Get Great Campers from Kelowna Rv Dealers

Get Great Campers from Kelowna Rv Dealers

RV dealer Kelowna luxury campers offer surprising features. Even if you’re not quite ready for a 40-foot long camper covered with gold worth $ 2 million like the Dubai sheiks, you can find some great camper and fifth-wheel camper deals with outstanding luxury features. Many of the top luxury features once reserved for high-end recreational vehicles are featured in today’s modern affordable campers. Campers in the $ 9,000 to $ 18,000 range are fully equipped with state-of-the-art kitchens custom fitted for family use. Modern campers at Kelowna RV dealers feature dinettes, roll-out sleeping beds, and wardrobe areas. Campers are lighter than fully blown RVs, more gas efficient, and portable for quick and easy road trips. They eliminate the need to sleep on the ground or in a tent.

Kelowna in the heart of interior British Columbia is the gateway to camping and recreational traveling. This calls for being able to get on the go quickly and safely while not leaving luxury behind. There are numerous Best rv dealers in Kelowna offering great choices. Campers have their own walled off showers and bathroom areas. They come with solid wishbone-built modern designed kitchens with microwaves. Specially coated sealed floors guard against water and grime. Other new models have 20-gallon water tanks and water heaters that work through the camper ignition heating up to six gallons of water at a time along with water storage for up to nine gallons with easy-to-read fill levels. Cable TV outlets and audio device connections are available.

Luxury fifth wheel campers hitch on the back of trucks or RVs and are worth their weight in gold for the convenience they provide. They vary in layouts and cost but generally have storage areas, modern full-service kitchenettes, entertainment center, bedroom layouts, and size rivaling condos or hotel rooms. Interiors can employ leather upholstery and the latest designs. Travelers love to add personal touches to make the fifth-wheel camper a true home away from home. Camper owners customize their experiences with items like larger gourmet refrigerators, freezers, satellite dishes, and advanced microwaves. Amenities are available at affordable prices with specials deals also available.

Working with top camper and RV manufacturers means quality products at affordable prices. Other outstanding vehicles available around Kelowna, Kamloops, Penticton, and Winfield in the Okanagan include a wide assortment of vans, travel trailers, new and used RVs and motor homes. Customer satisfaction is all-important meaning always getting honest, helpful answers to questions about campers and RVs so customers get the best deals fitting their requirements. With the multitude of Kelowna RV dealers you can find the right camper at the right price today.

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