Metal Detectors Reviews And Buying Tips

Metal Detectors Reviews And Buying Tips

For ages we have endeavored to discover gold among other treasure that might be buried in the ground, this is why the hobby of metal detecting is a exciting and fascinating hobby. However, it goes without saying that you will need the right tools and techniques to fully enjoy it. Here are some metal detectors reviews along with a few pointers to get you started.

First off, I’ll be reviewing a few top rated detectors available in the marketplace. There’s a wide variety available these days to handle any type of treasure hunting you can think of. Choosing the right model depends on many things, for example soil conditions and what you might be looking for. The reviews will cover a wide range from least to most expensive and will give you a general idea of what to buy.

Bounty Hunter Model IV Tracker: This unit has been used by beginners for many years and still is a big seller. One thing that attracts buyers is the very low pricing and the fact that it does have enough features to do a decent job. The waterproof coil makes it a good choice for beachcombers and the sensitivity meter is good at separating out the trash.

Garret Model Ace 250: A good looking and rugged device that is durable, this mid priced unit has seen it’s popularity rise because of the technology and state of the art functions not normally expected in this price range. Great discrimination will help you get to coins that you might otherwise have missed. Definitely a good all purpose detection device.

Fisher Brand Gold Bug Pro: If you need a top rated metal detector that is optimized for finding gold, this machine may be the one you are seeking. High mineral soil does not stop this unit from getting to the tiniest of nuggets with it’s super sensitive coil. Computerized technology is at your fingertips on this high end model for the gold prospector.

4000 Pro Model: This machine just might be the most expensive detector offered on the market, yet is certainly one of the most sophisticated and advanced ever designed. The retail on this detector is well over three grand, however it is loaded with every imaginable feature conceivable. 3D software and five antennas will allow you go to depths over 80 feet. If you are a professional relic hunter you can not beat this top of the line system.

Many people want to know what benefits are offered in the hobby of detecting. Actually there are many, for starters a good day of treasure hunting can pay for your hobby if you strike it lucky. Another is health, being outdoors and moving around is certainly a form of exercise that you might otherwise not be getting. Finally, it’s a lot of fun looking for buried treasure!

For the beginning hobbyist wondering what type detector to invest in, try and determine what your objective is. Are you looking for gold jewelry, coins, silver rings or are you searching for gold nuggets in a desert? There are multipurpose detectors and also those that specialize.

Secondly, think about the soil conditions. Many metal detectors are for sandy conditions such as a beach, with waterproof coils. But if you are hunting in schools, yards, etc., then purchasing a regular type will suffice. Whichever you decide, you will find this to be a great hobby for years to come.

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