The Benefits of a Class C Motorhome

The Benefits of a Class C Motorhome

A Class C motorhome will often be called a mini-motorhome because it is mostly a smaller replica of the Class A motorhome. Of course, there are differences. It has many of the luxuries that the Class A offers, but at less expense.

The driving area resembles that of a truck, van, or car. Most of the Class C motorhomes now are made to go with a cutaway chassis and have passenger and side doors.

A Class C motorhome will also have a cab-over feature in most cases. This will be your sleeping area, which can be problematic for some: climbing up into bed can demand a bit more energy than you want to expend. Class C’s do have some advantages, though, including the fact that their repair parts can usually be found at a good dealership or hardware store.

Models can be either 20 ? 35 feet long, but the most popular styles are close to 30 feet. Because the Class C motorhome is currently built on a chassis that has a higher rating, you can sometimes get a normal-sized bed is intended to fit in with the cab-over. This will depend on the floorplans offered by the manufacturer; many of them are like the floorplans for Class A motorhome. You can find one priced between $ 45,000 and $ 100,000, but the median price will be near $ 68,000.

The Class C motorhome has become more popular in the current market, which has caused the luxury and amenities to increase. Even though a Class C motorhome is smaller than a Class A, you can still get the same kind of quality.

Some of the improvements in the amenities include a fuller kitchen and bath area similar to what is available with the Class A’s. Most of the models that are on the market will now have sleeping areas that will accommodate from 2-6 people.

There are two separate reasons that manufacturers have in mind when building Class C’s. One is the long weekend trip that would be taken by a family with no more than four people. A couple could also use a Class C motorhome to take a longer vacation without losing the comforts of home.

Even though a Class C will not have the extravagant luxury or the large space of a Class A, it will offer you quite a boost, and not just in the initial cost of the purchase. A Class C will burn less gas, which is a big benefit as gas hovers near $ 4 per gallon.

The Class C motorhome can be easily parked in small areas, and it offers a more limber maneuverability than other, larger options. You can also get a price break on the registration fees and insurance costs.

Whatever size motorhome you are considering buying, keep the following items in mind. Most importantly, there is no reason to purchase an RV if you don’t plan to make use of it often. You should also be positive that you can afford the motorhome, or you could be making a decision that you will want to undo later.

Keith Windlor is the contributing author for recreational vehicle sales topics. His enthusiasm for and timely research about class c motorhomes supports every wonderful thing he says about these mini-motorhomes.

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