How to Buy a Good Class A Motorhome

How to Buy a Good Class A Motorhome

As you consider purchasing a Class A motorhome, you should definitely pay attention to all of the choices available. There are three types of motorhome are called Class A, B, and C. The vehicles are categorized according to size and the way they are constructed. To explain the differences as simply as possible, we can say that Class A motorhomes are the roomiest, fanciest, and the most expensive. A Class B motorhome is a converted van with a raised roof, while Class C motorhomes resemble the Class A type. The difference is that the Class C usually has the cab-over characteristic and is shorter.

Class A motorhomes are usually constructed on one of three types of chassis:

The chassis of a commercial bus

The chassis of a commercial van

? a specially designed recreational vehicle chassis

Class A motorhomes are usually about 25 to 45 feet long and definitely takes the prize for biggest RV. Most motorhomes will include sleeping accommodations, a place to make meals and eat, and a few places to store your items.

The luxury available in a Class A is on the rise, and many motorhomes can come with a master bedroom, satellite TV, and regular-size refrigerators. If you can’t do without a full bath, you won’t have to ? Class A’s can come with great bathroom facilities. You can get Internet access, awnings, and several slide-outs.

A Class A motorhome starting price is around $ 50,000 and as far as the top end goes, the sky can be the limit. The higher end motorhomes will run between $ 100,000 and $ 600,000, but in 2006, one of the luxury coach designers produced one with a built-in treadmill, marble flooring, and plush carpeting and furniture that sold for a tidy $ 2.5 million. But realistically, you can find very luxurious Class A motorhomes for around $ 100,000.

On a side note, Bus Conversions are oftentimes considered as a Class A motorhome. They are what their name implies, a commercial bus that has been converted into a motorhome. They are typically the largest of the motorhomes and usually come with highly customized and very luxurious interiors.

The actual living room in a Class A is spaceous and can be made even more roomy with the addition of the slide-out option. Most of these RV’s can sleep 6-8 people comfortably and come with a full kitchen and bath area. One of the nicer features about most Class A’s is that they now come with a variety of floorplans to satisfy different consumer tastes and preferences.

You may have heard Class A motorhomes referred to as motorcoaches. Along with the other luxuries, they can come with washers, dryers, normal-sized stoves, and microwaves. You can have the RV customized with fine wood floors and cabinets, choose your own carpet and tiling, and include upholstered furniture.

If you will want your RV capable of towing your car or boat, you should buy a Class A motorhome. You will certainly agree with the common name for this type of motorhome: a home on wheels.

Keith Windlor, author of RV sales information and much more, consistently offers articles and tips for buyers and shoppers; including why he thinks so highly of those class A motorhomes.

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