshly detected object from its earthen grave and brush the loose dirt away — how disappointing to find nothing more than a stupid token—- DARN!
How things have changed! Today the “average token” out values the “average coin,” not to mention the token is far more interesting! Oh, and how about those toy rings! Remember how you handled those gold ring finds so gently yet ‘tossed’ plated toy rings into that box of interesting ‘ junk’? Perhaps you can recall giving a “Mickey Mouse” ring, to the child who followed you all over the beach, just because he or she was so cute?
Do you realize the biggest, best diamond, ruby or sapphire ring that you find mounted in a huge slab of gold won’t even come close to the value of a $100,000 toy ‘Super Man Club of America’ toy ring! We need to learn the new and many faces of treasure hunting!


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