Choosing the Right Motor Home

Choosing the Right Motor Home

Motor homes have been frequenting the highway and outdoors for many decades. Most Australians consider the convenience of a motorhome as the best of both worlds. Not only can they enjoy a great family vacation, or a long road trip, but they can do it in the comfort of a comfy home setting. After all, how can you miss home when your nice warm bed or your cooking range is just meters away from you!

The important question always rings true…what type of motor home is best for you. Please take into consideration the following tips when you are out shopping for one of your own.

* Style- The style of your motor home can greatly affect the driving experience that you will have. Size, shape, weight, build, all of these things will have an impact on not only the general appearance of your motorhome, but on how it handles the road as well. So, before just grabbing the first vehicle that catches your eye, think first of the main uses you plan on for your new purchase. You will want to consider if you will be driving around a great bit or if you plan on staying stationary once you reach your final destination. Prepare these questions before visiting your local motorhome dealership and the salesperson on site will be more than happy to help you choose the motor home that is right for you

* Features- Features in a motorhome can vary from a full service kitchen complete with a dual burner stove and microwave to a simple pop-out single burner stove to save on space. Kitchens aren’t the other features to think about either. You will need to remember that you plan on treating this vehicle like a “home”. So, planning ahead for the proper bathroom, living space, sleeping space, and ease of movement within needs to be taken into consideration. Consider what amenities you search for when you are staying in a hotel and try to coincide this with the needs that you will expect from your motorhome. Motorhomes can range in cost from 30K and up, so getting the features that you want from the beginning will save you cost and headaches in the long run if you ever decide that upgrades are necessary for your overall comfort.

* Price- This can be the “killer” when dealing with a motor home purchase. Depending on the style and features you have chosen, you can be looking at a pretty hefty investment. So, don’t just jump into things. Take the time to research not only the cost, but also what you are getting for your money. Not all motor homes are created equal. You may pay 30K for a motor home that you feel is fairly well equipped only to find yourself with a broken down, busted up disaster on wheels after a year or two. So, to prevent this from happening, choose a reputable motor home manufacturer and ask questions. Find out about the engine type, the chassis type, warranties, and all other relevant information that you would ask as if you were buying a new car or new home. After finding out the details of the product then begin worrying about price. Ask yourself if you’re willing to sacrifice quality for value by trying to locate a cheap motor home.

* Spare Parts- When searching for a motor home, the thought of spare parts frequently slips the mind of the prospective buyer. Does the manufacturer carry full stock of replacement parts for your motor home? Too many times than not, models of motor homes can be phased out and the replacement parts become near impossible to locate, especially if you’re searching for caravan parts. Do yourself a favor and make sure that the place you buy your motor home has not only the motor home you desire, but also any spare parts that you will require later down the road.

Deciding to purchase your new motor home can become stressful if you don’t prepare yourself with the right questions when going to the dealership. Take the time to educate yourself first and it will all be smooth sailing from there…or should we say “smooth driving from there”.

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