Boondocking 101 « Camping with CC the RV

Boondocking 101 « Camping with CC the RV

If boondocking isn’t a well-known camping or RV term to you, it will not be long until you are introduced to this time honored RV camping tradition by other RV camping enthusiasts.

The art of boondocking is also called dispersed camping or dry camping. It offers many campers the opportunity to appreciate nature without the modernization or amenities that campgrounds offer while taking advantage of the comforts of their new RV.

Boondocking can be an alternative to one night stopovers in a campground while traveling from one destination to another.

Many RVers find Wal-Mart parking lots and truck stops to be just the solution. Places like Wal-Mart value the camping community, as they supply a perfect place to refill on RV camping supplies and outdoor necessities while on the road.

When RV camping without full hook-ups, there are more considerations as well that can help you in getting the most out of the boondocking camping adventure. Water and power utilization and conservation is actually the foremost concern among dry campers. With some experience and planning, RV campers can easily become accustomed to conserving both.

Water conservation while dry camping comes down to being attentive to details. Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth; run water slowly to conserve consumption; and capture water inside the shower to recycle for rinsing and flushing.

When you are waiting for the water temperature to adjust for the shower, reclaim that water — you can find many other uses for it.

Boondocking might be intimidating at first, but with advanced thought and planning, it can provide tremendous pleasure beyond what RVers are looking for for a traditional campground. And you are certainly not alone in the great outdoors in relation to boondocking!

Search the internet and you will find other RV camping enthusiasts who share boondocking tips, routes, locations, and many other valuable pieces of knowledge that only the experienced boondocking camper would think of. [Picnic Placemat]


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