Motorhome Security

Motorhome Security

The Importance of Having Motorhome Security

A motorhome is a particular kind of Recreational Vehicle which provides living quarters, kitchen facilities and can sleep up to 8 people, depending on size, in special bunks and sleeping areas known as “berths”. Many motorhomes feature bathroom facilities and have built in seating facilities for comfort and practicality. The motorhome holiday is becoming increasingly popular as they provide a fine balance between comfortable living and the ability to tour and see different sites. Many caravan and camp sites in the UK and mainland Europe now have facilities for overnight parking and facilities for passengers.

Why is Security Required?

Security is especially important for motorhome owners and drivers on two levels. The first is obviously to safeguard the value of the particular motorhome itself. Motorhomes are not by any standards a cheap option in today’s market and even second hand smaller models can be in the region of between £10,000 and £15,000. The second reason that security is so important is to protect the valuables and items of property which are being carried about, especially if the motorhome is being used in a holiday touring capacity.

What Security is Available?

Whilst many vehicles, especially new or newer models might come with inbuilt security systems which are perfectly adequate they are not always recommended highly by insurance companies as they are standard and therefore easy for would-be thieves to navigate around.

Many security companies therefore offer high level security which when fitted by approved installers can help lower insurance premiums and offer additional levels of security which protect both the vehicle and the items contained inside.

The level of security being added will clearly depend upon the particular provider but in addition to specifically designed alarm systems with immobilisers and vibration alarms there are additional features such as additional locks for external doors, wheel clamps and immobiliser bars which fit from steering wheel to foot pedal and prevent any of these from being moved. Whilst many of these features are available to purchase and be self-fitting others should only be installed by professional and manufacturer approved installers to prevent invalidation to warranty and insurance policies. provides Motorhome Security. We provide quality products that are all dispatched within 2 working days. Visit our site if you’re looking for Clifford Car Alarms.
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