Class C RV Travelers Find Ways To Stay Safe

Class C RV Travelers Find Ways To Stay Safe

Spring is upon us and RV lovers are starting their engines and heading out on the open road. National Parks have offered free entrance on certain weekends of the year and with snow melting, opportunities are opening up for biking, hiking and exploring. Before Class C RV owners pull out of the driveway, a few safety checks will help you return home safely. The following tips are designed to help not only solo travelers, but anyone heading into the unknown.

1. Have some idea of where you’re headed and a general time frame of when you’re going to get there. If making reservations is too constricting for you, be sure to at least know your options at the end of the day. Campgrounds can fill up quickly and driving while exhausted can put you at as much of a risk as if you had been drinking. Once you get somewhere, make sure you feel comfortable. If the hairs stick up on the back of your neck, pack up and move on. Instincts are rarely wrong.

2. Let a friend of family member know where you’re going and when you get there. While it may feel like you aren’t as alone in the world as you might like to be, it can end up saving your life. If you get lost, or something happens to you, police can help find you more easily if someone knows your last destination and how long ago you arrived there. Having an identifying mark on your Class C RV, like a sticker can help police track down your Class C RV if someone takes off in it.

3. While food and water should always be stowed in a Class C RV just in case of emergencies, it is especially important on longer trips. Engines can die for no reason, or a nail in a tire can leave you stranded far from help. Food and water can keep you nourished until help comes. Having blankets and extra clothes will keep you prepared for every weather condition. Having your Class C RV looked over by a mechanic can help prevent incidents before they happen.

4. Isolated locations are great for solitude, but they can also put Class C RV owners at greater risk for theft or assault. When you’re in a campground with other people around, you become less of a target.

5. Have a way to call someone if you need to. Cell phones are great, but can run out of battery, or get left behind. Make sure you have a calling card in case you need to use a pay phone or need to borrow a landline. It may sound out-dated but you will be grateful if you need to call a taxi or tow truck.

Being out on the road alone makes you feel like Indiana Jones or Jack Kerouac, exploring people and places. However, the mere fact of being alone, can make trouble look twice. When you’re out, keep the jewelry to a minimum. If you have high-end gadgets and accessories, keep them out of site as much as possible. Along the way, make friends. People are more likely to look out for you and help you out if you’re friendly.

Safety first should be your motto if you head out on a solo adventure in your Class C RV. Take care of yourself and keep maps handy and identify landmarks as you go. You’ve got one life. Enjoy it to the extreme.

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