What is a C-Class IP?

What is a C-Class IP?

SEO web hosting still isn’t quite as popular as shared or dedicated web hosting, but it’s going to quickly become the preferred method of web hosting. This is because with SEO hosting, you can drive much more traffic to your website and increase your business’ profits considerably. But to really understand how SEO hosting works, you must know the difference between IP address classes, and what they mean.

When you first want to create a website, you’ll need to register your domain name and then sign up with a web host. If you’re interested in deriving the benefits from SEO, you’ll probably choose an SEO web host. After you’ve signed on with a web hosting company, you’ll be given an IP address for your domain name. It’s this IP address that is divided up into different classes, and it’s the C-class within that IP address that matters when it comes to SEO hosting.

Each IP address has many numbers, and these numbers are divided up into different classes; each group is assigned a different class. For instance, if an IP address was:, then “192” would be Class A; “234” would be Class B; “0” would be Class C; and “171” would be Class D.

While it used to be that webmasters and business owners only cared about SEO when it came to what was actually on their site, and the SEO keywords that were included within it, the different classes of IP addresses are becoming more and more important. This is because when two different IP addresses (such as two websites that are owned by the same person) have different class c host and D-classes, they don’t really affect each other too much. And because of this, they can’t really help each other too much when it comes to ranking in the search engines and increasing each other’s SEO efforts.

However, as online technology continues to change, grow, and become even more involved, having the same C-classes is becoming more and more important. This is because when two different websites have the same C-classes in their IP addresses, and they’re constantly linking and pointing visitors towards the other, the search engines quickly pick up on this. Not only does this lead to the search engines not ranking these sites any higher on the results page, but it can also lead to penalties, depending on the search engine you’re using. But this isn’t the case when you use SEO hosting. With a separate C-class for each site, search engines can’t see that different websites on the same server are using each other to promote one business; and so you’ll still be able to derive all the benefits from using it.

SEO hosting may not be the mainstream method of web hosting; but it’s going to quickly become such. To really get all the benefits from this new type of web hosting, understand what it means and how to use it so that you can use it to its full potential.

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