RV Electric Mattress Warming Pad

RV Electric Mattress Warming Pad

Mod #50: Electric Mattress Warming Pad

Mod #50: Electric Mattress Warming Pad

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Mod Description:

Turn down the heater. You’re roasting me out of here! Turn up the heater. It’s so cold in here I can see my breath! Give me more blankets. Fine! Take all you want. He’s hot and she’s cold. Sound familiar? One thing that can be agreed on though is that an RV heater can dry your nose and throat out faster than a desert sandstorm. How can you sleep in your own relative comfort and at the same time save the peace? Do the electric mattress warming pad mod!

Mod Difficulty:

An electric mattress warming pad is different than an electric blanket. You sleep on top of the mattress pad rather than the blanket being on top of you. This has the effect of heating the mattress rather than having most of the heat generated by an electric blanket go to waste as it radiates in to the air. And you can start warming up the mattress before you get in to bed so you’re not trying to warm up the mattress with your body.

Mattress pad warmers come in two types: 115-volt AC and 12-volt DC. The AC models are fitted sheets that stretch over the mattress while the DC type is pinned to the top of the mattress. For RVs, either type can be used but if you dry camp and don’t have AC power, the 12-volt model will serve you well. It can be plugged in to the typical RV 12-volt receptacle. The 12-volt warmer does draw a bit of current, around 200 watts at the max setting. But chances are you won’t be at that setting for long. Average consumption is about 100 watts so ensure your battery is topped up before hitting the sack.

And there are even warmers that have two separate controllers so you can dial in your own comfort level. A his-and-hers arrangement that sure to keep both camping happy!

TipIf you are powering an AC mattress warmer from an inverter, be sure it is not a modified sine wave (or MSW) type inverter. The digital controllers found on most AC mattress warmers don’t like the MSW power and will refuse to work. A true sine wave inverter must be used instead.

ModMyRV recommends these parts for this mod:
Patented Products T-36 12-Volt 60 x 36 Twin Size Bunk Warmer Pad
Roadpro 58″ x 42.5″ 12-Volt Heated Premium Fleece Travel Blanket with Built-In Thermostat – Blue
Wagan 12V Heated Seat Cushion


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