Diamond Collecting And Treasure Hunting

Diamond Collecting And Treasure Hunting

Aside from treasure hunting, coin collecting, another hobby that is getting more and more popular is jewelry collecting. If you are one of individuals who are fond of jewelry collecting, like diamond, you must be skilled enough to determine the real from fake ones. As we all know, diamond collecting involves lots of money.

Here is how to Spot A Fake Diamond

In this world of advanced technology it is almost impossible to just look at a diamond and determine whether it is real or not –most especially if you do not know much about diamonds. There are some steps that you can take to avoid purchasing fake diamond, however.

Primarily, only deal with reputable jewelers, and when you find a reputable jeweler, stick with them. Avoid purchasing diamonds or other jewelry from jewelers that you have never dealt with before in the past. Ask to see the certificate for the stone so that you will be certain of their authenticity. If no certificate exists, just walk away.

You have to look at the setting and see to it that the stone is in. Fake diamonds, such as zirconias, are ,in usual cases, set in low quality metals. You must take a close look at the stone. Fake diamonds are not durable–natural diamonds, on the other hand, are the most durable, precious stone on the planet.

After buying a diamond, take it to another jeweler for appraisal. As a matter of fact, take it to two or three other jewelers for an appraisal to make sure that the appraisals are all fairly close if not exactly the same. If you find that you have bought a fake diamond, you may be accused of making a switch when you return to the store of your purchase; thus, it is important to have a certificate for the diamond.

Here is how Diamonds Are Mined

We seldom think about how the diamonds we wear came to us, users. Natural diamonds, contrary to synthetic diamonds or fake diamonds, are mined from the earth– beneath. There are currently two methods of mining diamonds– the Alluvial Mining and Pipe Mining.

When pipe mining is utilized, the diamonds are extracted from the earth via volcanic pipes. These are not man-made pipes. These are natural pipes under the ground. Shanks are put into the ground next to the pipes, and tunnels are directed into the deepest parts of the pipe. The diamond stones are not sorted out at the mine. Instead, huge rocks that are full of diamonds are brought out of the mine and moved to a screening plant for segregation.

On the other hand, the Alluvial mining method is done in riverbeds and/or on beaches. Walls are made to hold back the water and the sand on the bank or beach is moved using a bulldozer until the level of earth that diamonds can be found in is reached. But then again, the diamonds are not sorted here. Instead, the sand that contains the diamonds is put into trucks, and taken to screening plants.

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