National Parks and Class C Motorhome Travelers Unite!

National Parks and Class C Motorhome Travelers Unite!

In 2009 the National Parks Service created an unprecedented program designed to offer free entrance to any National Park for select weekends during the summer months, June, July and August. As more and more Class C Motorhomes entered the gates it was clear that the National Parks were the people’s parks once again!

The fee-free program has certainly been well received as the 147 National Parks across the U.S. have enjoyed an increase in the number of Class C motorhome enthusiasts wishing to take advantage of the entrance fee waiver. These fees range from $ 3.00 to $ 25.00, so the appeal is quite clear.

The fee-free program is designed to appeal to those who have already witnessed the appeal of the National Parks and to create excitement for those who have yet to witness what the parks have to offer. But regardless of their personal reasons, thousands of people including Class C Motorhome drivers are making their way to the parks that at one time inspired Teddy Roosevelt.

During the summer months that the fee-free program is available Class C motorhome enthusiasts as well as all those who take advantage of the program can also enjoy special discounts offered by concessionaires, hotels, gift shops, restaurants and tour operators. And because National Parks want to make Class C Motorhome drivers feel welcomed, campgrounds designed for motorhomes are available as well as many areas to camp in outside of the park.

Class C motorhome travelers and other patrons are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the fee-free weekend dates for 2010. Beyond the announcement that the program kicks-off April 17-25, no dates have been given. But this has not stopped potential travelers from imagining themselves among the dogwoods in Yosemite Valley or the cliffs of the Grand Canyon or within the world that inspired John Muir.

In the United States there are 391 National Parks. For the fee-free program 147 of the parks are participating, the rest have no admission fee. Unfortunately many state and National parks in the U.S. are struggling with expenses and run the risk of closing down. It is important that these parks once again become self sufficient and remain open so hop in your RV, your Class C, your car, your bike and check out the beautiful parks!

Some may argue that National and State Parks cater to Class C Motorhomes because of the apparent easy access these vehicles have to the park and while the jury still may be out on the issue, Class C motorhome travelers will continue to enjoy many perks that are available at the parks. Enjoy comfy sleeping quarters, eating quarters, campfires and more, all with the backdrop of a National Park.

This summer there really is no reason to not take advantage of the fee-free program and experience the beauty of the U.S. National Parks. This is the time to make the trip you have always wanted.

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