Basic Class B RV Information

Basic Class B RV Information

The smaller Class B RV is one of the many types of motor homes available. There is the large Class A RV, as well as the travel trailer and the Class C motor home. Once you have decided to buy a used or new recreational vehicle, you will need to know what you want out of the motor home unit. Know your budget before buying, and be familiar with what you need to travel. If a Class B RV is on the top of your list, then read the information below that includes facts. These Class B RV facts will offer you a basic overview of this type of motor home.

In summary, the Class B RV is not as large as the other motor homes on the market. It is this smaller size that makes the Class B RV easier to drive. Some people also believe that the Class B RV is more economical than other recreational vehicles. Just because it is less expensive, though, does not mean that cannot be upgraded to satisfy your need for a more luxurious unit.

Read the following ten basics to the Class B RV to help you when searching for the best motor home for your family and traveling companions.

1. Another name you may have heard when discussing the Class B RV is the van conversion. It is called as such because the unit is on a van chassis that has then been transformed into a unit that is livable.

2. You will find that van conversions are larger than a regular van. This is because the walls and ceilings are extended, creating more space for those traveling in the unit.

3. If the space offered is not what you want, and you want more interior area, then you can add more space via pop-ups and slide-outs.

4. The common size of this type of recreational vehicle is 9 feet with 22 feet in length.

5. This motor home can serve the traveler as both unit for long-term travel and short-term, day-to-day family transportation.

6. Due to its more compact size, this camper is easier to drive, back up with, and park. Many people find that they are the easiest type of motor home unit to back into a camping spot or parking place.

7. Van conversions are also more stable and safe when traveling.

8. People have also said that this RV is fuel efficient. When people drive a van conversion, they often do not have to tow additional cars behind them. This is because they use the unit as their primary mode of transport.

9. While the van conversion is designed to serve a basic and efficient life on the road, they do have a variety of floor plans and upgrades to make the experience more luxurious.

10. The basic cost of this RV unit is $ 35 or so, but this will vary. Price will increase or decrease based on amenities, make/model, new or used, etc.

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