Class C RV, Motorhome Camper Rentals

Class C RV, Motorhome Camper Rentals

Renting a Class C Motorhome

After going over your options, you’ve decided on a Class C RV Rental! Great choice. Class C RVs come with an abundance of great attributes: a fridge and freezer, counter space, shower, microwave, stove, often times an oven, and many even come with slideouts, making living space abundant!

If you’ve ever driven a van or a truck, you’re that much closer to knowing what it’s like to drive a Class C. They are usually about the same width as a large cargo van, however, they’ll typically be much longer. The average weight of Class C RVs are from 10,000 to 12,000 lbs, and can range anywhere from 22 to 32 feet. Class C’s are usually 10 feet tall, while the width can range from 10-15 feet with the slideouts out, which is great for those who feel claustrophobic in tiny spaces.

Class C Models have plenty of storage for you and your family to use. Under the bed and couch, and sometimes under the dinette, you’ll find extra storage. Towards the back of the RV, there’s typically a storage compartment under the bedroom area, commonly referred to as the basement. This is where you can put your chairs, side tables, firewood, etc.

Some Class C Motorhomes are longer than 30 feet. There are campgrounds that don’t allow anything over 29 feet, and you need to make sure you let them know the exact measurement of the RV rental for safety purposes. I know it sounds silly, and you may not think that extra 1-2 feet hurt anything; however, certain spots are measured out to fit 29-foot motorhomes and nothing larger. This could cause you to be sticking out of the designated area, and might cause an accident.

Class C RV Rental Rates

While searching for a Class C here on RVshare, there is an option to choose just how much you want to spend. The prices range from less than $100 a day to over $950 per day. Keep in mind: just because you wish to spend less does not mean you’re going to be staying in something that looks cheap. An RV for $100 or less will still offer comfort, but simply will not have as many luxuries as a $1,000 RV rental would have.

Class C rentals are great when camping with families. However, just because it says it sleeps up to 6 people doesn’t necessarily mean that all 6 people will be comfortable. Class C RVs usually have one master bedroom, a pull-out couch, a dinette which turns into a bed, and a bed above the driver and passenger seats. Sometimes larger (and more expensive) RVs come with a little more comfort for the family.

The choice is ultimately yours. Do you want to spend more time exploring in nature? If so, a cheaper RV might be the one for you. You won’t need all the attributions that a luxury class C RV rental has to offer if you don’t plan on staying in it for much of your trip. If all you’ll use your rental for is eating and sleeping, there’s no reason to spend $500 – $950 daily on a rental.

However, if you wish to spend a majority of your time at your campsite watching TV or lounging around indoors, a luxury RV for a higher cost could be the one for you. Keep in mind that most Class C Rentals come with the same attributes. Some might come refurbished, adding value to the RV itself. Research the RV you’re going to rent before making your final decision. Talk to the owners about it, and figure out what it is you want (and need).

Finding A Class C RV For Rent Near Me

Now that you know the average rates and what a Class C rental has to offer, it’s time to find one near you. On RVshare, you’re able to search by your city (or state) and choose whether you want to pick up your rental or have it dropped off!

Let’s say you live in Oregon. As soon as you go to RVshare, you will see a search bar that allows you to type in either your city or your state. For demonstration purposes, we’ll type in “Ashland”. Right away, you’ll see RVs for rent in Ashland. However, if you don’t look closely you’ll make a big mistake. If you don’t type in “Ashland, Oregon” you’ll get RVs in Ashland, but Ashland could be anywhere! Virginia, California, Colorado, you name it. You need to make sure you type in the correct keywords in order to find an RV near you.

From there, you can select the price range, type of RV, number of travelers, the range of acceptable model years, and the length range you’d like to stay between. There is also an option to pick up your rental or have it dropped off. If you were camping two hours away, it might be better for you to look for an RV to rent in that area specifically. Contact the owner, strike a deal, and go RVing!

We’re glad that you made it to RVshare on your search for the perfect rental, and we look forward to being able to assist you in the future! Happy camping!


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