Class B RV – Small Motorhomes

Class B RV – Small Motorhomes

Fully Featured Small Motorhomes

What is it about a class B RV that makes it appealing? This is a
great section for me to write about because I have a 1995 Ford Falcon

My Class B RV -- Falcon 190

Why did I get it?

  • It fits in regular parking spaces
  • It’s easy to drive
  • Quicker to clean and maintain
  • And it’s just the right size

didn’t want something huge because then I would be less likely to stop
at many places. Fitting in a regular parking spot is a big plus because
it just gives more options when you’re on the road.

As for as gas
mileage, for me, I don’t think there’s a big difference. Because my RV
is older it gets 15-16 MPG. It all really depends on how I drive but
it’s still much better than 8-10 MPG.

Anyways this section is
dedicated to class B RVs and other small motor homes. Links to content
pages within this section will be below. Check back often for updates.

Class B RV Rentals

Tips on where to find rentals. Pictures, floor plans, links, and prices within.

Airstream Class B Motorhomes

About Airstream “Coach” Motorhomes. Late model, new, and their differences. Pictures, video, vehicle info, links, and more.

Class B Falcon

Intervec’s class B Falcon RV. Pictures of mine, general info, and
links to resources. There’s even a group for Falcon owners. Do you have
one? Tell us about it.

4×4 Class B Motor Homes

Two New 4x4 Videos

4×4 Class B Motor Homes are awesome for the adventurer in all of
us. Imagine a vehicle that can take you just about anywhere AND has all
the features of an RV!

Fulltiming in a Class B Van

Fulltiming in a class B van can be challenging for some. But here’s
what it’s like to live in a small motorhome. Some couples even do it.

Class B Dealers

Here is a list I’ve compiled of Class B dealers. In addition some tips on where to find listings, used class Bs, and more.

Used Class BUsed can be a great way to get into a small motorhome inexpensively. Tips on buying, what to look for, where, and more.

More Used
Videos of small motorhomes.

Compare Class B Motorhomes

On this page I compare class B motorhomes. From micro VW campers,
astro vans with pop ups, to fully featured 19 foot camper vans.


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