Changing From A Caravan To A Motor Home? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Changing From A Caravan To A Motor Home? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

If you are considering changing from a caravan to a motorhome then before making that substantial financial commitment find out about some of the important differences between the two and the lifestyles that go with them.

Changing From A Caravan To A Motorhome-Typical Price Tags
Plenty of touring caravan owners consider making this change when they have enough experience of the buzz and freedom of the touring caravan lifestyle. The difference in price between caravans and motor homes is that a new caravan’s price tag should come in around £15,000 to £20,000 whereas a motor home will be from £30,000 to £40,000. These are average prices and there are a number of models of motor homes which can come with price tags of more than £100,000.

Motorhomes Offer Freedom Without Too Much Fiddling…But What About Papa And Nicole?
However if the funds are available and especially if you intend to spend more time out of the open road, then a motor home gives you a better ease of lifestyle as you can set up anywhere. With a motorhome you don’t need to be concerned about unhitching a caravan from a car. This makes the experience easier for those who are a little older and for those in general who wish to enjoy the freedom without too much fiddling!

No need to get down and dirty (well maybe not dirty, depending on the weather) and get a caravan up onto a pitch, disconnect the car and tow ball and level up. Instead all you need to do is remove your bodily parts from the cab chairs and head into the living area, grabbing a beer or cup of tea on the way!

With a motorhome generally your only vehicle is attached to the living area, hence the not so surprising name of motor home. This does have the drawback of what to do if Papa and Nicole wish to hop into the Renault Clio or some other car and nip into town to the local café or supermarché!

The solution for this that some motor home owners have is to tow a small car like a smart car. For some this is a practical solution depending on their needs and for others perhaps it is a bit of a waste!

Touring Caravans Give More Work But Easier Local Exploring
The advantage that touring caravans have over motor homes are that they do make local exploring easier. Yes they do give more work also! Their price tag is far lower but with a motor home you are getting both a home and a motor for that price.

If like me you believe that walking is one of the best ways to explore than the motor home doesn’t have this disadvantage.

If you do decide to change from a caravan to a motor home don’t forget to get a cover note from the motor home insurance company so that you can get the motor home taxed. Also if towing the likes of a smart car works for you then check that the motorhome insurance policy has cover for the A-frame or trailer used to tow the car.

Jackie writes this article for the blog of the Caravan Insurance Gurus. This site is a great resource for advice on caravan insurance as well as lots of other aspects of owning a caravan, motor home or park home.

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